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According to analysis, it is estimated that 30 million smart watches will be sold in 2015, with a total market value of approximately $ 8.9 billion. More than 90 brands are competing fiercely, trying to get a share of it. Currently, Samsung is the leading player (Apple Watch sales have not been counted). As for the Swiss high-end watchmakers, they still seem calm and calm. .
Apple Watch sales in 2015
   In the smart watch market, the sales of Apple Watch may still be an unknown secret. Now two months after the scheduled start, Cupertino’s headquarters refused to comment on the topic, which further fueled the popularity of speculation.
   According to the order tracking data provided by the APP developers, Global Equities Research estimates that Apple has received 7 million (pieces) orders to date, of which 2.5 million (pieces) have been shipped. It is speculated that by the end of December this year, Apple will sell 40 to 42 million watches for an average price of $ 575.
   Of course, the above figures are already overestimated. The French daily Le Monde (the second largest national daily newspaper in France and the largest daily French newspaper in overseas sales) confirms that analysts should approve a range between 2,000 and 3,000. KGI Securities has reduced its Apple Watch shipments to 15 million in the current fiscal year.

Shares, sales, sales, development trends and average selling prices of brands in the smart watch market in 2014

Statistics of the global smart watch market in 2014
   At this stage, statistics are crucial, so Vontobel’s annual survey results look like a huge treasure trove. Based on the information provided by the Smart Watch Company Group, the Swiss private bank made the following statistics: In 2014, a total of 6.9 million smart watches were sold, with an average selling price of $ 189. A sharp increase of 82%, there are no less than 90 companies moving by the news.
   Like Garmin, Fitbit and Withings have added health and fitness related applications to their smartwatches, Polar has also brought great challenges to electronic giants, but Samsung and Lenovo / Motorola still occupy the largest share. Based on these data, the global market turnover (including Apple Watch) is expected to reach 8.9 billion, 21 billion and 41 billion US dollars in 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Threat to the Swiss entry-level watch market

   The ‘entry level’ here refers to watches whose export price is less than 200 Swiss francs (actual retail price is less than 600 Swiss francs). Although it has always avoided the positive comparison with smart watches, honestly, it is exactly this price. Products may face the most intense competition from smart watches. In 2014, 18.4 million watches were sold at this price, accounting for 64% of the total Swiss watch exports!
   In terms of value, perhaps the importance will be significantly reduced: its total exports are 1.25 billion Swiss francs, accounting for only 5.9% of the international revenue of Swiss watchmaking brands. But in fact, the watch market at this price is very important for the Swiss watch industry! In terms of sales, smartwatches are likely to surpass Swiss entry-level watches this year.

Some Swiss watchmakers’ response
   The high-end market includes Montblanc (Timewalker E-Strap smart strap), Bvlgari (Diagono Magnesium concept watch) and Breitling (B55 interactive chronograph); the lower price is the Swiss National Iron Watch (No 1) and Frederique Constant (SHS smart watch), both of which combine MotionX technology; Tag Heuer announced at this year’s Pakistani exhibition to cooperate with Google and Intel to deepen the core technology of smart watches, and its near field communication (NFC) Battery power has gradually become the standard for payment methods and access control, which has great implications for the smart watch market.
   This market, to be honest, has still not attracted the interest of most high-end watchmaking brands.