Fourteen Episodes Of The Short Film ‘a Brief History Of Time Blancpain Guided Tour Of Timing By Time’ Is Fully Available

Blanc Pain invited Brand Culture Ambassador Mr. Liang Wendao to co-record a series of fourteen short films: ‘A Brief History of Time-Blancpain Liang Wendao Guides the Way of Human Timing’ has been officially released recently. Here, we sincerely invite you, together with Blancpain, to explore the ins and outs of the human calendar and time, and feel the greatness and glory of human civilization in the narrative of Mr. Liang Wendao. (The first episode ‘Calendar Origin: An Eagle Bone, All Civilizations. Watch Link:;

 Different civilizations count day by day, and the concepts and methods of time derived from ancient times, with their own understanding and imagination, are very different. Blancpain, the oldest watch brand-‘the founder of classic timepieces’, believes in time and believes in time, which led to this innovative attempt. In the 14-episode tour, Mr. Liang Wendao will lead us from an earliest eagle bone calendar, travelling all the way through ancient and modern times, and guide the way of human timing: from ancient Egypt on the Nile to the United States Cuban Babylon above the Sopotamian plains, then to the ancient Maya in Latin America and the eastern China. Subsequently, the journey of exploration will be extended in the time and space of Chinese civilization, and the unique calendar concepts, the philosophy and wisdom of the unity of heaven and man that are unique to the Chinese ancestors will be fully interpreted.

 The first episode of the series was officially launched on Blancpain’s official Weibo and WeChat platforms on April 18. Starting this week, the program will be listed on the midnight emoticons and clocks video program, and Youku, Tencent, Aiwatch clan and other video websites. The second episode of ‘A Brief History of Time’, ‘One Day Plan: Where Is The Beginning, Where Is The End’ will premiere on May 7th, and then be launched on major platforms. stay tuned!

Piaget Couture Précieuse G0a38217 Watch Released Directly At The 2013 Geneva Watch Show

Piaget continued the design concept of the Couture Précieuse series, and re-written praises for women’s softness and gracefulness. The watch and jewellery maker in Geneva once again presents a striking and elegant style. Piaget uses watches and jewelry to decorate women. These beautiful and extraordinary masterpieces are ‘secret weapons’ that capture the eyes of everyone and show their full charm.

   Today, under the makeup of exquisite jewelry, women set off a seductive ‘mystery veil’, presenting the different temperaments of elegance, exquisite charm and charm. Ornaments created with geometric patterns, three-dimensional hollows or simple line designs precisely set off women’s most charming and graceful style.

   Piaget has decided to rebuild several of the works exhibited at the Biennale des Antiquaires in rose gold, making the Coutre Précieuse collection more diverse. So, let’s take a look page by page to admire these feminine and feminine new and modern works …

Rose gold bracelet watch set with 69 round diamonds (approx. 0.5 carat).
Turquoise dial
Piaget 56P quartz movement
   The design of the mesh bracelet watch is inspired by the works of the earl in the 1970s. In the latest series, the dial of this watch is made of ruby ​​mother-of-pearl (model G0A38218), white mother-of-pearl (model G0A38222) and turquoise (model G0A38217). It is perfectly matched with rose gold. This model takes on a new look. Its gold parts are pleated and woven into a mesh, like the superb skills of fashion designers on fabrics. The launch of this watch fully demonstrates the traditional skills of Piaget bracelet craftsmen.
   This rose gold watch (model G0A38206) is inspired by a belt, and the white silk satin strap adds a touch of softness and tenderness. Cases set with square and round diamonds are exquisitely crafted, and women’s plump and gentle waist curves are regarded as a model. This exquisite and compact watch has a highly customized fashion style, which can be described as a masterpiece of extraordinary craftsmanship. It is an acclaim and preach to Piaget’s creative style in the 1960s.
   At the Biennale des Antiquaires des brandebourgs, Piaget exhibited its men’s dress accessories. After that, the brand turned its attention to women’s clothing accessories. In this series of highly customized fashion styles, Piaget has created luxurious bows and buttons.
   Flat knots appeared in the Paris New York collection launched in 2008. Today, this creative design is used to decorate Earl Couture Précieuse necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches. This flat knot shape is a combination of simple lines and geometric patterns, lined with diamonds and black spinel, exuding a mysterious and charming atmosphere.
   The practicality of a button often obscures its decorative nature, but nowadays, it shines in the count’s many accessories. Rare and precious materials, in line with the design ideas of couture fashion, make this button perfectly integrate with the new works in the Couture Précieuse series. Piaget easily used gems or pearls to create the luxury and exquisiteness of this accessory, which is extremely comfortable to wear and is as comfortable as the second skin.
Summary: The fluorescent screen seems to offset part of the watch’s strong metallic feel, but it does not make it lose its luxurious charm as a whole. The mesh design is unique to the watch designer, so I personally feel that it will certainly be embraced by everyone. Be in love.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: