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There are many levels in life. There are a lot of exams. More professional, emotional, and friendly ones who can go through many of these trials. No such exaggeration just indicates your experience. Your ability has reached a certain height. The world of watches is also the same. There are many evaluation standards with different test experiences. Different polishing passes the quality inspection beyond various assessment heights. Table on the table. Children’s shoes that have passed the certificate are all aware that different certificates have their own biases. For example, the English major eight and advanced interpreter are two that seem to be related but are fundamentally different. This is even more true in the field of watches and clocks, especially in the current industry environment, not only with traditional third-party certifications such as the Observatory certification, Geneva certification, etc., but also with many certification systems launched by various watch brands themselves. It is no exaggeration to say that the current watch certification market is in the Warring States era. It is indeed a very significant driving force for the future development of the industry. For watch fans who use certification as the selection criteria, it is a happy trouble. After all, it is impossible to expect every watch fan to know the advantages of each certification. However, in the certification world of the watch industry, there is indeed one that people have to admire, called ‘QF certification’. QF certification, founded by Parmigiani in collaboration with Chopard and Powell, with the full name Qualité Fleurier, began accepting certification applications only in 2004. It’s a well-deserved ‘rookie’, but sometimes young can really be unlimited. Looking at the extremely stringent requirements in the QF certification system, you can understand why QF can jump up and become one of the highest standards in the industry. In the traditional clock certification system, the travel time accuracy and decorative polishing are almost all required. However, in the QF certification, these two items are only the foundation, and it is only possible to enter the next step if it meets the high standards at the same time. Someone must ask, how high is the high standard? Just say two things. First, many watches are marked with the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC) and Chronoable certification, which was once considered as an entry permit for the fine watchmaking field. It is just the basis of QF certification, which is the same as passing the middle school entrance examination. These two levels have the opportunity to apply for QF certification. Secondly, the aesthetic standard of QF is for each part in the movement, including the invisible part of the whole movement, and each part has a corresponding qualified reference. Regarding the main part of QF, if you want to know clearly, it is best to go to the QF laboratory yourself. Because only there, I can personally feel the harshness of the understatement on the paper, ‘QF certification requires random sampling of 5% of the total output of the watch submission model as a resistance test.’ Collisions, drops, magnetic fields … all tests will make people feel that this is to destroy the watch. In addition, the laboratory can also be seen as the world’s only motion simulation machine, which is used to simulate the real wearing scene of the watch. The full range of movements and the high degree of simulation in the machine are unique in the entire industry. If you are fortunate to visit, you also know the end of the visit. The staff also shared three points: First, the 5% of the samples submitted for inspection will not appear in the market. After the test, they will be declared scrapped. Secondly, it takes 2 years for the watch brand from the inspection to the final result. Third, the watch is only allowed to bear the QF mark after passing all the tests. Qualité Fleurier certification stamp QF certification is not like some group certifications. It does not have too much exclusivity. The only geographical requirement is that the watch parts are 100% Swiss-made. Still few. The reason is simple. It takes a lot of financial resources and a long time to wait for a great chance of failing the test. In this era of pursuing commercial interests, how many are ‘so stupid’? Qualité Fleurier Fortunately, Parmigiani insists on launching ‘challenge’ to QF certification. Although due to cost, time and other reasons, there are only three watches that have obtained this mark. But this is already the highest in the entire industry. And more importantly, even if the QF mark is left aside, the quality of the Tonda QF watch, Kalpa QF watch, Toric QF watch alone, whether it is travel time accuracy, movement polishing, or stability, etc. Leading in the industry. It is not even an exaggeration to say that any of these three watches is at the textbook level. Qualité Fleurier In daily life, we must admit that no certificate can make a 100% comprehensive assessment of personal ability; but in the field of watches, QF certification can! Strict requirements and the credibility of existing products have made it truly happen. Because the examiner of the watch, in addition to various certification bodies, there are you and me, getting certification, it is easier to impress watch fans who really understand the watch. Several watch friends I know, when buying the first watch, they only looked at the certificate of the watch. According to their statement, ‘I do n’t understand the dense data parameters, and there are professional organizations willing to help me with screening Why do n’t I pick it directly through a certificate? This is a standard for finding her in the public. It’s like getting an English major eight certificate to be able to travel around foreign companies. Right? Edit: Lily | Vision and drawing: dried fish Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) for business cooperation, please contact: [email protected] Fulu Hip-hop was initiated by 4 watchmakers and veterans, and it is a cultural guide to watch and jewelry for 8090 young people. *