Exploring The Top Watch Brand Parmigiani Global Studio

Like a high fashion design studio, Parmigiani Studios, located in the heartland of major cities in the world, represents the essence of Parmigiani brands. Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow and Istanbul are the first major cities where Parmigiani Studios will be stationed. The next stop will be Singapore.

Locations in Shanghai and Beijing
年初 In early 2011, Parmigiani chose to open its first studios in Asia in Shanghai and Beijing. The Lippo Plaza in Shanghai, the Yaolai Luxury World in Beijing, and Legendale Hotel are all magnificent and well-known, and Parmigiani Studios has chosen to open in these three places, which will definitely show the charm of Parmigiani products. Incisively. This is the first step of Parmigiani’s expansion on the mainland.

 Shanghai: As a front-line big city, it is experiencing unparalleled economic development. It is no wonder that Shanghai is listed as the second choice city by Parmigiani. The well-known Lippo Plaza already has a number of prestigious brands, and since January 2011 it has accepted a new member, Parmigiani Studios. In 100 square meters of space, the essence of Parmigiani’s world is displayed, from the smallest to the smallest details. Lippo Plaza. 1F, No. 222 Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan District, Shanghai 200021

 Beijing: Swiss watchmaking history has been linked to China for centuries: Fleurier’s history is even more so. Today, as Parmigiani Studios is located at Legendary Luxury Hotel in Beijing’s confidant location, Fleurier’s connection with China has added a new chapter. Different from its counterparts, the Parmigiani Studios at Legendale Hotel brings together the unparalleled skills accumulated and created by the brand in the process of development through its commitment to restoring watchmaking crafts. Located in Dongcheng District, this 180-square-meter workshop is the dream of Chinese watch collectors, where they have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with watchmakers / repair craftsmen. Legendale Hotel. The first floor of No. 90-92, Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100005.
 Beijing’s second Parmigiani studio is located in the luxurious world of Yaolai, covering an area of ​​260 square meters. This is currently the world’s largest Parmigiani studio, with the most complete Parmigiani series of clocks and watches. The world of luxury in Yaolai. Room L02, 1st Floor, Building 18, No. 89 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025.

Moscow: Parmigiani has chosen to open Russia’s first studio on May 19 in the heart of Moscow.
 The launch of the Moscow studio is highly anticipated. The opening day of the studio is unprecedented, and many celebrities in Moscow are present at the scene. On the same day, Michel Parmigiani, Chairman of Parma Power and Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO had the honor to receive a distinguished guest. The guest is an icon of Russian culinary arts, chef and restaurant owner Arkady Novikov. Arkady Novikov has more than 30 restaurants, a farm that produces its own brand of fruits and vegetables, and was elected Restaurant Owner of the Year in 2004. He was a special guest at the launching ceremony of the Parmigiani Studio on May 19.

 Moscow’s Parmigiani Studio is located at the foot of a 19th-century heritage building on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street. The studio showed visitors the mechanical wonders of Parmigiani. The Stoleshnikov Pereulok district-one of the most luxurious places in Europe-is also a country exuding elegance and sophistication. This area is where Parmigiani Studios is located, covering about 100 square meters. Bolshaya Dmitrovka Corner, Bolshaya Dmitrovka str. 13/8, 125009 Moscow.
 Istanbul: Parmigiani is set to open its first studio in Istanbul’s extremely elegant Nisantas district. As a unique cultural bridge between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is closely linked to the spiritual connotation of Parmigiani Studios. Istanbul’s Parmigiani Studio covers an area of ​​nearly 40 square meters, and puts the preservation and dissemination of high-level watch knowledge at the core of its philosophy, and is an authoritative display and communication window. Abdi Ipekci Cad. Altin sok. Ahmet Kara Ishani 2/3, Nisantasi, Istanbul.

 Upcoming: Singapore: Parmigiani Studios Singapore is scheduled to open in the prestigious Paragon Shopping Mall in the second half of 2011. 290 Orchard Road # 01-28A / 29 Paragon, 238859 Singapore.

Historical luxury hotels, prestigious resorts, and locations with strategic business significance. The location of Parmigiani Studio concept studios fully reflects the spirit of the brand and its pursuit of perfection.
的 The architecture designed by the architects in the studio is an exhibit in itself, which often reflects the most essential and extraordinary style and elegant elements of Fleurier Parmigiani. From classic styles to the most sophisticated and sophisticated styles, beautiful brand watches and first-class comfort make customers worship. Parmigiani Studio concept studio stores have an approved Parmigioni Customer Service Center and are networked with retailers across the country to provide customers with continuous support, a strong brand that cannot be ignored in China.

 The first Parmigiani Studio concept studios were born in the famous resorts of Portosevo, Dubai and Sardinia.
In November 2011, the latest Parmigiani Studio concept store was born in the most well-known hotel in the heart of Germany, Bayerischer Hof.

Eternal Noble Temperament Focus On 2015 Sihh Cartier Booth

The 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show has opened gorgeously. Cartier, which has received much attention, has once again presented the watch exhibition with a new look, bringing surprises and expectations to the world. Now, please follow the official report of the Watch House and enjoy Cartier’s exquisite booth.

Cartier still uses classic red, blending with modern style while exuding retro charm.

Brand logo appears in the most prominent position

The watches are carefully arranged and displayed in the window

The layout of the exhibition hall shows the brand’s intentions and care

In front of each showcase, it is worth visiting

Elegant timepieces show the endless creativity of the brand

Soft tones for a swim

Visiting the entire pavilion is endless

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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