Finally The Last Piece Of The Puzzle How To Find The ‘fast South Shortcut’ At Oris

35 years after returning to independence, Oris has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative watches at a reasonable price. When Oris enjoyed the success of the Divers Sixty-Five for 65 years, we found that it was good design and unique attributes that changed everything.
   Some of the most advanced vocabularies can always be ‘popular’-the most complex, largest, smallest, most expensive. Others are less noticeable, especially in the world of luxury watchmaking, such as the most valuable or the wisest. Oris builds its brand on the latter, and CEO Rolf Studer admits frankly: ‘In a way, meaning and utility are contradictory in the luxury market.’

Oris Silver Grey Dial 65 Year Reproduction Diving Watch Effect Picture
   Oris has always focused on the combination of functionality and reasonable pricing. With the Pilot’s Watch and Dive Watch as the core series, although good quality, reliable performance and distinctive features, it is not difficult to understand why Oris will temporarily or temporarily lose sight of the mainstream.
   After working for Oris sales and marketing team for ten years, Rolf Studer took over as CEO of the brand in early 2016. He also realized the problem: ‘Manufacturing excellent mechanical watches with complete functions and reasonable prices has always been Oris thinking The brand message to convey. This can be boring or exciting. ‘

Holstein’s hometown, Holstein, a small town

   The good news for him, and for customers who buy quality watches on a modest budget, is that recent developments at Oris have become quite exciting.
   If you know the brand, it’s probably to hear innovations like Altimeter and Aquis Depth Gauge, two fantastic watches that are widely praised for their purpose-oriented and unique ways of achieving it. Looking back further, other clever ideas emerge endlessly: World time watches are equipped with buttons for easy forward and backward adjustment, and diving watches are equipped with bezels that can lock the time. At Oris, no brand can be more innovative than it. Although this is a cliché, it is worth emphasizing again. ‘Oris has luxury.’ As Rolf Studer points out.

Oris Original 65 Year Dive Watch

   However, in recent years, Oris’s biggest success is not an innovation, but a design story, a watch that debuted in 2015. This watch is decorated with quirky flip-up digital hour markers, a refined and modest 40mm case and a slightly bold ‘tropical’ rubber strap. It didn’t seem to match the other models that Oris was making at the time, and we fell for it whether or not it was. 65 years of diving watches were born.
   Two years later, the 65-year diving watch has proven to be a great success. Subsequently, Oris introduced bright and vivid blue and green styles. The diameter of the case was expanded to 42 mm. The dial decoration abandoned lively digital time scales and switched to more typical point-rectangular time scales. As a tribute to Carl Brashear, the first African-American diving instructor of the US Navy, the brand even launched a limited edition commemorative watch. After years of quiet cultivation, it seems that someone at Oris opened the connection with the trend of the times and held it tightly with both hands.

Oris Silver Grey Dial 65 Years Remastered Edition Diving Watch

   Theoretically, Oris released the 65-year diving watch, which is no different from the fashionable revival trend of the entire industry in recent years. However, the reproduction must also be reasonable. Three years ago, Oris design team was enriched and strengthened. They can create such an excellent work and put it on the market, which is undoubtedly worthy of encouragement and praise. It should be noted that the original idea came from the sales team, not the design team. Did this reveal some mysteries for you? When you welcome to Haoli, let’s be honest, there is no need to make a mystery.
   Frankly speaking, Oris will certainly not refuse to re-interpret historical classic creations, not only because other brands are doing it, but also because Oris has its own solid material resources. Not everyone knows that Oris was one of the top ten movement manufacturers in Switzerland. Before the quartz crisis, the brand had launched as many as 279 movements. There will be more retro designs in the future. The silver-gray dial replica, which was released last December, is the latest in the 65-year diving watch series.

Oris Artielier Calibre 113 dial side

   Another area where Oris is keen to pick up is the brand’s own core manufacturing. In this regard, Oris went further. On the 110th anniversary of the brand’s founding in 2014, Oris launched Calibre 110 movements in limited form, followed by Calibre 111 and Calibre 112, and this year Calibre 113 joined the ranks. Calibre 113 has the same basic architecture as the three movements mentioned above, with a 10-day power reserve and a patented non-linear power reserve display, but with a new business calendar.
   “As an independent watch brand, owning a movement is a major statement,” said Rolf Studer. “Of course, this is difficult. But if we take a simple approach, we cannot achieve independence. Historically, Oris also It was produced in-house. The mechanical capability is a very important value for the brand, so regaining it is a logical next step. ‘

Oris Artielier Calibre 113 watch back side

   With the arrival of Baselworld in 2017, this mature and progressive consciousness has been born in Rolf Studer’s mind. Oris re-launched the core Aquis diving watch. This is also the first time that the modern series has been available long enough and needs to be updated. Rolf Studer felt strongly: ‘Now, we are becoming a brand that completes the existing collection. For me, improving an already great product is more difficult than bringing a brand new product.’
   The new Aquis diving watch is not a huge flyover, but a slight improvement: the case diameter is slightly smaller at 43.5 mm; the case, dial and hands have been adjusted to make the appearance more neat. Another example of Oris’ keen thinking is the Aquis Regulateur watch. To some people, the appearance of this watch is really abrupt, but there is proper logical support behind it.

Oris new Aquis collection includes a limited Hammerhead watch

   For divers, minutes are the most important unit of time information and a priority element of the standard analog watch. Specific to the Aquis Regulateur watch, the cartoon-style large red and white hands equipped with it are particularly eye-catching. This combination of classic design concepts and bold practical aesthetics may seem a little uncoordinated at first glance, but I believe it will be welcome in the future.
   In Oris’s view, it’s certainly okay to let the product speak for itself. But Rolf Studer is also happy to admit that these are not enough today, so the brand has been committed to giving Oris more brand identity through social media, online websites, and appropriate corporate social responsibility programs.

Oris Aquis Regulateur Red Rubber Watch

   ‘A close connection means being with the customer: we are always online,’ says Rolf Studer. ‘The bond between the brand and the customer is getting closer and closer, and the interaction must be more direct. I don’t think that the customer will have nothing to do with the watch Celebrities spend a lot of money, but you really want to ‘load’ emotions into your story. Emotions mean humanity. Oris employees are dedicated to brand creation and production. ‘
   However, trying to get customers to pay attention to the ‘artificial elements’ in brand watches of this price is not easy, because everyone knows that no matter who sets the CNC machine, it is the same. What works is the so-called ‘Nomos effect’: simple design and a bit of German humor. Oris did tend to distinguish itself from the main Swiss watchmaking regions. This is the product of geographical location. Holstein and Geneva were far from the era of the brand. The challenge for Oris now is to benefit from innovation and design investment, to maintain its advantages, and to move forward.