Iwc Da Vinci Calendar

For many years, there has been a big problem with the perpetual calendar: the correction of the day, week, month, year and moon phase is not synchronized. This means that although the various displays of the watch are synchronized under normal shipping conditions, each time the mainspring stops, the watch owner needs to adjust the date information one by one by the top buttons distributed on both sides of the case. If the watch is equipped with a moon phase, the watch owner also needs to check the calendar with the month to adjust the moon phase information. Since the creation of a perpetual calendar pocket watch, the above debugging process has become the standard for almost all traditional perpetual calendar watches. Although the adjustment process is tedious, it has been used for many years as a normal hassle of having a perpetual calendar watch. This is one of the main reasons why many traditional perpetual calendar watches are equipped with a dial-turning device.
This situation lasted until 1985. In this year, the talented IWC technical director Mr. Kurt Klaus finally illuminated the dead end of this perpetual calendar structure with the torch of his synchronous correction technology, thoroughly cleaning the reputation of inconvenient perpetual calendar correction.

IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar
Mr. Kurt Klaus, who is not tall, with gray hair and a gentle personality, has many similarities with Einstein in appearance and temperament, and has worked at IWC for 50 years. He was a disciple of master Albert Pellaton (who invented the famous IWC Pellaton winding structure), and succeeded Pellaton as the technical director of IWC. His first major project after taking office was to make a revolutionary simplification of the structure of the perpetual calendar in order to make it easier to operate and produce. At the same time, he produced the world’s first perpetual calendar that can display 4-digit years (traditional traditional calendars usually only show whether the current year is a leap year)

IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Agency
The most important thing is that Kurt Klaus has produced a perpetual calendar watch that can synchronize all the date information (day, week, month, year and moon phase). After the watch is stopped, just pull out the crown and quickly adjust to the current accurate day, and other information is automatically adjusted.
Using Klaus’s perpetual calendar component is the Da Vinci perpetual calendar introduced by IWC in 1985. It was amazing to accomplish this feat without the help of any CAD software that year. Relying entirely on mathematics, modeling technology, and insistence on the ‘easiest is always the best’ philosophy, Klaus brought the most advanced and cheapest perpetual calendar in the world at that time. The status of the IWC perpetual calendar has since been elevated to a prominent position.