How Many Watches Can A Single Man Put In His Heart?

It was another year of ‘11.11’ in a blink of an eye. ‘… Are you off the bill?’ This topic seems to be spelled and repeated every year. I don’t think anyone wants to hear such dialogue in this so-called noble festival, so whether you are accompanied by another person today, you must be happy! If you are unfortunately a member of the aristocracy, it does not matter, I believe that the matchmaker will visit you sooner or later, but sooner or later. Single young men, today we do n’t talk about girls, we just talk about watches, we touch our breasts and ask ourselves: How many watches are there in her heart?
   It is said that watches and cars are two big things that a man must have in his life. It does not have to be valuable, but it must be something that reflects his personal taste and charm. I once talked to a friend of the opposite sex. At what age did a man have a watch dream, his answer was elementary school. Infected by those anime characters from Japan, I started to like cool watches, so I started to pay attention to the brand that is closely connected with anime-Casio, and deeply buried its shadow in his mind, but because there was not enough petty Many dreams are so ruined with money … Although most of them fail to come true, they are also a kind of memory and branding hidden in the heart. Everyone’s tastes and hobbies will continue to change with age. When out of that naive era, most boys will become interested in mechanical watches, and they will be out of control.
   As a non-senior watch enthusiast, although I cannot fully understand the heart of everyone who loves watches, I believe that not everyone can do it in one step. Since it comes step by step, you have to make a purchase plan according to your actual situation. It is understood that most people’s first mechanical watches started with Tissot, Mido, Hamilton … How about you?
   Just like this Mido Helmsman World Time watch, it may carry the original dreams of many young people. Adhering to superb watchmaking technology, the watch leads the cutting-edge design concept. The polished stainless steel case is decorated with soft PVD rose gold. It shows extraordinaryness between hands and feet. The classic Geneva ripple enriches the space of the silver dial , Extending the elegant and refined design style of Mido men’s watches to every detail.

   This chronograph is equipped with a carefully assembled automatic mechanical movement that penetrates the transparent back, and the elegant operation of the movement comes into sight. The ingenious 24 hour time zone function of the world, whether you are hurriedly traveling around the world or staying at home, you can accurately grasp the time of each place, plan and win. The hour and minute hands are plated with PVD rose gold and beveled with diamonds; both the second hand and the second time zone hour hand are made of high-quality blue steel, which is clear and noble, revealing a touch of jumping beauty This watch adds a bit of mysterious exoticism. Double crown design, simple and elegant, 4 o’clock position is used to adjust the time, 2 o’clock position is used to adjust the second time zone. Just rotate it gently, the second time zone bezel rotates to lead 24 important cities in the world one by one across the blue T2 arrow, the interlacing of space and the flow of time converge at your fingertips. The simple functional design presents the complicated craftsmanship in the most convenient way. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes reading time easier. The watch is equipped with a leather strap.
   Once poisoned by a watch, it is difficult to extricate yourself. A Tissot or a Mido is by no means a lifetime. While the wallet is bulging, the pursuit is constantly improving. At this time, you may not have enough strength to buy Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, but you will not stop there. The charm of a mechanical watch is not a sentence or two, so it will always seduce endlessly. For young single men, from luxury Longines, Tag Heuer, radar to luxury Rolex, Omega and Panerai are an improvement of taste and a manifestation of economic strength, so I think you will definitely hide these brands of watches in your heart.

   As a watch brand with a relationship with racing cars, Tag Heuer always gives people a mysterious power, but also has more mechanical charm. The brand’s Carrera series draws on the timeless representative elements of motorsport and incorporates a determined sports style. Its classic elements include a simple and elegant appearance, a sturdy case and an extremely easy-to-read dial. The Carrera series has continued to innovate for many years, constantly reinterpreting the classic elements passed down, and has been favored by many mechanical watch enthusiasts.
   This Calibre CH 80 chronograph reinterprets the aesthetics of the Calera series. The dynamic design and simple lines reflect the brand’s love for sophisticated mechanical mechanisms. The overall color of the watch is mainly black and white. The dial has a classic layout. The minute counter is at 3 o’clock, the hour counter is at 9 o’clock, and the small second hand is at 6 o’clock. The ultra-thin movement and exquisite design give the watch a retro feel, but with the help of the central second hand, small hand arrow, bezel inner ring, crown and the first quarter of the minute chronograph The red embellishment also incorporates some sports elements, showing the inseparable relationship between Tag Heuer and the world’s motorsports for many years. The strap made of perforated calfskin and the 1970s racer’s wear The gloves are embellished with each other, bringing stylish colors.

  Rolex has an unshakable position in the hearts of watch fans. The outstanding stainless steel material, classic oyster case, and unique detail design all show the brand’s distinctive watchmaking. This Deepsea watch is equipped with a two-tone dial for the first time. The color changes from bright blue to deep black, as if bringing the mysterious underwater world to our eyes. The 44mm Oyster case is a classic Rolex. The case made of stainless steel is more sturdy. The titanium case back has high hardness and flexibility, allowing the watch to withstand the pressure of the deep sea without damage. The watch has a unique Ringlock system, which has extraordinary water resistance and pressure resistance, and can withstand a strong water pressure of 3,900 meters, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure.
   Many people who love watches say ‘once and for all’, and indeed some people do this. Although they no longer spend money on watches, the dream of pursuing high-end watches will not stop there. If you just look at the present, I don’t think it should be considered a true love watch, even if it can not be achieved, it is always good to have a thought. Chatting with friends around you will always hear them say: I can have a piece in my life * &% ¥ # @ 这 多 好。 In fact, most people think so, dare you say you don’t want to have a Patek Philippe? Vacheron Constantin?

   Vacheron Constantin always gives people the feeling of being supreme and hard to touch, so for most people, owning it can only be a dream. The Vacheron Constantin retrograde retrograde watch introduced below has a low-key, restrained appearance. Vacheron Constantin has spent a lot of money to build the material. 18K white gold with the Mississippi alligator strap enhances its rareness. The exterior design is unique, and the dials are divided into two layers. The unique pointer design makes the watch show a magnificent atmosphere, coupled with shiny color and smooth lines, can perfectly show the owner’s dignity and extraordinary. The biggest highlight of the function is the double retrograde configuration. Its date display and week display hands will jump back to the starting position at midnight on the last day of each month and week. A stunning visual feast. The internal movement is a 2460 R31 R7 automatic mechanical movement. The exquisite polishing process combined with the high-quality mark of Geneva demonstrates the high level of craftsmanship. The 22K gold automatic oscillating weight is engraved with exquisite hand-decorations, making this This movement is full of artistic sense, and the precise movement structure makes it accurate in travel time, which greatly avoids the interference of the external environment on the accuracy of travel time.
   As a single man, I think you should have a ladies watch in your heart, are you right?

   Although you don’t know when you will meet her, the expectation hidden in your heart is still indispensable. There are not many brands specializing in women’s watches. Piaget, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels are all inseparable from jewelry. Among them, Van Cleef & Arpels has been insisting on the use of brilliant gemstones and fusion of poetic creation for many years. It perfectly combines exquisite watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship, and contains a moment of heartbeat, beautiful memories or heartfelt joy, which just meets the multi-year expectation of single men.
   Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Mini watches are designed to reinvent the classic charm of the brand’s Alhambra clover motif. The diameter is only 25 mm. The round case is inspired by Alhambra’s Guilloché sunburst dial and is dazzling. The diamond pavé is set with a bright and elegant bezel, and the center is spaced by gold dust or a ring with a large diamond. The delicate and unique bezel set with diamonds makes the case more three-dimensional. The most unique feature of the watch is the exquisite Alhambra lucky grass-shaped pavé diamond pendant on the ring next to the case. The pendant is swaying by the rotating case. The fashionable and fashionable design is full of precious charm and embellishment. Elegant and slender wrist.
Summary: ‘11.11’ was originally a very ordinary day, but now it has evolved into a noble day for singles. On the war day of e-commerce, no matter what meaning is given to this day, I hope that friends who read this article are happy happy. In order to respond to the situation, I also wish all single friends to find the other half of Ruyi as soon as possible!