Glamour Night Gold Extremely Bright Roger Dubuy Year-end Selection Gifts Christmas

Time records classics, telling the beauty of winter that will never die. In ‘The Gift of Maggie’, Jim and Della sold their beloved things just to make each other have the best Christmas surprise, and to make everyone who read their story feel warm. With the wish to stop time, people look forward to turning this happiness into a stream of water, breaking through the dark night and blooming a unique and magnificent color. In this Christmas season that conveys passion, Roger Dubuis transfigures a unique golden magic, lighting the cold winter with the most beautiful light on the wrist, recording every precious golden time, letting each one Everyone finds their own extreme brilliance in the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis.

Excalibur 42 rose gold automatic watch
 Individual elements at a glance, fluent dynamic shapes, sharp corners, and powerful designs complement their overall temperament with both elegant charm and excellent watchmaking technology-Sancha lugs, long Roman numerals, The grooved bezel continues the iconic features and stunning style of the Excalibur series, and displays the modern chivalry spirit with a back-to-the-world extraordinary temperament. The ultimate charm of Roger Dubuis truly shows the true meaning of Roger Dubuis’s works.
Reference price: 363,000 RMB

Excalibur 36 Rose Gold Diamond Watch

 An elegant and detached way of controlling time is to wear the Excalibur 36 series. Excalibur 36 rose gold diamond watch is a bold and bold style, adding a touch of gorgeous charm. Its slim and elegant appearance perfectly interprets the simple and elegant aesthetic design with harmonious and uniform curves, which perfectly complements the exquisite surface processing of Roger Dubuis mechanical movement inside the watch. The hour, minute and small seconds on the dial fully reflect the contemporary elegance and classic features of the collection. The bezel is set with 48 luxury diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats). Dazzled.
Reference price: 333,000 RMB

 All Geneva watchmakers Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva Seal certification standard.