Queen Of Naples Watch Show

Queen Naples Watch Show
11On November 19, 2010, the classic watch brand Breguet & ldquo; Queen of Naples & rdquo; series of high-end jewelry watch exhibition opened at Shanghai Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center. The world’s first exquisite handmade shell embossed art jewelry watch & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; Reine de Naples 8958 is stunningly blooming in Shanghai. The extremely modern design and superb craftsmanship show the century-old royal style. The 12-year zodiac shell embossed dial high-end jewelry watch customized for customers is also on display for the first time. Customers can choose their own glory according to their own zodiac signs. Some famous Italian sculpture artists came to the scene to show their superb carving skills.
The sculptor from Italy chooses natural sea shells.After grinding, the rough and hard surface is removed, and then cut according to the design requirements to form the unique shell part of Breguet, and then the hands are carved by the experienced sculptor. Complicated, once there is no chance of correction. Therefore, this world-renowned shell embossed dial is a real shell micro-carved artwork. The eccentric hour and minute hands at 6 o’clock seem to retreat quietly and devote all the applause on the stage to the art of shell relief. A diamond-set white gold case shelters the delicate relief under the sapphire crystal. The watch’s transparent case back sees the hand-engraved gold-plated rotor set with natural mother-of-pearl. The watch is paired with an alligator leather strap, with a brown strap with a delicate diamond-folding clasp.
The preciousness of the Naples watch is not only a refined and gorgeous appearance, but more importantly, in the insistence of the brand spirit, it displays superb craftsmanship with its top style both inside and outside, and continues its elegant bloodline of more than 200 years.

Seiko Ananta Series Painted Facebook Automatic Mechanical Chronograph

Since its debut in 2009, the strong Japanese flavor of the Ananta watch design has captured the hearts of watch lovers from all over the world. With its bold and sharp line design and super-smooth ‘Zaratsu (grinding method)’, the Ananta series watches are unique in the luxury watch market as an expression of Japanese culture. ‘Kumadori (Painted Facebook)’ and Kabuki Art
   As early as the early 17th century in Kyoto, Japan, Kabuki performances became one of the most unique and popular expressions in Japanese culture. Modern kabuki performances use exquisite and beautiful stage settings and costumes, ritualized dance steps and announcement-style performances, which allow people to experience the ancient Japanese tradition for a long time. The faces of all Kabuki performers are painted with subtle masks, which exaggerate the lines and vivid colors to emphasize the inner emotions of the characters they play. This ‘Kumadori’ art is the inspiration for the new Ananta automatic mechanical chronograph.
Ananta ‘Kumadori’ Automatic Mechanical Chronograph
   This remarkable watch combines many different Japanese craft traditions. The watch itself is a self-winding mechanical chronograph equipped with SEIKO’s famous 8R28 movement. In order to ensure the accuracy of the chronograph operation, it is also equipped with a ‘star wheel’ and a ‘vertical cross-link device’. In order to achieve perfect zero-second return of the chronograph hands, SEIKO (Seiko) unique ‘one-piece three-prong hammer’ is equipped.
   The most unique feature is the pure black lacquered dial of this chronograph, hand-painted by the famous Maki artist Isshu Tamura. Mr. Tamura is a master of Japanese traditional lacquer art ‘Kaga Makie’. He completes all dials in the working room of Kanazawa, located on the west coast of Honshu Island, Japan. Once the black dial is painted, and the red ring with the same paint texture is added, the effect is amazing-the black lacquer dial is as dark as the night, and the striking red ring is contoured like a relief-at a glance Go, as the dramatic effect of ‘Kumadori’. This remarkable collection worthy of collection is limited to 800 pieces, with a limited number engraved on the case back of each watch. Specifications:
Ananta limited edition ‘Kumadori’ self-winding mechanical chronograph
Model: SRQ015J1
8R28 movement
Case: Black anti-wear carbon film-treated stainless steel
     Sapphire crystal case back
     Diameter 42.8mm
Mirror: Ultra-clear coated sapphire crystal
     (The newly developed patented anti-reflection coating is applied to the inside and outside of the mirror. It can prevent 99% of light reflection, even in glare.
     The dial is clear and easy to read under the eyes. )
Strap: Black wear-resistant carbon film-treated solid core stainless steel
Buckle: Tri-fold button switch stainless steel buckle
Water resistance: 10 bar
Antimagnetic function: 4,800 A / m
Limited edition of 800 pieces worldwide, 3 pieces in China
Recommended retail price in China: RMB 35,000
Time to market in China: August 2012

Richard Mille Richard Mille Congratulates Baba Watson On His Return To Victory At The Jenns Open

For Bubba Watson, the Genesis Open is where everything ends and where it all starts again. Baba Watson returned last weekend, two years after the last PGA Tour Jaynes Open. On the golf course of the Pacific Palisades Riviera Country Club in California, Baba Watson defeated Kevin Na by two strokes to achieve the Triple Crown Open.

   RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille is proud to witness his partner return to the highest level of competition and is happy that he has come out of difficult times. The 2016-17 season was a competitive low for Baba Watson. He lost confidence in golf and even thought of retiring, but Baba Watson knew that he could rely on the unwavering support of his family and sponsors, including RICHARD MILLE. It was all these that encouraged him to face the new season in the best way.

   In last Sunday’s game, Baba Watson played stable on the first 9 holes, and then performed strongly on the next 9 holes. He scored 3 par below par, especially in the 3rd hole 14th bird catch, ‘I am ‘I can’t believe it,’ Baba Watson confided, ‘too many emotions came to my mind for a while. I think this is the most important victory in my career.’ This is Baba Watson’s 10th PGA Tour title. This victory is also important for his ranking in the FedEx Cup, and now his world ranking has soared to 18th. You know, a few days ago, Baba Watson’s world ranking was still 100th, which is simply incredible.
    Wearing the RM 38-01 Quartz TPT ® gravity sensing tourbillon watch, Baba Watson is back on track for victory. RICHARD MILLE congratulates this long-time brand friend for returning to the forefront with outstanding performance, because he has brought a lot to the brand, both in terms of humanities and technology.

Iwc Father’s Love Is Like A Mountain

Father’s love, as the mountains are high, as the sea is deep, the more time passes, the more I understand the true taste. On the occasion of Father’s Day, IWC specially selected three classic watches-pilot’s father and son’s watch, Portuguese chronograph watch, Portuguese perpetual calendar steel watch, expressing their deep love for father.
 How many men had the dream of soaring the sky in their childhood, and pilots became the embodiment of the hero profession in their eyes. Times have changed. Although not everyone can realize the dream of becoming a pilot as a child, the flight complex buried in my heart and the adventurous and challenging spirit longing for the sky have never faded.
 Loaded with the love and affection of father and son, IWC presents a unique pilot father and son watch set, which houses one or more timepieces in a sophisticated gift box, reflecting the same high quality between father and son. The large pilot watch (model: IW500906) that my father chose to wear, built-in 7-day power reserve and date display, masculine atmosphere. Son is equipped with a smaller model (model: IW325519), equipped with automatic type 30110 movement, also has a date display function, is a reliable wrist companion suitable for daily wear. Both watches feature a stainless steel case, a uniquely designed crown, and a black alligator strap. Each watch can be engraved with inscriptions, making it a precious heirloom, inherited from generation to generation.

 IWC has been creating exclusive watches for pilots since 1940, providing them with strong support for challenging gravity. The Pilot’s father-son watch series entrusts IWC’s hope that the spirit of continuously challenging the limit will be passed on from his father to his son, and will carry forward the human dream of fighting the sky. Boxing father’s love can also convey the ardent desire of one man to another man in the demanding requirements. The IWC Pilot’s Watch for Fathers and Sons presents men-only compliments to fathers who escort children for soaring sky.

2014 Rolex Gifts For Valentine’s Day – Between Gold Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date is the best watch for classics and elegant people. Whether it is a classic aesthetic design or outstanding functional characteristics, the log type is a model of the watch. Debuted in 1945, it was the world’s first self-winding waterproof watch with a calendar window at 3 o’clock, hence the name.
   The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Diary is constantly reflecting the feminine charm and nobility in new ways. In the compact case of only 26 mm for women’s diary watches, many exquisite technologies unique to Rolex diaries are condensed. The dial’s exquisite colors and brilliance, noble materials and sparkling diamonds add charm to this everyday wear gem.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log

Instant Jump Calendar and Loupe Enlarged Calendar Window
   The Rolex Diary has revolutionized the watch’s calendar display. Traditional calendar watches have a calendar circle on the dial and rely on the hands to display. Rolex set the date window at the 3 o’clock position of the log watch, and this design was widely used in watchmaking. Women’s diary is a continuation and sublimation of Rolex’s iconic diary. Introduced in 1945, this iconic watch has become synonymous with elegant style and precise timepieces. Its characteristics include a magnified 3 o’clock convex calendar window, a triangular pit pattern outer ring, and a five-row chain commemorative strap. . Over the years, the log type has been continuously launching new models, focusing on adding unique charm to women.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Diary

Timeless aesthetic charm
   After years of baptism, the different types of diary watches still retain the original aesthetic characteristics: the iconic Oyster case, the 18 ct gold triangular pitted outer ring, the convex enlarged calendar window, the enduring five Chain link commemorative bracelet (especially ROLESOR gold and steel style, perfect combination of steel and 18 ct gold).
   Women’s diary watches are available in steel, gold or platinum with diamonds. Its straps and dials are also rich in colors and materials to help create different personalities. The charming model is entirely made of 18 ct yellow, white or eternal rose gold, and the 950 Platinum Supreme comes with a diamond-set outer ring, Dial or even strap.
   The unique gold crystal mother-of-pearl dial of the ladies’ log-type uniquely releases the charm of natural crystals in gold, captures the change of light and shadow, and reflects the brilliant and dazzling brilliance. Gold Roman numerals, hour-set hands with diamonds, and enamel hour markers on the pavé diamond dial all exude charming elegance. The women’s diary-shaped dials form a dreamy color kingdom.
Depending on the style and aesthetics of the watch, the women’s diary can be fitted with a Rolex Oyster, Commemorative or Heads-Of-Class strap, with an Oyster buckle or a hidden crown buckle. Some precious oyster and headbands are also set with diamonds, echoing the diamond-set bezel, dial or lugs.
Oyster Case-Waterproof Model
   The log-shaped Oyster case is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), the perfect combination of superior performance and elegant design. The unique middle case is cast from a solid piece of metal. Whether it is 18 ct gold with strong corrosion resistance or 904L stainless steel, it is the best guarantee for excellent waterproof performance. Rolex watchmakers use exclusive tools to screw the triangular bottom case back to seal the case completely. The winding crown uses Rolex’s patented double-lock waterproof system, which can be firmly screwed on the case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The fully sealed log-type Oyster case gives the precision movement the most precise protection from water, dust, pressure and impact.
   The elegant and exquisite women’s log-type is not inferior in performance. Like all Oyster watches, it embodies Rolex’s outstanding watchmaking technology. The women’s log-type Oyster case is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and is a perfect combination of superior performance and elegant design. The unique middle case is cast from solid metal. The triangular bottom case back is screwed tightly by Rolex watchmakers with the brand’s exclusive tools to completely seal the case. The winding crown uses Rolex’s patented double-lock waterproof system, which can be firmly screwed on the case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass, set at 3 o’clock
There is a convex enlarged calendar window for easier reading of the date. The women’s log-type fully sealed oyster case gives the highly precise movement an optimum protection from water, dust, pressure and impact.
Triangular pitted outer ring, Rolex unique logo
   Triangular pitted outer ring has long been regarded as the iconic design of the date watch, so Rolex date watch has become the most recognizable watch. When the Oyster watch was born in 1926, the triangular pit pattern had its specific purpose: screwing the outer ring to a fixed position on the case to ensure the watch’s precision waterproof performance. Just like the perimeter of the bottom of the screw-in case, it is also equipped with the same triangular pit pattern. Because the method of fixing the outer ring has been perfected, the evolution of the triangular pit pattern has been given more aesthetic significance since then. Today’s watch-type outer ring also has more options, including dome-shaped outer ring and diamond-set outer ring, but the triangular pit pattern outer ring has always been the most unique signature feature of the Rolex date watch. Whether made of 18 ct yellow gold, white gold, or eternal rose gold, the triangular pit pattern outer ring is always a symbol of excellence and dignity.
ROLESOR, a combination of gold and steel
   In the 1930s, Rolex introduced the ROLESOR series, a perfect combination of gold and steel. In 1948, ROLESOR’s design was first applied to a log watch, and its unprecedented success once launched, thus establishing its legendary status in the watch industry. Today, in some diary models, Rolex combines the self-cast 18 ct yellow, white, and eternal rose gold with 904L stainless steel to create a high-quality, shiny alloy with durability comparable to that of rare metals.
Movement-top precision timing
   The Rolex Date Watch and Women’s Date Watch use the self-winding movements 3135 and 2235 independently developed and manufactured by Rolex, respectively. Both movements have the same construction as all oyster movements, with unparalleled reliability. Like all Rolex calibres, it has also obtained the Swiss Official Accreditation for Timepieces, which is specifically awarded to precision watches that successfully pass the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC).

Classic, Elegant Patek Philippe’s New Nautilus Gorgeous Appearance

Patek philippe released the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch in 1976. With its unique design combining dynamic and elegant, it has won wide appreciation from the audience. In the watch market since then, Keep up the fever. Today, Patek Philippe has launched a number of exquisite timepieces at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. Each new Nautilus watch showcases Patek Philippe’s exquisite and profound watchmaking skills. Let’s enjoy a beautiful Nautilus watch together. (Watch model: 7118 / 1R-001)

Graceful and luxurious, graceful and graceful
  In 2015, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus series women’s self-winding rose gold diamond watch. This year, the brand has again launched a new version of the watch with a gold bezel, which uses classic materials to achieve the ultimate in sports and extremes.

  The watch is made of rose gold. The octagonal bezel and the top of the case are satin-decorated, with a wear-resistant design unique to sports watches, and the sides are polished to show the delicate moisturization unique to precious metals. The case has a diameter of 35.2 mm and a thickness of 8.62 mm.

  Two slender lateral shoulder pads mimic the locks and school chains on the porthole and bend slightly towards the wrist, following the well-known design of the first men’s watch of the 1976 Nautilus series.

  The rose gold crown on the side has a screw-in design and the top is engraved with the brand’s iconic Calatrava cross logo.

  The dial of this watch is available in two colors: brilliant white and honey gold. This shiny white dial is decorated with a soft corrugated embossed pattern, showing the iconic features of the Nautilus ladies watch, with three-dimensional blocks and hour marker hands coated with fluorescent coating to ensure that the watch is still in the dim state. When it can be clearly read, a date window is set at 6 o’clock, and the rose gold three-dimensional frame design makes the date display more intuitive.

  The rose gold bracelet is equipped with a new clasp with a built-in adjustment mechanism. The wearer can increase the length of the bracelet by 2 to 4 mm to ensure more comfortable wearing. When operating, just pull one of the two bracelets or pull both ends at the same time, even if the watch is already worn on the wrist.

  The bottom of the watch is designed with a transparent back, and the movement of the movement can be observed through the sapphire glass back cover. The watch is equipped with a Caliber 324 SC automatic movement. The movement is carefully polished by hand. And polished splint edges, Geneva stripe trim, automatic disc with round Geneva stripe, and Calatrava Doji engraved pattern, etc., can provide up to 45 hours of power reserve.

  Summary: Patek Philippe Nautilus series watches show the perfect timepiece that combines elegance and dynamics for the public, interpreting women’s watches in a more colorful style. Interested friends pay more attention to it, watch price: ¥ 348,600

Violin Music Art Mido M8600.4.26.8

Mido has been in China for a long time, so it has a good reputation in China. Each of its series has different characteristics, like the helmsman is more versatile, Belem Celi is the most elegant, today come to enjoy this Belem Celi M8600.4.26.8 watch.
 The Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 watch is extremely elegant in appearance. The small Roman time scale is set on the dial, and the diamond-cut toffee hand moves on it, like a bow, playing the prelude of time.
With a diameter of 38 mm, the watch is a watch that is very suitable for oriental men’s wrists. The case is relatively thin, leaving more space for the dial. The case is made of stainless steel and polished to show a mirror effect. The lugs are stylish and delicate curved lugs. The dark brown leather strap is sewn with white threads and connected to the lugs by a spring rod. The strap Relatively narrow.
The dial is a white lacquered dial, and the hands are diamond-cut to show a mirror effect, smooth and delicate, with a strong sense of technology and metal.

Apart from the front, its back is the most charming, and the sapphire crystal glass caseback design allows the movement to be polished and beautiful. At the same time, the rotation of the rotor is also very important, and it can be clearly felt when worn on the wrist. The metal cover on the bottom of the table is engraved with the necessary data such as model and serial number, while the movement is also engraved with some basic data.
The beauty of the appearance requires the brand to design and handle it carefully.
 The Mido Berencelli series is inspired by the violin. What it wants to express is to capture the wonderful moment and make it eternal. Such a concept can only be used in time. The M8600.4.26.8 watch, in addition to its elegant design and exquisite details, also takes care of the brand’s purpose of practical watchmaking. It needs to be accurate and stable in function.
This watch has a calendar display function. For classic watches, opening a small window on the dial always feels that it will destroy its overall harmony and beauty. However, without a calendar, it will look monotonous and the space on the dial is too empty. Personally, the small second hand may be Good choice. The calendar of this watch is only a normal calendar structure, so its adjustment will not be completed instantly at midnight. In addition, it does not recognize the size of the month, so each year requires manual price adjustment at the beginning of multiple months.
In addition, it also has the waterproof function that all watches currently have. It needs to be said that Mido watches have always attached great importance to the design of waterproof functions. In terms of focusing on practicality, waterproof functions are undoubtedly necessary. Mido has specially developed a sealed crown system consisting of a cork structure to ensure absolute water resistance within the specified range. This watch also has this structure, which is waterproof to 50 meters.
 The movement is the strong internal support of the watch. The quality of a watch is determined by the movement (except for those that pursue surface technology). The Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 watch uses ETA 2824-2 movement, which is currently recognized as a basic movement with very good quality, in addition to outstanding performance, it also has very good expandability. The thickness of the movement is 4.6 millimeters. For a movement that does not pursue the ultimate, an automatic winding mechanical movement with such a thickness is acceptable. At the same time, the frequency of the movement is 4hz, which is equivalent to dividing every second. It is 8 parts, even if the external momentary interference, it only affects that 1/8 second, so it can improve the travel time accuracy.

 In addition, Mido is not just ‘Bring Doctrine’, it has polished it carefully, especially the automatic rotor, and has been calibrated in 3 directions. The mainspring is provided by Nivaflex NO to ensure power and shock absorption It adopts the Incapacitor shock absorber, which is also one of the mainstream shock absorbers at present, and the effect has been affirmed by the market.
The Mido Berencelli series watches are inspired by the music and art of the violin. The music is the same as time. The most wonderful is often fleeting. Although it ca n’t be retained, it can create eternity. Musician, playing the most beautiful music at the most suitable time. The Mido Berencelli M8600.4.26.8 watch is such a good ‘instrument’, classic shape, high-quality movement, practical functions, always waiting for a good ‘musician’ to It composes a timeless melody.
 The price of this watch is 5600 yuan. From this point of view, it can be said that the price is very high.
Watch details: mido / 499 /

Unique Creativity Of The Big Second Hand Recording The Beauty Of The Second

Speaking of the large second hand, the first time I saw a real watch, it was in the counter of Jacques Dro. I had already seen a lot of its large seconds watch on the official website, but the pictures and the real watch The difference is really beyond words, that beauty is hard to describe. To this day, I have seen very few large seconds watches that have been found. Of course, the large seconds here are not the large central seconds and chronograph large seconds, but the large seconds in the small seconds. Most small seconds are relatively small. The hour and minute hands always occupy the absolute position, while large seconds are very noisy designs, so few brands will do this, but there are still some brands that are willing to try.
Jacques de Grande SECONDE J003033204 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: J003033204
Watch Series: Grande Seconde
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch strap: crocodile leather
Reference Price: ¥ 167000
Watch details: The Seconde series comes in, because this series is designed for large seconds, most people know, and the price is very high, ranging from more than 100,000 to hundreds of thousands. But this is the most important series in the large seconds watch, and only Jacques Dro has a special series for this. Jacques de Ronaldo is very small, but it is definitely a boutique, especially enamel and robotic doll watches, which can be called a watch altar. This watch is one of the large seconds hand series, the large open flame enamel plate, automatic movement, very delicate, but only as an index, so it is not the most wanted to introduce.
Radar Diamond R14127152 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: R14127152
Watch Series: Diamond Pa Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: high-tech ceramics
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch strap: high-tech ceramics
Reference price: $ 3,400
Watch details:
Basic Information
Watch model: M024.444.16.031.00
Watch series: Bruner
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch strap: leather belt
Reference price: ¥ 8300
Watch details: mido / 42986 /
Watch reviews: In addition to radar watches, Mido also released a large second hand watch this year. If Mido and Radar belong to the Swatch Group, are the two brands collusion? (Just a joke) Mido’s large second hand is even more aggressive than radar. The second dial takes up almost 1/3 of the entire dial surface, which is equivalent to the main dial of the hour and minute hands. This is a fairly large size. Similar to the intention of radar, the oversized small second hand completely absorbed the watch’s attention, and the jumping second hand became the main theme of the watch, which is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who require high time and precise time.

In summary: such a small second hand is rare in other brands except these three brands. I remember that Lange and Breguet both have one, but the second hand is not so large, which is slightly larger than the radar watch. It is smaller, but it is also much larger than the ordinary second hand. The design of the large second hand has not improved in practicality. Its original intention is to design on the one hand and to serve those who have a preference for this. Of course, the large second hand already existed during the pocket watch period, and the accuracy of the pocket watch era It is not too high. Most pocket watches use a small three- or two-hand design because the second hand is not so precise, but watches with large second hands often have higher accuracy.

What Watch Do You Wear In The Movie ‘captain China’?

On September 30, the National Day film ‘China Captain’ was officially released. The film is based on real events. On May 14, 2018, an ‘epic’ class of aircraft forced landing in China. Around 7:06 in the morning, Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa, when flying at 9,800 meters, the front windshield of the right seat of the cockpit suddenly burst and fell off. In the case of high speed, low temperature, lack of oxygen, and huge noise, the crew took decisive measures, and finally made a safe landing at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. It has ensured the safety of all personnel on board and created a miracle in the history of world civil aviation. As a watch and clock media, Xinxuan came today to pick out what watches are worn in the movie ‘Captain China’? The captain played by ‘Zhang Hanyu’ wore a simple three-pin calendar model of the Breitling Challenger series, model A1731311, and the official domestic price of 22800 yuan. Friends who are concerned about watches, must have seen Breitling’s overwhelming advertisements these days. However, the emphasis they claim is not on the ‘Challenge’ series, but on the ‘Aviation Timing’ series, which is more suitable for flight. Although the challenger series was selected in the play, Breitling’s publicity focuses on the ‘Aviation Timing’ series, but in fact, the captain’s prototype character ‘Liu Changjian’ himself was wearing the Super Ocean series A1736402 when dealing with dangerous situations. If the majority of movie fans want to chase the same paragraph, don’t buy it wrong, and don’t be biased by advertising. Ou Hao played the first officer who was thrown out of the cabin after the windshield broke. He wore a Tissot Kutu series mechanical chronograph. However, like the previous ‘Liu Changjian’, although the prototype character of the story ‘Xu Yichen’ himself was also wearing the Tissot brand, according to the live photos at the time, it should be the ‘Haozhi’ series of Tissot, not the Kutu series. Du Jiang’s second captain “Liang Dong” chose an IW377717 from the IWC pilot series. Although there are no close-ups in the play, the blue dial, metal chain strap, and folding buckle are still very easy to identify. Like the Breitling Aviation Timing Series mentioned earlier, the flight series of IWC is also a choice for many flight crews. In addition, at the end of the play, Du Jiang’s second captain ‘Liang Dong’ also wore a Rolex Submariner series Ref.116610LV, which is the famous ‘Green Water Ghost’. Although the official domestic price is in the early 70,000, but actually want to buy, but have to pay a higher price. A female watch from the Japanese Seiko No. 5 series SYMK19J1 selected by the flight attendant decorated by ‘Yuan Quan’ in the play, the official domestic price is only 1,400 yuan. However, the prototype character flight attendant ‘Bi Nanxuan’ chose a classic Tank brand owned by Cartier, a women’s favorite watch brand. This is the best entry Cartier, none of them. In addition, the flight attendants played by Zhang Tian’ai, Li Qin, Ya Mei, and Yang Qiru all wore watches, but unfortunately, when watching a movie, my attention was unconsciously placed on their faces, and I forgot to recognize the watch model. Now …— END —

Lange Little Lange 1 To The ‘fine’ Note, Open The Legendary Movement On The Wrist

As the brand LITTLELANGE1, which established the Lange brand philosophy and transcendental status when the brand was reborn 25 years ago, it has become an elegant movement engraved with the Lange gene since its inception. The German watch attitude is like a timeless star projecting the clean temperament and dazzling light of the Lange brand in the long river of world watches. In the quarter of a century when LANGE1 was launched, this beautiful watch has attracted many like-minded watch enthusiasts and collectors for its impeccable quality and subtle design beyond the spirit of the times. It has also attracted the attention of elites in the world who are pursuing the spirit of ‘fine and endless’. In the Lange brand’s vocabulary and countless watch enthusiast’s dictionaries, the charm of LANGE1 is not only a superb and exquisite watch, but also represents the pursuit of the ultimate precision of behavior standards, as well as constantly challenging new heights of life philosophy. The advent of LITTLELANGE1 has extended the brand’s ‘endless spirit’ to a new level. LITTLELANGE1, while continuing and optimizing Lange’s exquisite watchmaking process, has made a more complete interpretation of Lange’s brand spirit.

Lange’s launch ceremony at the Dresden Palace in 1994

  In 1998, Lange launched the 36.8mm watch model LITTLELANGE1 based on LANGE1’s timeless design. LITTLELANGE1 is not only the inheritance and continuation of the Lange brand gene, but also a major breakthrough in the watchmaking process and design concept of the brand. Based on the design specification of the reduction of the diameter of the dial by 1.7mm, retaining the successful elements such as a dual barrel with three days power reserve, power reserve indicator and Lange big date display are itself an increasingly sophisticated pursuit and challenge to watchmaking. In addition, the essence of LANGE1 has been kept in a smaller space, so that LITTLELANGE1 can be transformed into a dynamic time engine in a long time, and stay in Guanghua forever under the wash of time waves.

  Including minimalist concepts and excellent functions, LITTLELANGE1 has achieved the extension and breakthrough of Lange brand aesthetics in the design and materials of specific models. The Lange brand, which perfectly represents Germany’s top precision watchmaking industry, has always captured many watch enthusiasts and collectors with tough and elegant body lines and a calm and subtle German aesthetics. LITTLELANGE1 is a heritage of classic watches. The design incorporates more fresh elements, successfully expanding the brand image to a more diverse field: while the dial style made of mother-of-pearl is capable and concise, it reveals that it is softer and more concealed behind the cold lines. The bold use of gray and blue injects a lively breath into the watch body, like adding a more lively chord to the calm and sonorous sonata. The diamond-studded style is more revealing and restrained. The German luxury is displayed without any exaggeration, and the sparkle of the diamond is collected in the low-key and practical outline of the Lange brand. These aesthetic extensions and breakthroughs have also attracted a number of women elites and watch lovers to the Lange brand. They not only found their favorite watches in the new style of LITTLELANGE1, but also found the values ​​in the LITTLELANGE1 series. Mapping of identity and self-spirit.

LITTLELANGE118K rose gold dial with blue tone



LITTLELANGE1 in purple, grey and brown

  Just having superb watchmaking skills and the endless pursuit of exquisite machinery does not seem to be enough to achieve Lange’s feat to rise to become the world’s top brand in just four years. Under the glorious achievements of the brand’s new miracle, the Lange brand continues to explore and deepen its own connotation. The unremitting thinking of the humanistic spirit has made Lange watches cross the traditional gender definition and restrictions of watches, and made watch lovers of different genders and identities love them with the same design. The advent and glory of LITTLELANGE1 is deeply confirmed at this point. Lange’s ‘endless and endless’ conviction is aimed at persisting in himself and being brave enough to break through innovation, proving to the world in a distinguished style that the connotation of luxury lies in the unparalleled superb quality rather than the appearance of extravagance. Constantly improving, defining and refreshing the standards of German precision watchmaking. It is precisely this belief that led to the birth of the LITTLELANGE1 series, and when it came out, it attracted the attention of many female watch enthusiasts and collectors who also pursued excellence.

  As a pioneer in the German watchmaking industry that began to recover along with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lange has both respect and persistence in German traditional watchmaking technology and brand tradition, but also dares to forge ahead and break through in the concept. . In terms of production technology and aesthetics, Lange adheres to the rigor and subtlety of German watches, while in the brand’s attitude, it has a sense of acceptance and open dialogue with the fans and collectors of the brand. Communication. LITTLELANGE1, as the representative work of Lange’s rejuvenation after vicissitudes, will never be used to distinguish its audience by gender like ordinary watches. Instead, it insists on practical functions, precise craftsmanship, timeless design, and the spirit of inclusive branding. Intrinsic qualities make all beings overwhelmed.

  Coinciding with the brand’s 25th anniversary, the LITTLELANGE1 family once again welcomes a new member-the special 25thAnniversary commemorative version of the LITTLELANGE1 cast in 18K white gold. This model features a solid silver-white dial with dark blue numerals and hour markers, blue date numerals, and hand-engraved balance wheel splints with blue details. The embossed number ’25’, the anniversary mark appearing on the balance plate, also incorporates the blue design. The blue hand-stitched alligator leather strap with contrasting grey stitching complements the body. The simple design, but the connotation is by no means simple. It combines practicality with art and beauty, raising your hands to show the grace of your wrist.

18K White Gold Special Anniversary Watch with Blue Design Elements

  The Lange brand firmly believes that the superb performance of LITTLELANGE1 will touch the heart with the subtle beauty pointed at the heart, thereby attracting the attention of the elites. The elite women who chose this watch masterpiece are also among them. They are not only social elites, but also Master and helmsman of his own destiny. They do not succumb to the worldly prudent aesthetic attitude, and their high recognition and insistence on their independent souls, coincidentally with the Lange brand. In this hustle and bustle era where high-tech has spread to almost every detail of human life, Lange believes that the owner and enthusiasts of LITTLELANGE1 are more willing to listen. It is the voice that truly belongs to the heart after the daily complexity and enthusiasm. The long voice of the Lange brand has precipitated the exquisite elegance of today’s LITTLELANGE1 watch through a long period of time. It is also the sound that makes the Lange brand in the intense competition of the high-end watch Qianfan, with a unique and quiet but more intense light. , And Lange is even more convinced that it is this voice that guides them and them to courageously advance in the tide of the times and reach the other side of success. LITTLELANGE1 represents not only the outstanding achievements of the brand in the top fine watchmaking industry, but also the ultimate pursuit of perfection and the spirit of ‘fine and endless’ watch in the rapidly developing human society in the new century. With the precise rotation of the L121.2 movement, what LITTLELANGE1 wrote in the forest of the world’s watches and even in the long history of human history must be a special moving engraved with the unique watchmaking notes of the Lange brand.