Iwc Father’s Love Is Like A Mountain

Father’s love, as the mountains are high, as the sea is deep, the more time passes, the more I understand the true taste. On the occasion of Father’s Day, IWC specially selected three classic watches-pilot’s father and son’s watch, Portuguese chronograph watch, Portuguese perpetual calendar steel watch, expressing their deep love for father.
 How many men had the dream of soaring the sky in their childhood, and pilots became the embodiment of the hero profession in their eyes. Times have changed. Although not everyone can realize the dream of becoming a pilot as a child, the flight complex buried in my heart and the adventurous and challenging spirit longing for the sky have never faded.
 Loaded with the love and affection of father and son, IWC presents a unique pilot father and son watch set, which houses one or more timepieces in a sophisticated gift box, reflecting the same high quality between father and son. The large pilot watch (model: IW500906) that my father chose to wear, built-in 7-day power reserve and date display, masculine atmosphere. Son is equipped with a smaller model (model: IW325519), equipped with automatic type 30110 movement, also has a date display function, is a reliable wrist companion suitable for daily wear. Both watches feature a stainless steel case, a uniquely designed crown, and a black alligator strap. Each watch can be engraved with inscriptions, making it a precious heirloom, inherited from generation to generation.

 IWC has been creating exclusive watches for pilots since 1940, providing them with strong support for challenging gravity. The Pilot’s father-son watch series entrusts IWC’s hope that the spirit of continuously challenging the limit will be passed on from his father to his son, and will carry forward the human dream of fighting the sky. Boxing father’s love can also convey the ardent desire of one man to another man in the demanding requirements. The IWC Pilot’s Watch for Fathers and Sons presents men-only compliments to fathers who escort children for soaring sky.