Experiencing ‘satellite’ Power Tissot Satellite Series Pocket Watch

As the brand that produces the most pocket watches, Tissot has been making innovations to make pocket watches a collection of fashion and innovation. Tissot satellite series pocket watch, put ” satellite ‘power’ into the pocket watch, unique and luxurious design, let the retro pocket watch show the charm of the times and eternal power

Tissot Satellite Series Pocket Watch
卫星 ‘Satellite’ power
Satellite pocket watch with ‘Satellite’ movement-ETA6498 manual winding movement, 1749134
Roaming time and space
With the ‘satellite’ as the ‘power’ of a pocket watch, roaming time and space becomes every minute of enjoyment. Pocket watch dial adopts 17Wandering Hourslogo MechanicalSatellite6
Technical parameters: Manual winding mechanical movement ETA64981749- mineral glass mirror, silver case style: copper rhodium plated; gold case style: copper, with 5- with chain