Lange Little Lange 1 To The ‘fine’ Note, Open The Legendary Movement On The Wrist

As the brand LITTLELANGE1, which established the Lange brand philosophy and transcendental status when the brand was reborn 25 years ago, it has become an elegant movement engraved with the Lange gene since its inception. The German watch attitude is like a timeless star projecting the clean temperament and dazzling light of the Lange brand in the long river of world watches. In the quarter of a century when LANGE1 was launched, this beautiful watch has attracted many like-minded watch enthusiasts and collectors for its impeccable quality and subtle design beyond the spirit of the times. It has also attracted the attention of elites in the world who are pursuing the spirit of ‘fine and endless’. In the Lange brand’s vocabulary and countless watch enthusiast’s dictionaries, the charm of LANGE1 is not only a superb and exquisite watch, but also represents the pursuit of the ultimate precision of behavior standards, as well as constantly challenging new heights of life philosophy. The advent of LITTLELANGE1 has extended the brand’s ‘endless spirit’ to a new level. LITTLELANGE1, while continuing and optimizing Lange’s exquisite watchmaking process, has made a more complete interpretation of Lange’s brand spirit.

Lange’s launch ceremony at the Dresden Palace in 1994

  In 1998, Lange launched the 36.8mm watch model LITTLELANGE1 based on LANGE1’s timeless design. LITTLELANGE1 is not only the inheritance and continuation of the Lange brand gene, but also a major breakthrough in the watchmaking process and design concept of the brand. Based on the design specification of the reduction of the diameter of the dial by 1.7mm, retaining the successful elements such as a dual barrel with three days power reserve, power reserve indicator and Lange big date display are itself an increasingly sophisticated pursuit and challenge to watchmaking. In addition, the essence of LANGE1 has been kept in a smaller space, so that LITTLELANGE1 can be transformed into a dynamic time engine in a long time, and stay in Guanghua forever under the wash of time waves.

  Including minimalist concepts and excellent functions, LITTLELANGE1 has achieved the extension and breakthrough of Lange brand aesthetics in the design and materials of specific models. The Lange brand, which perfectly represents Germany’s top precision watchmaking industry, has always captured many watch enthusiasts and collectors with tough and elegant body lines and a calm and subtle German aesthetics. LITTLELANGE1 is a heritage of classic watches. The design incorporates more fresh elements, successfully expanding the brand image to a more diverse field: while the dial style made of mother-of-pearl is capable and concise, it reveals that it is softer and more concealed behind the cold lines. The bold use of gray and blue injects a lively breath into the watch body, like adding a more lively chord to the calm and sonorous sonata. The diamond-studded style is more revealing and restrained. The German luxury is displayed without any exaggeration, and the sparkle of the diamond is collected in the low-key and practical outline of the Lange brand. These aesthetic extensions and breakthroughs have also attracted a number of women elites and watch lovers to the Lange brand. They not only found their favorite watches in the new style of LITTLELANGE1, but also found the values ​​in the LITTLELANGE1 series. Mapping of identity and self-spirit.

LITTLELANGE118K rose gold dial with blue tone



LITTLELANGE1 in purple, grey and brown

  Just having superb watchmaking skills and the endless pursuit of exquisite machinery does not seem to be enough to achieve Lange’s feat to rise to become the world’s top brand in just four years. Under the glorious achievements of the brand’s new miracle, the Lange brand continues to explore and deepen its own connotation. The unremitting thinking of the humanistic spirit has made Lange watches cross the traditional gender definition and restrictions of watches, and made watch lovers of different genders and identities love them with the same design. The advent and glory of LITTLELANGE1 is deeply confirmed at this point. Lange’s ‘endless and endless’ conviction is aimed at persisting in himself and being brave enough to break through innovation, proving to the world in a distinguished style that the connotation of luxury lies in the unparalleled superb quality rather than the appearance of extravagance. Constantly improving, defining and refreshing the standards of German precision watchmaking. It is precisely this belief that led to the birth of the LITTLELANGE1 series, and when it came out, it attracted the attention of many female watch enthusiasts and collectors who also pursued excellence.

  As a pioneer in the German watchmaking industry that began to recover along with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lange has both respect and persistence in German traditional watchmaking technology and brand tradition, but also dares to forge ahead and break through in the concept. . In terms of production technology and aesthetics, Lange adheres to the rigor and subtlety of German watches, while in the brand’s attitude, it has a sense of acceptance and open dialogue with the fans and collectors of the brand. Communication. LITTLELANGE1, as the representative work of Lange’s rejuvenation after vicissitudes, will never be used to distinguish its audience by gender like ordinary watches. Instead, it insists on practical functions, precise craftsmanship, timeless design, and the spirit of inclusive branding. Intrinsic qualities make all beings overwhelmed.

  Coinciding with the brand’s 25th anniversary, the LITTLELANGE1 family once again welcomes a new member-the special 25thAnniversary commemorative version of the LITTLELANGE1 cast in 18K white gold. This model features a solid silver-white dial with dark blue numerals and hour markers, blue date numerals, and hand-engraved balance wheel splints with blue details. The embossed number ’25’, the anniversary mark appearing on the balance plate, also incorporates the blue design. The blue hand-stitched alligator leather strap with contrasting grey stitching complements the body. The simple design, but the connotation is by no means simple. It combines practicality with art and beauty, raising your hands to show the grace of your wrist.

18K White Gold Special Anniversary Watch with Blue Design Elements

  The Lange brand firmly believes that the superb performance of LITTLELANGE1 will touch the heart with the subtle beauty pointed at the heart, thereby attracting the attention of the elites. The elite women who chose this watch masterpiece are also among them. They are not only social elites, but also Master and helmsman of his own destiny. They do not succumb to the worldly prudent aesthetic attitude, and their high recognition and insistence on their independent souls, coincidentally with the Lange brand. In this hustle and bustle era where high-tech has spread to almost every detail of human life, Lange believes that the owner and enthusiasts of LITTLELANGE1 are more willing to listen. It is the voice that truly belongs to the heart after the daily complexity and enthusiasm. The long voice of the Lange brand has precipitated the exquisite elegance of today’s LITTLELANGE1 watch through a long period of time. It is also the sound that makes the Lange brand in the intense competition of the high-end watch Qianfan, with a unique and quiet but more intense light. , And Lange is even more convinced that it is this voice that guides them and them to courageously advance in the tide of the times and reach the other side of success. LITTLELANGE1 represents not only the outstanding achievements of the brand in the top fine watchmaking industry, but also the ultimate pursuit of perfection and the spirit of ‘fine and endless’ watch in the rapidly developing human society in the new century. With the precise rotation of the L121.2 movement, what LITTLELANGE1 wrote in the forest of the world’s watches and even in the long history of human history must be a special moving engraved with the unique watchmaking notes of the Lange brand.