Elegant And Elegant Real Time Lange Lange 1 Watch

Last year, Lange launched a Little Lange 1 moon phase watch with a white dial. The golden moon phase area is impressive. This year, Lange began to play with colors, bringing purple and gray. A variety of colors for the Little Lange 1 ladies watch, making the series more elegant and gentle ladies.

  The guilloché 18K gold-purple dial and the crocodile leather strap coordinate with each other. The case is made of white 18K gold material, which is also low-key but also luxurious.

  LANGE 1 is Lange’s classic logo design. This series of works since 1994 symbolizes the determination of the watch factory to make the world’s top watches. In terms of technical and technological characteristics, LITTLE LANGE 1 is no different from the larger series in the same series. The word ‘Little’ only stands for the slimmer 36.8 mm case diameter.

   Comes with a crocodile leather strap that matches the color of the dial.

  L121.1 manual winding movement from LANGE 1 ticks under an asymmetrical dial. The watch’s technical features include a powerful dual barrel that lasts for three days, a unique UP / DOWN power reserve indicator, a large instantaneous calendar display, and a balance wheel equipped with eccentric weights and a self-made hairspring. This masterpiece further reflects Lange’s craftsmanship, including 3/4 plywood made of German silver and decorated with Glashütte diamonds, eight screw-fixed gold sleeves, and goose on the hand-carved balance plate Neck lever fine-tuning system.

Summary: Compared with last year’s Little Lange 1, this year’s new year has cancelled the moon phase display function, and the disk surface is simpler. The same is the use of a guilloché disk surface design and exquisite movement technology. In terms of color, Choose a new color that Lange has never used.
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