Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Complex Watch

The Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) watch factory was born in 1875 in the village of Brassus (Le Brassus) in the Jura Valley of the Swiss Jura Mountains. Since its establishment, Audemars Piguet is still an independent company under the control of the founder’s family, with the responsibility of producing timepieces of extraordinary quality. The first large complication watches came out in 1882, setting a new milestone in watchmaking history. This year, Audemars Piguet re-launched a new chapter. The Royal Oak Offshore watch launched in 1993 was equipped with an unprecedented movement, boldly integrating several complex functions, showing the outstanding achievements of watchmaking.

The Royal Oak Offshore Large Complication Watch is an outstanding modern style watch. It is made of titanium and high-tech ceramics. The case diameter is 44 mm. The rubber strap is more magnificent. The watch uses a large size, unique design, simple and elegant style, and sophisticated functions. Its lines are carefully crafted to perfectly embody the wearer’s demeanor. In addition, the movement of the watch is not just a traditional automatic mechanical movement. It successfully combines several precious and rare complex functions: the minute repeater function, the double-tracking chronograph and the perpetual calendar function.
The Royal Oak Offshore was introduced in 1993, and its design follows the blueprint drawn by designer GĂ©rald Genta in 1972. The design of the watch is very sporty, showing its resolute temperament. Twenty years after its launch, this outstanding watch was combined for the first time with a grand complication movement that stood out from the crowd.
In fact, this automatic mechanical movement is equipped with four outstanding features, three of which are traditional complexities as the watchmaking industry calls them. Specifically, in addition to the function of displaying the standard time, this modern men’s watch also has a chronograph function. With the double-tracking needle complication, the watch can also measure the interval chronograph. The design of the watch is chic and bold, showing the king’s domineering, exuding incredible charm. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a rare three-question function, which can sound the time, time and minute under the operation of the wearer. What’s even more pleasing to connoisseurs is that watchmakers have added perpetual calendar complication including moon phase display to it.

This timepiece that embodies classic art is rich in modern style and is a veritable crystal of Audemars Piguet, showing the brand’s watchmaking talents and superb technology. With meticulous attention, the watchmaker cleverly assembled 648 parts in a tiny space of only 8 cubic millimeters. Through the modern surface processing technology such as sandblasting, the unique beauty of traditional techniques such as chamfering and wire drawing is highlighted. The sapphire crystal dial and case back provide a glimpse into the mechanical movement, making this watch even more outstanding. Under the ingenious transparent bottom cover, the black automatic gold plate can be clearly seen, which perfectly complements the modern style of the overall design.
This movement is made with skilled and pure traditional technology, but its novel design has a strong future color, fully showing the Audemars Piguet spirit: driving the routine, creating innovation. This watch has a rebellious and free style, which perfectly combines the traditional large complication movement and the modern world, showing the classic value of timepieces. This watch only accepts order. Making a movement requires 700 hours of work by the watchmaker in the factory. Only a meticulous work attitude and unremitting patience for perfection can make such a timepiece. . This modern watch with titanium and ceramics and a rubber strap shows Audemars Piguet’s current position and its traditional concepts. Audemars Piguet injects modern style into traditional technology. It not only cleverly combines the past and the present, but also looks to the future with this outstanding idea to create classics.
Technical parameters of the Royal Oak Offshore Series titanium watch
Case: 44 mm, titanium
Functions: Three questions, perpetual calendar, dual chronograph chronograph, hours, minutes, small seconds display
Mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal with case back, black ceramic bezel, crown and timing button, water-resistant to 20 meters
Movement: Calibre 2885 automatic refining movement, power reserve 45 hours, column wheel timing device, minute repeater spring at the same horizontal position, moon phase display plate made of metal-coated sapphire crystal, automatic plate can be customized Personal requirements: custom-made, hand-polished parts (polished chamfered, grained on the upper side, matte polished on the lower side), hand-polished bridge (curve polished chamfered, frosted on both sides, drilled pearl dots)
Dial: Sapphire dial, white chronograph dial, Royal Oak white gold fluorescent hour markers and hands, silver white dial inner ring
Clasp: black rubber strap with titanium pin buckle
Limited edition of 3 pieces