2013 Basel-hyt Presents Its Second Liquid Mechanical Watch H2

HYT’s liquid mechanical watchmaker uses extraordinary watchmaking skills to create a watch that combines liquid and machinery, turning utopian ideas into reality, which makes HYT win a place in high-end watchmaking. This year, HYT is going to the next city, showing the world the second liquid mechanical watch H2. H2 is a perfect combination of advanced watchmaking and fluid mechanics. It was jointly created by the liquid mechanical watchmaker of HYT and the APRP (AUDEMARS PIGUET RENAUD ET PAPI) team led by GIULIO PAPI.

HYT launched the first liquid mechanical wristwatch in 2012 and got a warm response. It then entered the field of fine watchmaking and once again challenged the limits of liquid machinery, and launched a new masterpiece-H2. The sketch of this unique watch dates back to the summer of 2012. The core principle of its innovative concept is the further integration of liquids in mechanical watchmaking.
Three-dimensional multiple structure
H2 redesigned the structure of the entire hybrid movement. The new structure perfectly integrates the sealed and retractable reservoir, detection system, cam and piston. These are not only unique aesthetic elements of liquid mechanical watches, but also important components of the movement.
The ultimate fusion of hybrid technology
First, the retractable liquid storage tank is located at 6 o’clock and presents a ‘V’ shape at a 45-degree angle, reminiscent of excellent automobile or aircraft cylinder lines. This design connects the hydraulic system with a mechanical structure in series, making the entire interface integration more perfect. The balance spring with the retractable reservoir is arched on the black bridge at 12 o’clock, showing the rhythm of life in this unique world.
The ‘H-N-R’ (timing-home-winding) at 3 o’clock is the crown position indicator, reminiscent of a racing gearshift. In response to this, the temperature pointer display at the other end of the dial, original and exclusive design by HYT, creates a sense of balance in the design. Once the watch is worn on the wrist, this function allows the wearer to know exactly when the liquid reaches the optimal temperature range. The minute hand set in the center of the dial has a multi-level design. It is perfectly matched with the structure and combination of the liquid system, and it jumps every 30 minutes to avoid interference with the retractable liquid tank device.
The H2 uses a black diamond-like carbon-coated (DLC) titanium case with a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 7.9 mm. It is equipped with an arched sapphire crystal and has a clear and easy-to-read liquid display. The unique three-dimensional sense is revealed. The double barrel, which is seen through the case back, provides an 8-day power reserve to drive the operation of this superb watch. The watch design utilizes the visibility of the spring of the barrel, and the power reserve is displayed through a hollowed-out barrel with a unique and innovative appearance.
Introduction to liquid mechanical tabulation:
The driving principle of the liquid mechanical technology introduced in 2012 is simple: two retractable liquid storage tanks, each with a liquid tube attached to the end. One tube contains an aqueous solution containing yellow fluorescent light, and the other tube contains a transparent viscous liquid. The repulsive force between the molecules in the two liquids makes the two liquids repel each other without mixing.
The two retractable reservoirs at 6 o’clock are made of high-endurance, high-flexibility plated alloys, which push the liquid through the piston. When one is compressed, the other will expand and vice versa, forming a liquid to run inside the tube. The meniscus in the liquid tube separates the two liquids and also indicates the time. When the time reaches 6 pm, the fluorescent liquid will return to its original position in a countercurrent manner.
This HYT watch is not only a watch, but also an exciting masterpiece, showing a strong, decisive and firm design and essence.

Series: H2 Reference number: 248-DL-00-GF-RA Limited edition of 50 pieces

Technical Specifications:
Black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) titanium case, polished, micro-machined, and forged
 Diameter: 48.8 mm
 Thickness: 17.9 mm
 Screw-down force gauge crown with rubber sheath
 Protective crown
 Turn-lock lugs
 Titanium arched hour marker at 6 o’clock
 Sapphire crystal with arched anti-glare coating (box-shaped)
 Turnlock sapphire caseback
 Water-resistant to 50 meters
 Retrograde liquid hour display
 30 minute jump minute hand
 Crown position hand (H-N-R) (timing-home-winding)
 temperature display
HYT original manual winding mechanical movement
 21,600 vibrations per hour, 3 Hz, 28 gems
 Titanium slab bridge decorated with micro PVD black PVD and forged titanium finish
 Power reserve 192 hours (8 days)
 Sapphire minute dial
 Rubberized smoky alligator strap
 Black black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) titanium pin buckle