See It Soon – Blancpain 2013 Basel New Products Hong Kong Exhibition

Blancpain, which has always been known for its long history and outstanding craftsmanship, was once again presented at this year’s Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo with a series of watch works that combine traditional craftsmanship, innovative technology and eye-catching design The brand’s extraordinary status as the world’s oldest watchmaking brand. Blancpain recently brought the new Basel 2013 exhibition in Hong Kong.

Various Blancpain masterpieces this year, including the Fifty Fathoms 50-inch diving watch series, the L-Evolution series full of high-tech elements, the classic and elegant Villeret series, and the Women’s Women’s Watch series showing femininity Arrived in Hong Kong, and held the Blancpain Central Ice Cream Store and the 1881 flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui during the 10th and 14th July and the 19th July at the Blancpain 2013 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair New Products Exhibition respectively. On display, collectors, connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts who love fine watches must not miss this event in the fine watch industry.
Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Men’s and Women’s Diver’s Watch
In 2013, the 60th anniversary of the birth of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms, the new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe diversified watch, while paying tribute to the glorious tradition, in the future, leading the industry’s cutting-edge technology trend. The watch is equipped with Blancpain’s remarkable mechanical self-winding movement, and is especially equipped with a non-magnetic silicon spring. In addition, the brand is injecting another major technological innovation into the new timepiece: the Liquidmetal® depth gauge. This amorphous metal alloy prevents any deformation and ensures a perfect fit with the ceramic inner ring. Both materials are solid and durable, which significantly improves the scratch and scratch resistance of the bezel.

L-Evolution series
The high-tech sporty Blancpain L-Evolution series ushered in two new members combining cutting-edge materials and outstanding functions in 2013. Among them, the L-Evolution R large calendar watch is made of carbon fiber with a dark black dial background, which perfectly matches the large Arabic numerals 9, 12 and the large calendar display at 6 o’clock, making various information clear and easy to read and easy to grasp. In addition to the carbon fiber dial and large calendar, the L-Evolution R flyback large-calendar chronograph is also equipped with a ceramized titanium case and chronograph function, providing accurate timing for each extreme speed challenge.
Villeret Collection
Blancpain continues to add new works to the Villeret collection, which showcases the brand’s classic characteristics this year. The brand launched a men’s watch to celebrate the Year of the Renchen Dragon last year; this year, Blancpain continued to combine high-tech titanium and traditional gold-inlaid technology to outline the Chinese zodiac on the Villeret Damascus snake watch: The vivid gesture of the spirit snake coiled tree. On the other hand, Blancpain has been proud of the brand’s full calendar and moon phase two complex functions, adding a total of 192 hours of power reserve for 8 days, with snake-shaped blue steel hands, three-dimensional Roman numerals, etc. Classic design, Villeret 8-day power reserve watch creates another masterpiece. The simple design can also show extraordinaryness. The Villeret ultra-thin watch has an hour hand, a minute hand, a small second hand, a date and a 100-hour power reserve display on the creamy dial. It is also equipped with pure white diamonds weighing 1.19 carats on the bezel and dial, which proves Blancpain’s watchmaking. And the jewellery craftsmanship is unshakable as the king.

Women’s Watches
As a pioneer in the production of women’s watches with automatic movements, Blancpain has dedicated itself since 1930 to continuously launching new models tailored for contemporary women who are concerned about complex timing functions. Adhering to the watchmaking concept of ‘tradition and innovation’, Blancpain launched a new big calendar chronograph at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair.With its unique dial design and superb movement technology, Salute to modern women. This masterpiece has an elegant and luxurious appearance. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with gorgeous flash diamonds. Inside it is also equipped with Blancpain’s newly developed automatic winding movement, which perfectly realizes many complex functions. Other new works of Blancpain’s 2013 series also use precious materials such as diamonds and mother-of-pearl, and cooperate with the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology.

More than 275 years of enduring tradition
Blancpain, founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in 1735, is the oldest watch brand in the world. Blancpain has always been committed to show a new look for mechanical watchmaking, and continued investment in talent and production equipment to ensure that watchmaking technology is passed on from generation to generation. This attitude is our strength and our long-term goal; even if it runs counter to today’s trend toward instant profits. Blancpain specializes in the development of watch movements, from the manufacture of parts to watch design. In the past seven years, Blancpain has developed 29 new movements. The Blancpain watch series retains the brand’s precise and elegant characteristics, while also showing a bright and innovative spirit. The brand watch series include the sporty L-evolution series, the legendary Fifty Fathoms diving watch series, the classic Villeret series, the Le Brassus series with complex functions, and the Women series designed for fashionable women.

Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition Will Appear In Munich In October

Patek Philippe’s watches have always been a top seller in the premium watch market. As a family-owned independent brand, Patek Philippe has always attached great importance to the brand’s historical tradition. Now there is a rare opportunity to learn about the watch company run by this family. Patek Philippe Watch Art Station will be held at the Munich Art Museum on October 17 this year.

 Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition in Munich’s Art Museum, Theatinerstraβe8 October 17-27, 2013, opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm.

 Patek Philippe is the only family-owned independent watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland. It has a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. It has always been committed to designing, developing, refining and assembling the most perfect timepieces in the world.
 All watch lovers who like Patek Philippe need to take a look at Munich.

Hk $ 5.8 Million Of Vacheron Constantin’s King Kalla Watch Set A New Record

Recently, the Sotheby’s Hong Kong [microblog] May precious watch auction ended in this quarter. The total turnover of clock auctions in this quarter accumulated to HK $ 256.7 million / US $ 32.9 million, creating a clock auction in any auction center in the world. Highest quarter total turnover. A total of 6 lots were sold for more than US $ 1 million and HK $ 7.8 million this quarter. The highest lot sold was the Vacheron Constantin ‘King Kalla’ white gold inlaid square diamond strap watch, which was sold for HK $ 5.8 million / US $ 743,590, creating Vacheron Constantin ‘ King Kalla ‘watch world auction record.

Charles Tearle, Head of Sotheby’s Asia Watch and Clock Department, said: ‘According to the success of the Hong Kong Sotheby’s precious watch spring auction in early April this year, today’s first precious watch auction held at’ Hong Kong Sotheby’s Art Space ‘ The results were also encouraging. The two auctions recorded a total turnover of 257.5 million Hong Kong dollars / 32.9 million U.S. dollars, the highest quarterly total turnover of any watch auction in the world, and the turnover rate remained high. A total of 49 lots were sold. Over 1 million Hong Kong dollars / 128,000 US dollars sold, and 6 lots sold for more than 1 million US dollars / 7.8 million Hong Kong dollars. Today’s auction options are refined, attracting buyers from all over the world on the venue, by phone and online Active bidding, one of the Vacheron Constantin ‘King Kalla’ white gold inlaid diamond bracelet watch was sold for 5.8 million Hong Kong dollars / 743,590 US dollars, breaking the model’s world auction record. ‘