Ceramic Watch Is More Pleasing, There Are Always Reasons To Sell So Expensive

At one time, people only recognized Rolex gold watches, and believed that only real gold and silver were status symbols. With the passage of time, gold watches have gradually become classic styles, and emerging materials have entered the fashion stage. Leading the trend of watch materials, ceramic texture is one of them.
A lot of people wonder why ceramic watches are so expensive? As everyone knows, ceramic texture has its own unique properties, which is more portable, and not all brands can make it. Here we unveil the mystery of ceramic watches for you, tell you why ceramic watches sell so expensive.
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1. Not everyone can make it
Don’t underestimate this thin ceramic watch on your wrist. Compared with traditional ceramics, which are thousands of years old, high-tech precision ceramics are not made by anyone. This material is used in medical, aerospace or F1 racing. There are not many factories in the world that can produce high-quality high-tech ceramics, which is one of the factors that make them expensive.
History of high-tech ceramics, do you know?
New ceramics, fine ceramics, high-performance ceramics .. High-tech ceramics have many similar names, like agents with different passports, but this ‘porcelain’ is not ‘porcelain’, high-tech ceramics and high-priced bone china vases and dining The plate is not a concept at all! This earliest material used on the scalpel was first used in the watchmaking industry in 1986 by the Rado, introduced the Integral precision ceramic watch, and introduced high-tech precision ceramics to the watchmaking industry for the first time. Three years later, the legendary Ceramica complete ceramic series was launched, so the world’s first watch with high-tech ceramics was born.
TAG Heuer F1 stainless steel high-tech ceramic diamond watch
2. No matter how you grind, it won’t break
The biggest dream of a woman is that time flies. Beauty still exists. There is nothing in the world that will not be changed by time. In particular, ceramics made of zirconia are 10 times harder than traditional stainless steel watches, and they will of course last forever without wear. The high scratch resistance of high-tech ceramics will prevent your watch from being scratched by other accessories.
Dior Dior VIII watch
3. Wearing a large dial on a small wrist is not like lifting weights
In terms of the material of a watch, the case and strap account for more than 95%. And they play a decisive role in protecting the movement, waterproofing, antimagnetic, shockproof and carrying. Compared with the stainless steel commonly used in watchmaking, the weight of high-tech ceramics is reduced by 60%! Women’s slender wrists are no longer suffering, which also makes the Chanel J12 series boldly adopt a large dial scheme with a strong sense of motion, because it is light.
Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch
4. The gospel of all sensitive constitutions
High-tech ceramics have super affinity to the skin. If you hold the porcelain cup and drink water, the skin will not be allergic, then you will not have an allergic phenomenon for 1 second when you wear a ceramic watch for a lifetime.
Gérald Genta Arena Tourbillon Snow White Watch
5. Easy-to-care intimate partner
Ceramic watches are like your very close friends. You don’t need to pay special attention to them, but they always give you up. Because of its physical stability, resistance to rust and heat, it is not easy to stain and easy to wear and store. Through fine grinding and polishing of high-end ceramic watches, it can maintain the luster and texture of lubricating jade for a long time, and it is very value-preserving.
Rado (radar) r5.5 white Jubilé high-tech ceramic watch
6. It works with you
High-tech ceramics have strong plasticity and colorful brilliance. Any wild decoration and design can be easily realized by using high-tech porcelain technology. Whether it is black cool or pure white, ceramics can be made into fashion watches with different styles. There is always a style that can match any mood you need to express.