World Cup Element Watch For Hardcore Fans

The essential World Cup element watch for hardcore fans. The World Cup is coming soon, and fans are beginning to suppress the excitement in their hearts. Recently, many brand watches have launched World Cup elements watches, and even hardcore fans should have one.
 ‘Extremely Crazy’ comes in a special package with a round window on the cover revealing the dial. Like the watch, the color of the envelope box is also the color of the Brazilian flag, and Brazil is also the home of the Gol de Letra Fund. It is complemented by the net pattern of the white goal on the green field and the yellow eye-catching and fiery victory shout ‘GOOOOALL (goal) !!!! ‘

 For a long time, the watch series equipped with Hublot’s self-produced movements from UNICO has astounded the watchmaking industry with its unique production technology. The design of the column wheel and dual-level clutch integrated on the dial side has become the cornerstone of the UNICO watch family, while also showing the excellent flexibility of the UNICO movement.

 This is Hublot’s first double retrograde chronograph watch (the hands can be reset to zero instantly). When the timing button is pressed, the chronograph second and minute hands will start timing from left to right in a circular track in 45-minute units, which is also the time of the half-time football match. An additional 15-minute time zone is added to make the entire timing time up to 60 minutes. There are two timing buttons on both sides of the crown, which represent the start, stop and reset of the timing. The timing button at 2 o’clock will also be used to control the timing of 4 modes: first half, half time, second half and end of the game, and it is clearly displayed through the window at 12 o’clock.

 The relationship between Tissot and football can be traced back to 1976. Tissot launched its first game timer specially designed for football referees. With colorful pointers and scales, it clearly and accurately timed the first and second half of a football game. Referees have more precise control over match time.