Bucherer Boutique In Dubai Mall

On December 16, 2015, the world-renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker Lucerne Bucherer opened a new boutique in the Dubai Mall to further promote the brand’s market expansion in the Middle East. The opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri, Rivoli Group CEO Ramesh Prabhakar, and Rivoli Group Watch Division Chief Operating Officer Abraham Koshy. The opening of the new boutique is a special invitation for guests and watch lovers, providing a rare opportunity to explore the world of Bucherer and its exquisite timepieces.
   The new boutique has a unique location and is located in the world’s largest shopping center, embodying Bucherer’s passion for watchmaking. The store adopts modern aesthetic design furnishings, showing the brand’s seriousness and attention to detail. Bronze high-tech marble in warm tones, delicate silver-pearl grey cladding walls, a champagne-colored metallic finish, and Douglas stained wood create a luxurious atmosphere. The structural design of the boutique is tortuous and encouraging, and guests are encouraged to explore the various timepieces freely.
   Sayscha Moeri, CEO of Bucherer, said: ‘The Middle East is growing fast and Dubai is the key to entering this market. Bucherer is proud to celebrate the opening of the new boutique with our long-term partner Rivoli Group. We We look forward to watch enthusiasts from the Middle East and around the world coming here to find exquisite watches that show their personalities and tastes. ‘
   Abraham Koshy, Chief Operating Officer of the Rivoli Group’s Watch Division, added: ‘Burcellay offers exquisite and practical products to watch lovers with superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Qilai forms an effective complement. ‘
   The new boutique of Bucherer contains rich traditions and interpretation of true luxury, providing a passionate and unforgettable experience for watch lovers.