Rolex Rolex Formula 1 Gorgeous Combination

ROLEX announced that in the second season of 2014, ROLEX will still be the global partner and race timepiece of the Formula 1®, which undoubtedly shows the great role of Rolex in motorsports. Investment and full support for the world’s top sports events.

ROLEX is exactly the global partner and competition timepiece that has been announced as the “ First-level Formula Championship ”

As the title sponsor of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship ROLEX Australian Grand Prix, ROLEX is here to celebrate the official start of the season and wish the 2014 FIA Formula One (2014 FIA Formula One) World ChampionshipTM). This event is very popular with racing fans around the world, and this is also the first time ROLEX has appeared on the ‘screen’ of this event. Rolex’s crown logo will appear on television broadcasts of all 19 Grand Prix races around the world, further strengthening the partnership between ROLEX and this world-renowned sporting event.
The first three grand prix races of the 2014 FIA World Formula One Championship were wonderful and exciting, all because the Formula One Championship has undergone the most significant technological change in recent years. The introduction of new hybrid technology, ROLEX constantly strives to push the boundaries of technology. When the Formula One Championship moved to Shanghai and kicked off the magnificent prelude to the 2014 Formula One UBS China Grand Prix, ROLEX, participating teams, racers and motorsport fans from all over the world were all excited and looking forward to the experience A wonderful and exciting ‘FIA Formula One World Championship’.
Mr. Arnaud Boetsch, ROLEX Brand Communications and Image Director, said: ‘We are pleased to continue to be the global partner of the Formula One Championship in the second season, which fully demonstrates our commitment to supporting the world’s top motorsport. This long-term partnership undoubtedly brings together the giants in the two fields to join hands, and the enthusiasm of both parties for continuous pursuit of outstanding performance, superior technology and innovative engineering makes this cooperation more natural. ‘
‘The technical rules of the Formula One Championship are undergoing the biggest change in more than a decade. As a global partner of the Formula One Championship, we are pleased to witness this top motorsport lead the world by integrating the latest technology The trend of motorsport. We will look forward to it and pay close attention, because this racing season will bring us a wonderful race. ‘

The cooperation between “ First-level Formula Championship ” and ROLEX has become the most gorgeous combination of sports events and watches

2013 is the 50th anniversary of the launch of the ROLEX Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watch, and in order to celebrate the 2014 UBS China Grand Prix, ROLEX held a theme in the ‘ROLEX World. World’ Experience Center ‘DAYTONA to COSMOGRAPHDAYTONA loves speed’ is a short-term exhibition to commemorate this legendary watch and fully show the special origin of ROLEX and motorsport.

Piaget Piaget Mediterranean Garden Series Gold Button Woven Bracelet Again Shows Piaget Gold Strength

For half a century, the source of Piaget’s fine jewellery has been free flowing, from all over the world: from the rose garden bled by the Mediterranean breeze, to the water capital Venice rippling in the blue waves, and even full of mystery The ancient Silk Road in Samarkand. Jewelry designers, while capturing the essence of these places of interest, have also crafted countless masterpieces by craftsmanship.

   At the same time, the brand continues to master and integrate multiple top-notch creative techniques. In addition to the brand’s accumulated and continuously improved forging process over the years, there are important complex inlaying techniques for high-end jewelry creation and a variety of innovative inlaying techniques. It is these creative craftsmanship that have made the countless possibilities of Piaget high jewelry creation.

   18K rose gold bracelet with 1 oval-cut black opal (approximately 14.82 carats), 8 marquise-cut blue tourmalines (approximately 2.88 carats), 6 marquise-cut emeralds (approximately 1.86 carats), and 12 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.73 carats). Number G36L8700.
   The new Piaget Mediterranean Garden series of gold button woven bracelets is a new proof of Piaget high jewelry. The gold and button weaving technique that swept the 1960s and 1970s was carried forward in Piaget’s fine jewelry workshop for creating this fine jewelry bracelet.
  As an admirer of all the good things and lifestyles, Piaget enthusiastically praised the sweet life of the Riviera, thus creating the Piaget Mediterranean Garden high jewelry collection.

   18K rose gold bracelet with 8 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 4.87 carats), 1 pillow-cut diamond (approximately 3.03 carats) and 8 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.37 carats). No. G36L8600.
   Firstly, a single gold wire is wound to make a thread. This process requires the jeweller to be precise and absent-minded. Subsequently, the jeweller cut the twisted gold thread into small pieces and welded it to the gold edge of the bracelet. The edges of the bracelet and the diamond claws are also woven in gold. This unique setting technique makes the gemstone seem to float on the surface of the bracelet. After the production, the bracelet is inlaid with a large piece of Opal as the main stone, and supplemented with diamonds, emeralds and tourmalines, as if the blue sea water is struck against the delicate beach scenes, which is pleasant and romantic.