Let’s Play A Game With It Briefly, Tissot Solar Series Nba Special Watch

After Kobe retired in 2016, Zhan Huang also became one of the most respected veteran superstars. These men at the top of the NBA have accompanied us throughout our youth, each of them The classic action has so far become the object of imitation of many fans. They show their skills on the court, break through the siege, fight back in the Jedi, and use the skills and instant resilience to crush those burly and powerful opponents. The NBA represents infinite passion in the hearts of fans. This international sports event fills our young hearts with passion. In 2015, as a watch for young people, Tissot joined hands with the NBA to become a new market partner. Tissot provides the NBA with the most accurate official timekeeping services. To this end, Tissot makes special watches for the NBA to commemorate this biggest cooperation project ever made by Tissot. Tengzhi Solar series NBA special watches (model: T091.420.47.207.01) is one of them.

   For most people, it is difficult to have a chance to watch a real NBA game on the scene. Through TV and video websites, we feel the fierce confrontation between the two sides of the stadium. Then, there will always be an urge to follow these superstars. In the footsteps, come to a really strong stadium contest. Although we are far away from the NBA, basketball is around us, and we can go to the stadium to join in anytime and anywhere. The Tissot NBA series solar watch is designed for such a group of young people. It is light, powerful, durable and wear-resistant, ready to play with you at any time.
High-tech masterpiece

Tissot Solar Series NBA Special Watch

   The Tissot Tengzhi Solar Series NBA special watch incorporates Tissot’s cutting-edge technology and has a solar panel that can recharge itself in the light, so there is no need to worry about the energy and energy consumption of traditional mechanical or quartz watches. Today, with the development of science and technology, solar energy has become an important energy source for modern high-tech equipment. This new energy source is clean, pollution-free, and sustainable, and meets the requirements of international environmental protection organizations. For us, the watch can be charged by solar energy, which is a very modern, fashionable, and technological thing, which coincides with the life concept we long for.

Combined with outer ring for multiple functions
   Another high-tech of the watch is touch screen control. In 1999, Tissot developed the first generation of touch-screen watches. Today, touch-screen technology is very mature. With the research and development achievements of the Swatch Group’s research center, the screen of Tissot T-TOUCH series watches can achieve multi-directional touch. , Tap different positions to achieve different functions. At the same time, the touch screen is protected by a sturdy and wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, so as to achieve the effect of not only being touchable, but also not scratching the screen for a long time.

Titanium case
   In order to meet the needs of sports, the watch case is made of light titanium material. The matte surface is not easy to wear. With the rubber strap, the overall weight of the watch is only 79g, which is half or even 1% of the weight of steel and precious metal watches of the same size. / 3. The watch has a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. Compared to men with slender wrists, it will look larger.
Rich functions and pleasant experience

Touch screen with solar charging function

   Through the dial, we can intuitively see that the watch’s indication system consists of two hands plus a display screen. There are many functions on the bezel. These functions only need to touch the position of the function mark on the screen, the hands and The display will automatically jump to the indication form of this function. For example, the 6 o’clock position refers to the compass. After touch, the hour and minute hands will turn into a 180-degree straight line, and the screen will display the corresponding angle to indicate the orientation. In addition, the watch also has 20 functions such as altimeter, weather forecast, countdown, alarm, perpetual calendar and so on.

Three control keys
   Although this watch is a high-tech quartz watch, it is not afraid of water. For electronic technology products, water is the natural enemy. However, Tissot has already established a water-resistant design that allows this watch to reach 100 meters. Waterproof, which means you can swim with it. The design of the rubber strap not only reduces its weight and improves the comfort of sports wear, but it is also not afraid of water.

NBA logo
   Flip the watch, the back cover is a sealed bottom cover, and is engraved with the NBA pattern to indicate that it is a special NBA model of Tissot Tengzhi series, there are many Tissot watches with touch screen, only the back cover with NBA pattern The watch, which is a collaboration between Tissot and the NBA, cannot be identified from the front. Everyone needs to pay attention when buying.

Summary: Since the cooperation between Tissot and the NBA, Tissot has provided the official timing card for the NBA in each of the main events of the NBA. Tissot has been recognized by many NBA fans, and the cooperation watch between Tissot and the NBA can make Fans get up close and personal with the products most closely related to the NBA. When you wear such a watch, you know that you are with the NBA.