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About LV
  LV-Louis Vuitton (August 4, 1821-February 27, 1892), one of the most outstanding fashion design masters in French history. He opened his name in Paris in 1854. The first luggage store. A century later, ‘Louis Vuitton’ became the world’s number one brand in the field of luggage and leather goods, and became a symbol of high society. The 21st century ‘Louis Vuitton’ brand has been Not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and bags, but also to become a giant fashion aircraft carrier involved in the fields of fashion, accessories, leather shoes, bags, media, famous wine, etc.
  Louis Vuitton, a well-known luxury brand, was founded in 1854 and is now part of Moet, which specializes in luxury luxury goods in France
Hennessy LouisVuitton Group.
When Napoleon III ascended the throne, the expansion of the French territory aroused the interest of Queen U Jenny in Europe. The poor boy Louis Vuitton cleverly tied the queen’s clothes into a suitcase with his own craftsmanship. Because of this, the young Louis from the countryside soon got the attention and trust of Queen U Jenny.

  Louis Vuitton ended his service to the court in 1854, revolutionizing the creation of flat-top leather suitcases and opening the first store in Paris. This box made of ‘Trianongrey’ canvas quickly became the go-to item for the nobles who like to travel in the high society of Paris. His design was quickly copied, and flat-top square suitcases became a trend. Four years later, Louis Vuitton expanded its leather goods store and opened its first factory in Asnières, a suburb of Paris. During this period, the design and production process was more focused on solving the practical problems of travelers. Based on practical design concepts, Louis Vuitton continued to deepen in fashion and professionalism.
  In 1871, Louis Vuitton opened a new store on Scribe Avenue; in 1875 the branch opened to central London. The company’s development has provided a more solid foundation for product innovation: the brand’s classic product, the hard suitcase, was born in 1889, and it adapts to the bumps of long-distance travel, giving travelers the peace of mind and comfort they need most-so far, it It’s all the pride of Louis Vuitton.
  George Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton
L. Vuitton), inherited the family tradition of ingenuity, and showed talent in gizmo. In 1890, he invented a special lock ‘5-tumbler’-featuring the ability to open all the Louis Vuitton luggage owned by the customer with just one key, avoiding the need for travelers to tie a lot of pants to their pants Trouble with keys.
Just as Louis Vuitton gradually established its brand image, it was stolen by greedy copycats. However, this further inspired the creativity of George Vuitton-in 1896, he printed the famous ‘LV’ trademark on Monogram canvas, which made Louis Vuitton start to inject people’s ideas as a brand symbol.
  Excellent brands are always full of inspiration for the future. Louis Vuitton’s development process is a proper interpretation of this sentence-the lightweight and flexible Steamer travel bag was launched in 1901 and became the pioneer of handbags in the future; eight years later, The Deng family made Kashmir travel blankets from silk and wool, and became pioneers of later generations of scarves and quilts.
  In 1904, George assumed the chairmanship of the Saint Louis World’s Fair. In the same year, Louis Vuitton introduced a series of new luggage designs, adding storage units inside the luggage for perfumes, clothing and other items.
  In 1906, George’s son, Juston Louis, married Renee Versailles. In the same year, Louis Vuitton launched its luggage for cars.
  In 1914, Louis Vuitton’s dream shop finally became the world’s largest travel leather goods store at 70 Champs-Élysées in Paris. In 2008, we wished the 150th anniversary of Louis Vuitton, and two specially made oversized suitcases stand on both sides of this building. In the First World War, Louis Vuitton made a military stretcher that could be folded to meet the needs of the time. After the war, he devoted himself to making suitcases, and won a lot of celebrities, and the orders were endless. By the time of Louis Vuitton’s grandson, Gaston, the product had been pushed to the pinnacle of luxury, creating a special-purpose box, some with combs and mirrors with 玳瑁 and ivory, and Crystal perfume bottle with sterling silver. Louis Vuitton also tailors a wide range of products to individual customers’ requirements.
  A whole century has passed, and the monogrammed canvas bag printed with the unique pattern of the ‘LV’ logo has become a fashion classic with rich legendary colors and Athens design. In the past 100 years, the world has undergone many changes, and people’s pursuits and aesthetic concepts have also changed. However, Louis Vuitton has not only a reputation of renown, but it has maintained an unparalleled charm. Perhaps this charm has attracted countless top designers in the world. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the monogram logo, Louis Vuitton’s president, Yves Carcelle, decided after three years of consideration to invite seven well-known avant-garde designers to design new styles of monogram bags. The 7 designers are: Azzedine
Alaia), Manolo Blahnik, Romeo Gigli, Helmut Lang, Isaac Mizrahi, Sibi Sybilla and Vivienne
For more than 150 years, the Louis Vuitton brand has adopted the ‘travel philosophy’ advocating refinement, quality, and comfort as the starting point of design … The name Louis Vuitton has now spread throughout Europe and has become the most popular travel article. Refined symbol.
  Louis Vuitton’s first collection of watch collections TAMBOUR (‘drum’ in French), the first watch in the western world in 1540 (clock-watch
Tambour). Adhering to the brand’s consistent elegant and fashionable style, smooth and complete lines, meticulous and neat surfaces, fine wristbands, etc., every detail shows fine handwork. To highlight the brand’s identity, the polished stainless steel chassis is cast with a Monogram pattern. The automatic winding device uses every movement of the wrist to cause the automatic disc to swing back and forth, thereby tightening the mainspring of the watch movement. The timers are set at 3, 6, and 9 hours, respectively, and there are calendar displays between 4 and 5 hours.
  Louis Vuitton started with the manufacture of luggage. The brand is based on practicality, refinement and comfort. The LV Group now has more than 50 brands of products, mainly in wine and spirits, fashion and leather products, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, boutique retail and other major areas. Famous clothing brands such as French clothing brand Givenchy, Italian leather maker Fendi, Swiss high-end watch brand TAG Heuer, cosmetics retail store Sephora have been included in the LV.
How about LV watches
  Netizen evaluation one: the price is not good, after all, it was not a watch

  With that money, it’s recommended to buy a genuine watch brand,
  Netizen’s evaluation 2: The history of LV watchmaking should be traced back to 2002. Although he has not been involved in the watch industry for a long time, I personally feel that the brand effect and prestige established by him in other industries are still worth the quality and grade Trust
  Comments from netizens: LV is the world’s most famous leather goods brand. It is expensive. Watches are also one of its extensions. Genuine LV watches are made of expensive materials. Many are made of stainless steel, diamond, K gold, platinum, etc. And table mirror, so the price is more expensive, but the quality is average. For the same money, it’s better to buy real watches Omega and Rolex.
  Netizen evaluation four: Isn’t this year’s news that more than 30,000 LV watches are not punctual? It seems that the LV watch is beautiful and the big names are big. The quality still needs to be improved.
  Netizen evaluation five: In fact, LV watchmaking is still optimistic about many people in the industry. First, the LV watchmaking base is located in the core area of ​​Swiss watchmaking, which guarantees the quality of LV watches. Secondly, LV has strong financial resources and the spirit of pursuing perfection, so optimistic about LV watch, although a bit expensive.
  Comments from netizens 6: The Tambour series is LV’s debut debut in 2002. Today, LV has the ability to develop its own three-question function movement, and its watches are no longer known in the field of professional watchmaking. Just this year, LV announced the establishment of an advanced watchmaking factory called ‘La Fabrique du Temps’, which is committed to the development and production of advanced and complex technology watches. The diving chronograph developed by LV in collaboration with Paul Pettavino, the design that combines timing and diving functions has not been mastered by a few brands in the entire altar.
LV Popular Watches Recommended
LV Classic Q11211 watch

Number: Q11211
Series: Classic Series
Style: Automatic, Men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: 42,000
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Back through: dense bottom
Water resistance: 100 meters
Function: date display, timing

LV diving series Q13250 watch

Number: Q13250
Series: Diving Series
Style: Quartz, 34 mm, ladies
Material: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Color: Black
Strap Material: Rubber
Back through: dense bottom
Water resistance: 100 meters
Function: date display, timing
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