Five Luxury Watches Recommended For Creating Countless Achievements

A Versace watch with a ceramic texture is extremely popular. This time, Versace has launched a new masterpiece, the EON watch, designed for women, highlighting the excellence of the Versace women’s brand.
Versace EON watch

   Versace’s latest EON watch is the embodiment of cool charm and elegant femininity, showing these two contrasting feminine beauty. This extraordinary design is the perfect portrayal of Versace women and the brand’s distinguished charm.

圆形 The round case of this Versace EON watch is made of rose gold-plated stainless steel. The watch can be turned into a pure decorative bracelet by rotating the dial. One watch is dual-use and has two different styles. On the front, it features a feminine mother-of-pearl dial with Paris studs on the outer ring; on the reverse, it is engraved with the VERSACE logo, especially when you meet with friends at night, when you wear it as a full-fitting bracelet, soft with rose gold The colors highlight the femininity and elegance of women. In particular, it goes beyond the field of watches and can be regarded as a piece of jewelry.

A special and exclusive version is also available. The case is set with diamonds and matched with a shiny satin strap.
Omega Constellation

As with all constellation watches, the new constellation watches are both stylish and elegant. The newly designed constellation series is available in five sizes: diameter 24mm, 27mm, 31mm, 35mm and 38mm.

The unique ivory white symbolizes purity, romance, and eternity, so many couples are in love with choosing ivory white wedding dresses and dresses to prove another important milestone in life with their lovers in a perfect holy posture. The new Calex Carles series couple watch launched by Doxa in Switzerland witnesses the long-flowing love with time and brings another romantic promise to lovers.
The new Calex couple watch

Jing Gang has the meaning of permanence and long-lasting, and it is bright and clean as new; round means endless and endless. The perfect combination of the two is embodied in the strap and surface of the Calex series, which fully reflects the never-ending love between couples.

The simple dial design can best express the minds of modern men and women. The elegant ivory white pitted surface is decorated with 8 natural diamonds as the hour-marking. It is dazzling and glamorous. It will make you feel enchanting and show you the eternal mystery. The large Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock are relative. Echoing, the classic style is not out of the ordinary, showing elegant and elegant charm; the square hour-marker display circle in the center of the dial is uniquely designed to complement the precise three-pin style to make the surface level more visible; the calendar window at 6 o’clock Clear and eye-catching, and the men’s style is also equipped with a week window, which can clearly record your sweet footprints with your loved ones.

The new time Calex couples watch is your best choice for expressing love to your lovers. The symbol of happiness and eternity in the watch will surely make him / her always touched.

OrSignoria is a very attractive series of watches. Its models are composed of a number of interconnected horse-shaped chain blocks. This bracelet is available in 18K white gold or yellow gold and stainless steel. You can also choose the creative black stainless steel chain and black stainless steel with yellow 18K gold chain. Glittering diamonds create a more distinguished atmosphere, and the surface can also be selected from these precious materials: from mother-of-pearl to gems of different colors, such as malachite, tiger’s eye, and eagle eye. The Signoria collection draws inspiration from rich Gucci historical materials and traditions, and once again elegantly interprets the legendary horse title, becoming another image icon of the flagship store in Florence.

Omega Olympic Series

Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848. Omega marks a glorious achievement in the history of watchmaking.

Omega launched the world’s first spring-loaded watch as early as 1892. Two years later, in 1894, the world-renowned Omega 19-caliber movement was produced. The manufacture of this movement incorporated the revolutionary advanced technology at the time. With several outstanding features, such as adjusting the time with the crown and naming it Omega by official brand, Omega became Switzerland’s leading watchmaker at the time.

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning perfection, achievement, beauty and excellence. Since then, Omega has steadily occupied the leading position in watchmaking with its advanced technology and outstanding watchmaking art, and has created countless remarkable achievements.

In 1965, the first and only moonwatch of the Omega Speedmaster series of professional watches was used as the designated timepiece for all manned space flights after rigorous testing by NASA. It is a chronograph that can withstand weightlessness, magnetic field, violent shock, impact and temperature difference of -18 ℃ ~ 93 ℃.

那时 Since then, the Speedmaster series has become the only timepiece that can be fully trusted by astronauts in all space flight missions (including 6 moon landing missions) from the twins to Apollo, and the air laboratory to the recent years.

米 Omega has not only written countless firsts, but also has outstanding performance in countless watch exhibitions, military applications, official timekeeping, sports competitions, astronomical watch certificates, and so on.