Building A Watch’s Unique Temperament

In addition to the design and function of a watch, basically what it looks like is determined by the dial, case, and hands. Buying a watch is the same as meeting someone. You must pay attention to ‘eyes’ and look at it. This is the first basic requirement for paying the bill. So today we will line up the different modes of watch case design, hand details and dial layout.Just arrange and combine them, you can easily find the watch design you love, and also for your purchase Lu laid the initial foreshadowing.
Case creates watch curve
No doubt the case shape becomes your first look!
No one can deny that the shape of the case is an important reason to decide whether you want to pass this watch at first glance. Some people naturally love square watches. No matter how mainstream and low-key your round watch is, it feels too ordinary. Some people are obsessed with line art and think that the barrel shape can best create an extraordinary elegant texture. You love the round, square, and barrel shape, I just don’t choose it. Be sure to wear a triangle or a modified dial to wear it. That’s cool and delicious! So, what kind of ‘face’ you like is really different. Argument.
Two square tables with different ‘squareness’
Montblanc Extra Large Automatic
Montblanc’s formula is a stretched formula, which is more delicate. It may be more suitable for men or women with thinner wrists, regardless of whether they are male or female.
Radar r5.5 chronograph
The square of the radar is a square with a circle in the square, r5.5 said exactly the radius of the edge arc. This watch has a very accentual tone. Once it was released, it became a hot item grabbed by everyone.
The round shape becomes the most orthodox low-key choice
Parmigiani Tonda 1950
As the most commonly used watch shape in the watchmaking industry, round watches are not only the most traditional, but also the most low-key. Suitable for almost everyone’s aesthetics and acceptance, a round, precious metal, simple watch like this is the most classic.
LINK Ever wondered if the case is designed as a car engine
Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport
Parmigiani has revolutionized the watchmaking industry by mounting the entire movement of the Bugatti Type 370 watch on a horizontal axis.The whole looks like a car’s engine block: a pillar The five splints are connected to the movement, and the transmission wheel is cut into the shape of a wheel.
针 Hand Refined Watch Details
If you start to pay attention to the hands, you will find that they are not just one shape …
Although it will definitely appear on the face plate, have you ever noticed: the hands and the hands can be completely different? Some have the perfect curvature like willow leaves, while others have a solid wide sword shape There are also pear-shaped shapes with concave and convex curves on the top of the pointer, a ring arched somewhere on the pointer, or some brands ingeniously add their own LOGO or logo to the needle-like hands, in addition to highlighting their personality It also reflects their extraordinary handicraft. Didn’t think of it? Little hands, so did the university ask.
Vacheron Constantin also uses rose-shaped hands
‘Pear-shaped’ pointer not only sounds cute, it also looks very Q
Ruibao 3-needle and 1-line gauge hands
看 Look carefully at the needle above. On the top of the blue steel pointer, there is a small pear-shaped protrusion. This is the ‘pear-shaped’ pointer. The name is cute and the shape is Q. It is embellished on any watch.
Raymond Weil also uses Breguet hands
If you want a watch with a retro touch, use the ‘Breguet’ blue steel pointer.
Breguet Classic
源 The source of blue steel hands that can be seen on many watches is here. There is a small circle near the top of a blue steel pointer. This is the pointer invented by Breguet, because it is elegant and decent, simple and generous, and is used by various brands.