Louis Vuitton Fine Watchmaking Technology

Inspired by the great invention of the 19th century magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, the Louis Vuitton Tambourine Mysterieuse watch also looks like a magical thing. When I first saw the watch, I felt nothing. When I fixed my eyes on the transparent sapphire dial, the hands were suspended in the air, and the movement and the operation of any mechanical system could not be seen at any angle.
Unparalleled strength, time seems to be veiled in mystery. This is the first time in history for Louis Vuitton, a leather goods luxury maker, to independently design, manufacture and assemble a wristwatch factory in Switzerland table.
The traditional and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and technology are retained and developed. The ‘LV109’ movement is a masterpiece of technology with 109 components, and each element is carefully crafted by hand.
Its most special feature is its exceptional power reserve: up to 8 days and 8 hours. This is undoubtedly a lucky number, an excellent proof of its superb watchmaking technology, and a technological breakthrough.

White gold alligator strap Tambour Mystérieuse
© LOUIS VUITTON / Francis Azemard

There are two options: the first one is designed with extremely simplified lines to show exquisite craftsmanship; the second one is for women, focusing on the charm of jewelry art. Although such a picture can project the appearance of the silhouette, only the master of Tambour Mystérieuse truly masters the personality of the watch.
In order to ensure that each Tambour is unique in the world, Louis Vuitton provides each customer with special services of free choice of configuration.
Gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, or even diamond cut, bright cut or rectangular cut … Everyone can choose according to their preferences, and of course the strap With plenty of leather to choose from, a Tambour Mystérieuse watch could have so much variability.
In particular, in order to highlight the uniqueness of the customer, the watch’s sapphire can be inlaid with the customer’s initials. It has gone far beyond a mere accessory. Tambour Mystérieuse is an extreme lifestyle.
Finally, to pay tribute to this extraordinary watchmaking technology, Louis Vuitton magically transformed its exclusive collection box: a real watch box specially prepared for Tambur Mystérieuse in the historic Louis Vuitton Asnières workshop.
A lot of work has been done on the watch box, respecting all traditional practices, and each standard means the long-term success of the brand. The entire watch case is like a treasure chest. The outer leather pattern and color, as well as the inner lining can be selected by the customer, even including the legendary LV lock, which can be equipped with the same lock as the suitcase, which is convenient for guests to use a key. You can open all suitcases, including this watch case.
Constant pursuit of excellence has earned Louis Vuitton a lot of top watch brands. Only a few elites-watch connoisseurs and luxury watch collectors-are fortunate enough to have a glimpse into the true face of Lushan, the magical masterpiece Tambour Mystérieuse.