Avant-garde Innovation Zenith Launches New Ultra-lightweight Sports Watch

Zenith combines boldness, innovation, and lightweight design, using high-tech materials, to launch an exclusive work for the El Primero Striking 10th tenth chronograph watch series: Lightweigh ultralight Volume watch, limited to 100 pieces worldwide, a perfect combination of a titanium silicon movement and a sporty carbon fiber case. Zenith has created a new era with this masterpiece as the immortal legend of El Primero, marking a new chapter in its glorious history!

As a chronograph, it weighs only 40 grams, which is half as light as a normal watch! Watches are made from ultra-lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, silicon and titanium, from the inside to the outside, making it more difficult. Mr. Dufour, President of Zenith Watch Factory, interviewed the press conference of the global listing, calling this high-tech product ‘Lightweigh ultra-lightweight watch’ the ‘grandchild’ of the first El Primero original watch released in 1969. (Grandson) ‘, injecting new life into the series!

Zenith launched the first integrated self-winding chronograph movement in the history of the El Primero movement in 1969, revolutionizing watchmaking with this outstanding work. El Primero movement is not only the first integrated chronograph movement, but also has a high vibration frequency of 36,000 beats per hour, enabling the watch to display a time unit of 1/10 seconds. Today, El Primero is still the world’s most accurate mass-produced chronograph movement. Since the advent of the El Primero movement, Zenith has continued to improve this legendary work, making it more precise, reliable and superior than the others. The Zenith, marked by the stars, has the courage to accept the challenge and is committed to carrying other complex functions for this high-vibration movement, such as the tourbillon, perpetual calendar and tracking needle function.

 El Primero Striking 10th Tenth Second Chronograph Ultra Lightweight

2010In 2010, Zenith launched the El Primero Striking 10th Tenth-Second Chronograph Watch, reinterpreting the ‘Lightning Second Hand’ function. This work is equipped with a central seconds hand that beats 10 times per second. The dial is divided into 100 graduations, allowing the chronograph hand to rotate around the dial once in 10 seconds. This chronograph not only has a chronograph function, but also displays 1/10 seconds (the countdown to one digit after the decimal point), providing extremely accurate and clear time reading function. Because this mechanism requires a large amount of kinetic energy, in order to provide the power of the mechanical device, Zenith Watchmaking adopts a lightweight silicon timing double gear. The weight of this material is 1 / 3.5 of ordinary alloys.

 This is the legendary El Primero movement, published by Zenith in 1969, number 319 PHC
轻 Lightweight movement

Today, Zenith presents another new concept, taking lightness, exquisiteness, distinctiveness and outstanding performance as the foundation. In the pursuit of perfection, it has launched a more sporty and avant-garde El Primero Striking 10th tenth of a second chronograph watch. Zenith watchmakers’ engineers and watchmakers combine innovative technology and bold ideas to create ‘ultra-lightweight watches’ like never before. Like developing engines for racing cars, while minimizing the weight of their watches, they must also ensure the accuracy, reliability and durability of their timepieces.

The experts of Zenith started with the movement and made a research and investigation on the selection of materials to select the best materials. Due to the lightness and durability of titanium, Zenith decided to use this metal commonly used in aviation as a material to create the main components of the movement, namely the main board and five plywoods (spring cover, balance wheel, chronograph watch plywood). , Pallet fork splint and pallet fork splint). When we use brass as the material, the weight of these 6 components accounts for a large proportion of the total weight, so using titanium as the material can greatly reduce the overall weight of the watch. In addition, Zenith Manufacture also uses silicon to make chronograph double gears, and adds silicon pallets and escapement gears to it. Silicon is a lightweight and non-magnetic high-tech material, which is not only harder than stainless steel, but also guarantees the superior power of the movement. This outstanding design brings surprising results: the average movement weighs 21.10 grams, and this movement is only 15.45 grams, which reduces the weight by nearly 1/4.

阳 Masque and noble case

In terms of watch appearance, the designer redesigned the 42mm case of the tenth-of-a-second chronograph watch, cleverly increasing the case to 45mm, but at the same time, the case showed unparalleled lightness on the wrist. . Zenith chose carbon fiber-coated aluminized aluminum as the case material. Its beautiful black light and checkered design are reminiscent of racing cars. This novel material not only meets the brand’s weight requirements, but also gives the watch a high-tech look and sporty spirit. The internal structure of the case is boldly made of ceramized aluminum. This cutting-edge technology material is not only light in weight, but also has the strength and hardness of the arrogant group. Vickers hardness value is 160-200). The two chronograph buttons and crown of the watch are made of titanium. The hollow lugs perfectly complement the streamlined shape of the timepiece, which perfectly matches the strap.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the strap is made of Nomex ?, with a natural rubber protective layer, and a three-fold buckle, which enhances the wearing comfort and safety. Nomex® is a man-made fiber developed by DuPont. Due to its extremely low ignition point, it has become a special material for Formula 1 racing suits, which is fire and temperature resistant. Now, Nomex® man-made fibers are used by firefighters, racers and armed police.

Dashboard design of Formula One racing car

The dial of the new ‘El Primero Lightweight’ also displays a distinctive feature, re-interpreting the design style of this series in a dynamic way. The central part of the dial is hollowed out, which not only reduces weight, but also gives you a clear view of the El Primero movement. The date display system has been redesigned to be lighter than ever, with red numbers on the window at 6 o’clock. The faceted hour markers also use a large open-air design, which is covered with super luminous materials. The timer on the dial uses the brand’s iconic colors: three-color chronograph laps (light gray, dark blue, and charcoal) representing the past, present and future, to pay tribute to the first original El Primero watch released in 1969, The classic colors are used to the fullest. The red seconds hand decorated with Zenith Star can display 1/10 seconds. This high-precision device shows unparalleled technological achievements, reminiscent of the dashboard on a Formula One car.

El ‘El Primero Lightweight’ reflects the masculine, sporty and modern temperament, perfectly interpreting the Zenith watchmaking factory’s innovative ability and courage, and paints the brand series. This work showcases avant-garde and innovative technological achievements, interprets young vitality, and witnesses the infinite future of the El Primero movement. It will present more exciting new works. Zenith Manufacture will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand in 2015. ‘El Primero Lightweight’ shows the brand’s unique concept of excellence and pursuit of perfection.