Breitling’ Flight Performance Team Will Debut In Karamay And ‘dating’ With The World’s Devil City

‘2013 Xinjiang Karamay Air Tourism Festival’ will be held at Karamay Airport from August 16th to 18th, with the theme of flight show and aircraft display. A few days ago, China agreed to temporarily open some airports, airspace and routes, including Karamay Airport, to the French Breitling Air Show Team from August 9th to 25th. The world’s largest civil professional jet aerobatic demonstration team will appear at ‘2013 China Karamay Air Tourism Festival’. At that time, seven advanced jet performers ‘Albatross’ will leave gorgeous marks on Karamay’s blue sky. At the same time, this performance is also a farewell performance of Breitling in China.

 It is understood that the Breitling flight demonstration team participating in the Karamay Air Tourism Festival has a total of 9 aircraft: 8 L-39C Albatross two-seat jet advanced trainers (one of which is a performance standby aircraft), and one SA227 type ‘ ‘Midau’ twin-engine propeller support aircraft.

 The aircraft of the Breitling Performance Team will come from South Korea, enter Tianjin Binhai International Airport, and then fly to the Karamay Airport along the ‘Tianjin-Yinchuan-Jiayuguan-Turfan-Kelamayi Route’. They will fly over the Jiayuguan Great Wall along the way and form a formation during the aviation festival Fly over iconic attractions like Karamay World Devil City. On August 16th, 17th, and 18th, the flight team performed aerobatic demonstrations at Karamay Airport, using the airspace as the reference point of Karamay Airport, within an airspace within a radius of 20 kilometers and a flight height of 3 kilometers. After the aviation festival, Breitling will fly directly from Karamay Airport to Kazakhstan, farewell to China.

 At present, the preparations for the 2013 China Karamay Air Tourism Festival are underway in an orderly manner. At that time, Breitling will have a magnificent and fantastic date with the World Devil City in Karamay.

 The Breitling Jet Team is the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic flight demonstration team (7 aircraft formation). Founded in France in 2003, it is the only non-military professional jet aerobatic team to date. Its pilots are life-long team members and highly experienced flight experts, mostly from the former French Air Force or the French Patrol (French Air Show Team). Breitling team has performed more than 350 aerobatic flight shows in 30 countries with its unique tacit understanding for 10 years. It has maintained a safety record and never made mistakes. Its performance was even regarded by the aviation community as the only non-military team that surpassed military aerobatic teams such as the British ‘Red Arrows’ and the French ‘France Patrol’.