The Opening Of Blancpain’s Largest Flagship Store In The North Of Beijing, The New Dongan Store

In December 2012, Blancpain, the world’s oldest watch brand, officially opened its fourth boutique in Beijing. The store is located on Wangfujing Street, the ‘Beijing Commercial First Street’. The oldest watch brand in North China’s largest flagship store.

Blancpain Launches New Dongan Flagship Store in Beijing
   On a century-old street that is intertwined with traditional and modern styles, the 270-square-meter Beijing Xindongan flagship store adheres to the brand’s European-style neoclassical style. The display of Blancpain exudes the unique temperament and charm of Blancpain, so that guests can experience the inheritance of its superb craftsmanship and experience the high-end living art.
   In addition to a collection of top-level and complex mechanical watches including the event puppet minute repeater watch, perpetual calendar sun time watch, Chinese Long Caro Russell watch, Blancpain Blancpain’s new Dongan flagship store has opened Blancpain customer service center, precision equipment Comprehensive, professional watchmakers provide comprehensive and detailed maintenance services for Chinese consumers. The open design maintenance area provides guests and watch lovers with a close opportunity to watch the repair and maintenance process of love watches and experience the exquisite watchmaking process.
   Blancpain’s new Dong’an flagship store is committed to providing a perfect customer experience, while paying more attention to conveying Swiss culture. The carefully designed details in the store highlight Blancpain’s concept of advocating the art of living. With a multimedia projection area with advanced imaging technology, luxurious and comfortable sofas, and world-renowned wine and coffee, Blancpain has created a place for friends and watch lovers who are pursuing high-end lifestyles to share feelings and exchange parties. Blancpain’s new Dongan flagship store not only enhances the customer service experience, but also strives to provide guests with more emotional experience. While admiring the perfect craftsmanship of classic timepieces, feel this ancient watch brand with a long history of 277 years. The profound cultural heritage.
   When the long history of 277 falls in love with traditional Chinese culture, the opening of Blancpain’s Xintiandi flagship store will open a new chapter of this top Swiss watch brand, bearing in mind Blancpain’s attention and confidence in the Chinese market. Relying on its superior geographical location and professional business philosophy and management model, Blancpain’s new Dongan flagship store will gradually become the ultimate choice for Beijing watch lovers.