True Sportsman Vacheron Constantin 49150/B01a-9097 Watch Tasting

Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1755, is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. Its watchmaking factory is the oldest watchmaking factory and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Vacheron Constantin watches belong to the top watch brands, with a large number of fans and supporters. It gives the watch a new meaning, and each watch is rich in content. Today, we will use the 49150 / B01A-9097 watch series to bring you a taste of Vacheron Constantin.
 The Vacheron Constantin 49150 / B01A-9097 watch is a very classic yacht watch. Compared with Rolex’s yacht masters, it has a stronger sense of sport and a resolutely revealing personality. Its case is made of stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and strong wear resistance. It is one of the most used materials in sports watches. The shell made of stainless steel has clear lines and a strong color, revealing an uninhibited character and a strong dynamic atmosphere. The sailboat engraved in the form of relief on the back, galloping on the turbulent waves, brings people to the wind and waves, and encourages them to move forward. It is the best interpretation of the spirit of movement. In addition, the sapphire glass is resistant to abrasion and strong light transmission. It is the best material for the mirror, second only to the hardness of the diamond, so that we do not have to worry about the frequent scratching of the mirror caused by friction with the cuff. Hiding under the mirror is Vacheron Constantin’s unique dial, which is said to be unique because of its elegant and graceful design. The grainy pattern covers the entire surface, forming a contrast with the flat surface of the small dial, highlighting the sporty style. The large calendar window at 12 o’clock makes the date display clear and bright, highlighting the British style. Below the calendar window is the classic Maltese cross representing Vacheron Constantin, and it is a three-dimensional character block, which is unique. Both the dial pointer and the three-dimensional time scale are covered with fluorescent materials, so that you can still know the time even in the dim environment. In addition, the crown part also has its own characteristics. The stainless steel crown is engraved with the Vacheron Constantin Maltese cross logo, which is simple but elegant. It reflects the pursuit of modern beauty for simplicity and beauty. The clear pit pattern improves the crown friction coefficient. To facilitate winding and timing. The large diameter of 42 mm allows you to easily read the data of the disk. At the same time, with the stainless steel and black disk design, the sports style is presented vividly.

Vacheron Constantin 49150 / B01A-9097 watch, the entire appearance, the lines are smooth and resolute, the bezel is semi-Maltese design, the bracelet is also decorated with semi-Maltese elements, all elements are designed for Vacheron Constantin sports style. Yinglang’s appearance is full of strong sense of technology and maneuverability, giving people a stable and reliable feeling.
 As a functional watch for yachts with both swimming and diving, the Vacheron Constantin 49150 / B01A-9097 watch also has some basic functions in this area. The first thing to say is the chronograph function. Like the common chronograph, the Vacheron Constantin watch has a cumulative chronograph function of 30 minutes and 12 hours. It is presented at two o’clock and three o’clock by two independent small dials. With this, the large central chronograph seconds hand, the chronograph start pause button and the chronograph reset button on both sides of the crown, these are already standard equipment of the chronograph.
 Apart from its basic timing function, it also has the classic small seconds function. Strictly speaking, it is only a device, but because of this device, the thickness of the watch movement can be reduced by 1 mm, and the power consumption can be reduced. At the same time, it can effectively use the remaining space of the dial. Therefore, the small second dial is a design that is both practical and enhances the aesthetics. At the same time, it integrates its long history and it has become one of the elements that watch lovers love very much. . For sports watches, the use of a small seconds dial design is not just for this reason. It is more important to give way to the central large second hand, which can easily read the timing time to the second or even milliseconds.
Since it is a yacht watch, a watch with both diving and swimming, the waterproof function is naturally indispensable, and the water resistance of 150 meters. Although it is not possible to carry out deep-sea exploration, snorkeling and swimming are sufficient.
On the whole, Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal 49150 / B01A-9097 is not special in function, but it is very practical in daily life. In particular, the calendar function, people who are used to looking at the calendar, this function can bring them a lot of fun, especially when watching the calendar changes at night, you can feel the exquisite mechanical control of time.

It is said that the face is born from the heart, so is the watch. The functions on the dial of the Vacheron Constantin 49150 / B01A-9097 watch are also realized by the regular mechanical movement of the movement. Vacheron Constantin’s chronographs use Cal.1137 automatic mechanical movement, 183 parts, 37 gems, 3hz vibration frequency, power reserve of about 40 hours, all these parameters are not reflected How excellent it is. In essence, the quality of the 1137 movement is still good. In addition, Vacheron Constantin is polished and treated in strict accordance with the Geneva mark standard. Its performance is still acceptable, but for unknown reasons, it has not been widely recognized by the market. This is evident from the performance of his watches at auction. But it is undeniable that the 1137 movement can fully meet the needs of daily life, and its performance is undoubted.
 The horizontal and vertical series is the only series of stainless steel made by Vacheron Constantin. It is designed for sports-loving and travel-loving people. The 49150 / B01A-9097 watch has won a lot of fashion sports with its stylish and elegant sports style and dynamic design. Men’s favor. A large number of Vacheron Constantin semi-Maltese crosses and movement elements are used on the exterior to make the watch full of characteristics. The grained dial is lined with black, making the dial dynamic and elegant. As a functional watch, its precise timing function and simple operation add a lot of practicality and interest to the wear and use of the watch, and enhance the interaction fun of the watch owner and love watch. The movement is a standard 1137 automatic movement. This movement is made by Vacheron Constantin and has the Geneva mark, so its quality and performance are well guaranteed.
 Watch details: vacheron / 7780 /

A Model Of Watching And Collecting Tasting The Chinese Tourbillon Series Mata Feiyan Watch

I believe that everyone will know a little about the origin of ‘Ma Ta Fei Yan’. It is an ancient bronze work unearthed from the Tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty in Wuwei Lei Taitai, Gansu Province. With a graceful posture, he lifted his feet and leapt, and a hoof stepped on a flying swallow. From the analysis of mechanics, ‘Ma Ta Fei Yan’ has found the center of gravity for Fei Yan, resulting in stability. This romantic approach aroused the horse’s strong posture and galloping expression, and gave people a wealth of imagination and appeal. Both powerful feeling and moving rhythm. However, Beijing Watch has reflected this kind of charm in its famous Chinese tourbillon watch series, and today brings you the famous ‘Mata Feiyan’ watch. Official number: B009201104R (white surface) B009201105R (black surface)

 In general, the surface of the dial is still very eye-catching. The classic ‘Ma Ta Fei Yan’ shape occupies most of the prominent position of the dial, and the unique tourbillon at six o’clock is another highlight.

 This Mata Feiyan watch can be said to be a model for viewing and collecting. In the design of the shape, the 42mm 18K rose gold material is used. The use of precious metals adds luxury to the watch as a whole.

 The dial color is divided into black and white, except for the difference in color, the other are the same. The surface of the disk is designed with uneven texture, which adds a strong three-dimensional effect to the surface of the disk. At the same time, the reflections of the corners under the light will refract different levels of light.

 The most attractive on the disk is the 24K golden horse oil pressure plate and the blue steel pointer that occupy most of the sight. The essence of Ma Tafeiyan is to use a solidified posture to reflect the horse’s strong and handsome beauty, unique style, and dynamic beauty. Beijing watch uses its own craftsmanship to interpret this artistic form of combination of dynamics and statics, and at the same time at 9 o’clock is attached with the words ‘Ma Ta Fei Yan’.

 The tourbillon at six o’clock uses a flying tourbillon. The specially designed shape not only reflects the superb technology of modern machinery, but also the rare charm of classic style. It is believed that such a tourbillon turning in the watch will be a whole-hearted visual enjoyment.

 The overall thickness of the watch is 11.6 mm, which is also a common thickness of the Chinese tourbillon series watches. The crown has the Beijing logo, and the powerful font also reflects the profound charm of traditional culture.

 The bottom of the table is designed with sapphire crystal. The gorgeous sapphire screws and rubies and the beautifully polished movement splint are all beautiful.

The strap is made of brown crocodile leather with 18K rose gold pin buckle. The design is quite satisfactory, with a specific Beijing watch logo on the buckle, which is quite noble.

The watch is equipped with a TB01-2 manual winding movement, which provides a long power reserve of more than 63 hours. The flying tourbillon is equipped with a free bouncing balance with hairspring. On one side, it causes wear to the arbor tube.

Summary: The price of this watch is RMB 128,000.00, which can be said to be a higher-end watch. The classic design with superb charm combined with the high level of watchmaking makes this ‘Ma Ta Fei Yan’ valuable for collection and viewing. The black and white versions are limited to 99 pieces, which are extremely rare.

More watch details:
bjwaf / 27154 / (white surface)
bjwaf / 27153 / (black face)

Free Gully In The Chest Tasting The Tian Feng Feng Yun Series 8869 Watch

Heroes compose history, and each era has its own unique situation. These characters have influenced more people with their unique personal charm, thus pushing the wheel of historical development. The Fengyun series is just like the characters of the times. They are low-key and restrained, but they are magnificent. Today I will introduce this Tianwang Fengyun series 8869 watch.
   The watch case is made of stainless steel, the bezel, crown and buttons are plated in 18K rose gold, with a sapphire crystal, and water-resistant to 50 meters.
   The white dial is decorated with delicate patterns, and the hour markers and hour and minute hands are coated with a luminous layer.
   Equipped with a precise quartz movement, it has the functions of calendar, small seconds, hour, minute, second, minute and large seconds.
   The watch has a leather strap and a double-button double-open stainless steel buckle with 18K rose gold on the buckle.

Exalted Guanghua Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 33mm Quartz Watch

SIHH 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon has been opened, and Audemars Piguet has also shown its watch models to watch lovers in this watch salon. Let’s take a look at the white dial of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 33mm Quartz watch at the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie with the Watch House. The official watch model: 67651BA.ZZ.1261BA.01.

   The gold luster of the new Royal Oak series quartz watch is set against 40 round-cut diamonds (approximately 0.73 carats) set on the bezel. The white ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered decoration is icing on the cake. Others Features include an 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 33 mm, gold applied hour markers and fluorescent Royal Oak hands, as well as a beautifully decorated case bottom.

   The above is a detailed display of the 2016 SIHH Geneva Fine Watch Salon Audemars Piguet prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide you with more and more intuitive watch salon related reports, so please pay attention.

Retro Classic Long Kun Classic 1960s Series Watch

Lang Kun is a famous German watchmaking brand. It has an inseparable relationship with the army in history. During World War II, he participated in the B-uhr (observation table) program and became famous. 2015 is the 90th anniversary of the brand. To celebrate this event, Lang Kun launched the new classic 1960S series watch at Baselworld this year.
Watch real shot show:

    Nowadays, the retro trend is emerging, and major brands have traced history for design inspiration. Lang Kun’s new classic 1960S series watches show us what is pure design.
Watch details real shot display:

Elegant white dial, only hour, minute, second

Date display window at 3 o’clock, black letters on white background are easy to recognize

Polished stainless steel lugs with smooth lines

Triangular pit crown for easy grip adjustment

Comes with an elegant black leather strap

Back-thin design, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, exquisite decoration
   The above is the 2015 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so please pay attention.
2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Chunguang Is Just Right, Jewellery Also Plays Hit Color Game

Rich colors will always be the protagonists of spring and summer fashion trends. On sunny spring days, all kinds of pretty colors come together, breaking the stale taste of winter. Designers are always reluctant to miss the opportunity to use color magic in spring and summer. Whether it is trendy fashion or new season handbags, they can always shine in the early spring sunshine!
   In the power of this color, the charm of jewellery is also lost. After a dull winter, those color jewellery full of fresh taste also rushed to the trend and played a color-matching game to let those street, workplace, The pretty it girls on the big party first overflowed with the breath of spring.
The light color hits the freshness of spring
   For office fashion professionals, exaggerated, large-scale, over-jumping jewelry collisions are obviously inappropriate. In the workplace, all decoration and fashion must not exceed a bottom line, that is, the impact Professional image of the workplace. A professional girl with a high professional quality, all the beauty and fashion can just serve the reputation of the workplace.

   So how can we maintain the unity, tension, seriousness and lively workplace spirit, but also get rid of the dullness of early spring? It’s simple, you just need a touch of fresh and bright colors, and the colors are light. The natural turquoise color is as clean and fresh as the sky. The scenery in the office in early spring is just the welfare of everyone!

Piaget Secrets & Lights necklace
   18K rose gold necklace set with 1 cushion-cut emerald (approx. 4.18 carats), 84 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 9.3 carats), 208 turquoise beads (approximately 16.22 carats) and 430 One round beautiful diamond (about 7.44 carats). No. G37M6900.

Piaget Secrets & Lights necklace
   18K white gold necklace set with 1 cushion-cut emerald (approximately 11.16 carats), 12 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 4.20 carats), 32 turquoise beads (approximately 11.10 carats) and 151 Round beautiful diamond (about 9.86 carats), number G37M6700.

Dior High Jewellery Rose des Vents Compass Rose Necklace, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Opal, White Mother of Pearl

Piaget Extremely Piaget Extreme Piaget Turquoise Necklace

Fun hit color
   Looks like a child’s unintentional loss, casual matching, but inadvertently exposed the inner world full of childishness, exaggerated colors, full of interesting shapes, wonderful stacking and mix and match, it turns out that there are fun games in jewelry. The most important thing is to return to the heart of a girl in minutes with paired down bib and pretty ball head.

Dior Granville high jewelry earrings

Dior Granville High Jewellery Ring

Dior Granville High Jewellery Bracelet

Personalized color contrast, bold and fun colors
   Street style girls have always been the eye-catching focus of high-street fashion. The style is bold, dare to play, dare to show off, exaggerated accessories, and individual fashion, which can always be worn by them with unique temperament and taste, and it is a beautiful scenery of urban fashion. The contrasting jewellery and accessories in the early spring are also an important area for them to display their talent for fashion. Don’t be boring, don’t be boring, as long as the bold colors, exaggerated designs are fun and beautiful.

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg designs Harmony jewelry pendant for H.stern

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg designs Harmony jewelry earrings for H.stern

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg designs Harmony jewelry ring for H.stern

 Bulgari Sapphire Flower Gold Necklace
Set with colored sapphires (12 carats), diamonds (0.15 carats) and broken diamonds (2.48 carats), number CL852817

Bulgari Sapphire Flower Gold Ring
Set with colored sapphires (8.3 carats), diamonds (0.15 carats) and pavé diamonds (0.53 carats), number AN853207

Grand contrast hit the mysterious queen at the dinner
   In addition to office fashion and street fashion, of course we can’t forget our ‘Queen Master’. Of course, this not only refers to the queen of the aura who can control the grand high-end jewelry, but also the high-end natural and gorgeous dazzling high-end in the jewelry world. Jewelry, they are the ‘queens’ in jewelry. With the breath of a giant miles away, waiting to be conquered. Bulgari has always liked to express unique aesthetic art in gemstone colors, and Cartier has launched the Étourdissant Cartier high-end jewellery series in the latest launch of AGRAS jewellery. It has played a contrasting game. Various sculpted emeralds and sapphires and rubies have a low-key and full gloss. . Such a mysterious product cannot be controlled by a queen.

Cartier high jewelry Étourdissant Cartier series AGRAS necklace

   Called the ‘fruit bag’ Cartier haute Étourdissant Cartier series AGRAS necklace, more than 5000 hours of sculpting time have been condensed. Ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond flower buds are used to construct the traditional Indian plant shape, and a 37.37 carat Colombian emerald pendant is set in the center, exuding a strong tropical atmosphere. At the same time, this piece can be worn as a necklace, choker or pendant, creating three distinct styles.

Cartier high jewelry Étourdissant Cartier AGRAS necklace can be worn separately

   The center carved Colombian emerald weighs 37.37 carats, two carved drop-shaped carved emeralds weigh a total of 40.98 carats, and the triangular carved sapphire weighs 24.13 carats. Green, convex-cut ruby, convex-cut sapphire, onyx, brilliant-cut diamond. 4 carved center stones can be removed and worn separately as necklaces.

BVLGARI Top Jewelry White Gold Necklace
   Set with 32 sapphires (93.64 carats), 19 olivines (161.85 carats), milk crystals (4.40 carats) and round brilliant-cut diamonds (21.29 carats).

BVLGARI Top Jewelry White Gold Earrings
   Set with 12 sapphires (10.28 carats), 2 lactite (40.02 carats), 6 olivines (40.02) and 4 round brilliant-cut diamonds (0.95 carats).
   The spring sun is just right. Are you tired of wearing winter clothes and jewellery and accessories all winter? It’s time to play the color-blocking game, so that the mood is full of spring.

Omega’s Legend For The Revival Of Mechanical Watchmaking

In the past two and a half centuries, no one has made significant improvements to the escapement of the ‘heart’ of the mechanical watch. The exception is the coaxial escapement, which was invented and mastered by Dr. George Daniel in the 1980s and developed by Omega.

The revival of mechanical watchmaking
初 In the early 1980s, inventor and watchmaker Dr. George Daniels invented a cleverly designed new escapement system. At the time, this coaxial escapement was installed only in the prototype of the independent inventor. In the past two and a half centuries, few watchmakers have made significant improvements to the escapement of mechanical watches. Dr. George Daniels’s wish is that all watch fans will have this revolutionary invention.
OMEGA is the only brand that recognizes the future potential of the coaxial escapement and has set up a task force to industrialize it. In 1999, OMEGA introduced the 2500 movement with a coaxial escapement system, which attracted much attention from the entire mechanical watch industry. The OMEGA Co-Axial escapement in the watch movement is the first new type of escapement to be applied in two and a half centuries, which reduces friction and energy consumption between escapement components. And with the cardless balance with hairspring to maintain the accuracy and stability of the movement for a long time, so the watch requires almost no lubricant. Therefore, the OMEGA2500 movement equipped with the coaxial escapement system has also become one of the important inventions of the mechanical watch industry in the 20th century.

8500 movement
In simple terms, the escapement is the heart of a mechanical watch, which allows the watch’s adjustment device & mdash; the balance wheel to continue to swing. The OMEGA coaxial escapement device reduces the friction between energy transmission to other components, basically eliminating the need for maintenance of the movement, and most importantly, ensuring that the watch’s accuracy is maintained for a long period of time . Therefore, George Daniel also called the OMEGA coaxial escapement system the first practical new escapement system in two and a half centuries since Thomas Mudge invented the lever escapement system in the 18th century.

8520 movement
的 In the ten years after the launch of OMEGA’s first coaxial movement, the brand successfully applied this escapement, which enjoys an extraordinary position in the field of watchmaking, to every watch series. After that, every new mechanical watch produced by OMEGA will be equipped with this technology. In recent years, OMEGA has continued to improve this technology and take it to a new level. In 2005, OMEGA launched the 3313 series of coaxial timing movements, but the most exciting news was born two years later. In 2007, OMEGA grandly introduced the 8500 movement with a coaxial escapement system, which is a key step in the evolution of the OMEGA coaxial escapement technology. This is the first time that OMEGA designed the entire movement around a coaxial escapement device, and each of the 202 components was designed and produced by OMEGA for a new movement. At the same time, OMEGA optimized the production process of the movement to meet the needs of mass production. This move also strongly announced the return of OMEGA, a company named for its own movement, in the origin of the brand.

8521 movement
In fact, ‘OMEGA’ is the brand name derived from a serial production movement called ‘OMEGA’ produced in 1890. The birth of the OMEGA8500 coaxial movement marks the return of OMEGA to the Swiss watchmaker who designs and produces its own cores. At the same time, this coaxial movement is also regarded as a model of eternal movement, and it has become an excellent representative of mechanical watch manufacturing worldwide.
In 2008, OMEGA’s coaxial movement 8520/8521 specially designed for small watches debuted and was used in the new Aqua Terra women’s watch series. This proves to the world that this top-notch escapement can still run perfectly on a 30 mm body. In the same year, OMEGA took another solid step to promote the manufacture of the industry’s top mass-produced mechanical watches: the introduction of the 8601/8611 coaxial movement with the complex function of a flashing calendar and Si14 silicon balance spring. You should know that Omega watches with the 8601/8611 coaxial movement only need to be manually adjusted once a year on March 1st. The jump is almost imperceptible to the naked eye.
The road is still long, the exploration is endless, and the technical improvement of OMEGA will be persistent. Based on the 8500 movement, the brand plans to gradually replace the previously used movements and serve as the standard movements for future series. The technological innovation from 10 years ago will continue, and the inventor of the coaxial escapement device, the watchmaker George Dr. George Daniels’ predictions & mdash; Continued enthusiasm for mechanical watches is indeed being realized.

Citizen’s Senior Customer Service Specialist Buys Watch Support For You Online

AT0365-56L / E (AT0360-50L / E) is the best-selling model of Citizen Eco-Drive watches in recent years. The best-selling means profitable. Of course, the counterfeiters are unwilling to be lonely. A lot of fakes have come out. It also attracted counterfeiters.
    Due to the extremely similar appearance (high imitation) and low price (hundreds of yuan), this fake watch quickly spread to the entire Taobao C store, prompting buyers who were able to buy cheaply to compete, and thought they had bought it. Affordable. Although as early as 2 years ago, the Citizens Customer Service Center discovered and alerted the problem through the official website forum / 400 customer service hotline / customer email. However, the appearance and function are similar to the real product, and there is a low price temptation. In addition, the previous practice of Taobao regardless of fakes or not, paying you to promote them did not effectively stop the proliferation of fakes.
    Let’s take a look at the data. In the past 30 days, more than 600 watches of this type have been sold in Taobao C store. Based on the current sales of 600 watches in one month (which may be higher at the time), at least 14,000 have been shipped in the past 2 years. It is no exaggeration to say that more than 90% of them are fake watches. Maybe you bought this watch in Taobao C store, then do you think it will belong to the lucky 10%, or will it fall into the 90% that falls? Of course, if you were the one who knew and bought fakes, then Zhou Yu is playing the yellow cover. Oh, you do n’t need to read the following.
Well, the opening remarks have been talked about, there is no picture and the truth, I will give you an exposure today.
First, look at the appearance comparison
1. Please see the comparison of the front appearance of AT0365-56L real and fake watches (left, right and true below).
  2. If the fake and the genuine are put together, some differences can still be seen from the comparison of the dial:
The color of the fake decorative coating is dim (the red part is more obvious);
The fonts of 12-point numbers and the CITIZEN logo are rough, which is different from the original.
  3. The marking method of the case back is different:
Fake goods are rough engraved, and genuine products (the film has not been removed) are laser-engraved very finely;
The fake manufacturing numbers are basically the same. There are only a few of them. Some experts judge the fakes based on the same manufacturing numbers. Although they are not completely correct, the general idea is similar. In fact, the authentic ‘watch model + manufacturing number’ is unique and consistent with the single product barcode label affixed on the warranty card, which is very accurate for verification (what? I do n’t know how to verify, then please call 400-650- 1958 Citizen’s customer service hotline). Because of this, I’ve erased the manufacturing number of the genuine product in the photo, please understand.
  Summary: In terms of appearance, although there is a difference between authenticity and fake, if you don’t compare it with the real product carefully, especially when shopping online, it will really make many consumers fooled.
Second, take a look inside
1. The outer frame of the movement (referred to as the solid machine circle in the industry) is obviously different (the picture below is false and true right):
The shape and color of the fake solid machine ring is different from the real one, and the workmanship is very poor;
  The following picture is also a fake solid machine ring style. The fake is also divided into versions. Note that the fake has a brown cover to cover the battery. 2. In fact, this watch’s counterfeiting trick is still the consistent method, which is to use the ordinary quartz movement similar to Citizen Group’s affiliated enterprises to imitate the Citizen’s light kinetic energy movement. At this point, everyone understands that the fake watch does not have the characteristics of a light kinetic energy meter at all. Let’s take a look at the appearance of the fake movement with a macro map:
Note that the color of the top metal cover is obviously different from the color of the splint below;
Please pay attention to the movement model of the H500M shown on the left. Remember it first.
Well, the upper metal cover is opened below, and the actual movement model is exposed: FS00
  3. Uncovering the fake AT0365-56L uses: ordinary quartz movement FS00, and the battery is also a disposable SR626SW silver oxide battery, with a life of about 2 years (left below). The real product uses the light kinetic energy H500M movement, the model of the rechargeable battery is MT621, and the service life is about 15 to 20 years (right below). As we all know, the principle of the Citizen light kinetic energy meter is to absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch Yes, it is a watch that uses green energy. It does not use ordinary disposable button batteries. The current life of rechargeable batteries for light kinetic energy meters is generally 15-20 years. Although the functions of the FS00 quartz movement and the H500M light kinetic energy movement are similar, the difference between the kinetic energy system is obvious. The former needs to replace the battery in about 2 years, while the latter can be used for 15 to 20 years without replacement.
 When a watch is just bought, it’s not easy for the average consumer to see the difference between genuine and fake, but after 2 years, the battery of the fake watch is exhausted and will not go away. The repair outlet sent to UNPROFOR will open the cover. In fact, due to stopping the watch for repair, this fake watch has also become famous in the overseas market recently. The customer service center has received contact from after-sales service outlets in many countries and regions to learn that the fake goods have already left the country.
Summary: Of course, it is a very intuitive method to open the cover to verify the body, but it is relatively troublesome. There are also other factors that can cause consumers to buy fake watches online and have not been aware of them. The test summary is as follows:
(1) Many consumers are suspected of being sent to a repair center to identify troubles or have trusted the seller under the guise of ‘supporting counter inspection’, thinking that he has said so, can it still be false? Hey, this is the bluff method, the fake sellers have mastered your psychology.
(2) Even if some consumers have shown it to the counter shopping guide (not even the shopping guide that has sold Citizen watches), the counter cannot be opened, and the shopping guide is not a technician. How can they give you an accurate answer?
(3) Some consumers saw the ‘heart, diamond, crown’ credibility of the store and the ‘praise’ of other buyers who did not know the truth, but were blinded by the appearance of false appearances. How can there be a bad review?) Blindly following herds is harmful!
(4) It is not ruled out that some people at the street repair point are also lacking in morality. If you see that your watch can be used by changing an ordinary button battery, he may not tell you what to change, and charge you money at a high price to finish the job, leaving you in the dark in.
 Seeing this, some people may say, ‘They must have bought this watch for a few hundred yuan, which is definitely a fake. But I bought parallel imports or overseas purchases purchased by experts and recommended them. It’s still cheaper than the National Bank of China, and the store promised to help me with a one-year warranty. ‘
 Then I will say a few more words.
 Compared with the naked low-price fakes, there are more ‘smart’ fake dealers. They usually post some so-called shopping experience posts in some website forums and leak some store information to you. Or find some childcare together with the PM shop information of the landlord. When you ca n’t help but join the PM, you will be directed to his online shop. Then they will entice you to buy under the name ‘cheap parallel imports, but absolutely authentic’. You paid thousands of dollars, but in fact they bought fakes. Compared to the scammers who spent hundreds of dollars, you are earning Is it a loss? As for the so-called store promised a warranty of 1 year, in fact, it will understand that even if it is a FS00 quartz movement, there is usually no problem when walking. The quartz movement of a fake watch will stop after about 2 years. By the time you have expired the warranty period. If they stop in less than a year, they can also help you replace the battery, as mentioned in Article 4 above, without telling you the truth, and you will always think that you have a light kinetic energy meter.
Third, customer service to help you
 I believe that most consumers want to know the truth and are willing to protect their rights.
 ‘Spending money is to enjoy the goods and services they deserve! Can you summarize some methods to prevent ordinary buyers from buying fakes when they buy Citizen watches online?’
  —- Of course, I hope the following methods can help everyone.
1. General three strokes-suitable for all online shopping Citizen watches.
The first trick is that watches are valuable commodities and must be purchased through regular channels (authorized and designated outlets of Citizen Corporation).
The second measure, no matter where you start, all the authentic licensed online sales will be accompanied by a single product barcode, which will be posted on the cover three pages of the guarantee. The barcode information of the single product is the same as the engraved information on the back cover of the watch you purchased. It is just like the ID card of the watch and can help you to quickly verify it through the official website, customer service hotline, and customer service email. If verification fails, do not confirm payment.
The third measure, if you do n’t have any evidence, then send it to Citizen Beijing Maintenance Center for authenticity identification. No charge is required for the identification of the fake. It will also help you to issue an identification report to facilitate rights claims.
2. Identify the authenticity through the differences between the functions of the FS00 and H500M movements.
 —- Suitable for fast authenticity identification of AT0365-56L / E (AT0360-50L / E) watch without opening the back cover.
The quartz FS00 movement and the light kinetic energy H500M movement watches both have timing functions, but there are certain differences.
 ① The timing of the FS00 movement will not stop automatically, while the timing of the H500M movement will stop automatically after one hour.
 ②, pull the crown of the watch to the second section, and then press the 2 o’clock direction button once. If it is FS00 movement, the chronograph second hand will be adjusted one by one. If it is H500M movement, there is no response at this time. Because the H500M movement needs to be in the second stage of the crown, first press the 2 o’clock button for 4 seconds, then you can adjust the chronograph second hand one second by one second.
3. The new three-faced axe for online shopping and seller dialogue.
 —- Friends who plan to buy online, don’t just ‘Are you there?’, ‘Are you available?’, ‘Is it discounted?’ The youngest asked, I suggest asking the seller the following three things before buying.
  ① ‘What is the 5-digit ID authorized by your store Citizen?’
  —- It is convenient for you to check the store identity with the customer service center. This problem also applies to offline counters.
  ② ‘Is there a single product barcode for the Citizen watch you sell?’
  —- Make sure you can perform quick verification.
  ③ ‘Do you sell the Citizen Watch with’ China Guarantee ‘and regular invoices?’
  —- Ensure that you can get 3 years domestic warranty and 1 year international warranty at the designated maintenance outlets of Citizen.

Long’s Successor Focusing On Nivrel’s New Watch

Baselworld 2014 is in full swing. The new watches are the focus of attention. The new watches under the Perpetual Group incorporate elements of dragons, reflecting extraordinary value and noble taste. Next, let us admire Pebide’s new watch along with the real shots sent back by the mission team.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

At This Moment, The Peak Match, Tissot And Legendary Player Changxi Billups Will Witness The Moment Of Victory

[October 8th, Shanghai News] The NBA China race is coming. After the first exciting match in Shenzhen, the much-anticipated Shanghai station will be in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz on October 8th. The center started fighting. The 2016-2017 championship Golden State Warriors, led by the tsunami combination of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, once again confronted the All-Stars The Minnesota Timberwolves led by player Caron Butler. The Warriors defeated the Timberwolves 142: 110 to become the big winner of the NBA China game in Shanghai. Before the start of the game, legendary player Changxi Billups was invited to coach basketball training camp by Tissot, which attracted cheers from the scene. As the first and only official timer partner in NBA history, Tissot watches support the pinnacle of the NBA China game in Shanghai with precision. At the same time, this game is also the first time that the Tissot NBA integrated timing system has been used in China. Tissot is willing to witness every exciting moment of the NBA with you!

Figure 1-2: Tissot watches support the Shanghai NBA China
Legendary star coaches Tissot basketball training camp
 On the morning of October 8, NBA legend Chauncey Billups was invited to coach basketball training camp by Tissot. Billups, who has played for 17 seasons, has played for seven teams and helped the Pistons defeat the Lakers to win the championship and be elected the NBA Finals MVP in the 03-04 season. The star guard with a glorious career not only led the fans on the spot to professional basketball technical training such as dribbling, passing, side slipping, etc., but also re-entered the team, interacted closely in the competition and took pictures with all the fans, and posed for MVP awarded autographed basketball as encouragement.
 At the event, Chauncey Billups said: ‘It’s great to see the NBA welcome a professional and experienced timer partner like Tissot. The NBA events need such a precise and professional timing system, and I believe that with the Tissot The new NBA integrated timing system will make the NBA game more perfect and exciting. ‘

Figure 3-4: NBA legend Changxi Billups invited to coach basketball training camp at Tissot

Picture 5: Chauncey Billups took a photo with MVP on site and donated a signature basketball

Picture 6: Chauncey Billups signs basketball
Dream lineup ignites NBA China Shanghai
 With this in mind, the NBA China Games Shanghai stood at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center to rekindle the war that evening. The exciting showdown in Shenzhen made the final in Shanghai even more exciting, and the performance of both sides in this game lived up to expectations, bringing a wonderful game to the audience. The Warriors, who won the championship throne with fierce blood revenge, came menacingly, and Curry Durant Thompson launched a wave of attacks on this fantasy ‘tsunami combination’. Although the Timberwolves team composed of young powers did not perform well in the regular season last season, the 2015 draft No. 1 Downs and the 2014 draft No. 1 Wiggins relied on their excellent physical fitness and the good skills of the newly joined team Butler , Led the Timberwolves to establish a solid line of defense. In the end, the Warriors lived up to expectations, defeated the young Timberwolves with a big score, and presented a wonderful game to the audience.

Figure 7: The NBA China game in Shanghai was very lively

Figure 8-10: Tissot booth at the NBA International Shanghai
 As the first official chronograph partner in NBA history, Tissot watches have designed NBA special models for teams and their fans all over the world to pay tribute to the partnership. The Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves are in this match. The special watch of the Tissot series NBA team has just the right sporty appearance. The main color of the team’s logo is matched and displayed on the Nato strap. The team’s logo is printed on the back of the watch by screen printing. The modern design not only makes fans feel enchanted, it is also a hot trend item. At the same time, Tissot Tengzhi solar series NBA special models, PRC200 series and PR100 series NBA special models are also Tissot watches tailor-made for fans.

Figure 11-12: Tissot Special Edition Warriors

Figure 13-14: Tissot Special Edition Timberwolves
Tissot’s new NBA comprehensive timing system put into use for the first time in China
 As the official timing partner of the NBA, Tissot fully supports professional sports in the NBA with its superb timing technology and the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. The new timing system developed by Tissot for the NBA was unveiled on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the NBA China Shanghai, opening up a space full of time and charm.

Figure 15-16: Tissot’s new NBA integrated timing system
Tissot watches and NBA work together to bring exciting basketball matches
 For a long time, Tissot’s perfect pursuit of sports timing has never changed and stopped. With this professional spirit of precision timing, Tissot became the first official timer partner in NBA history in October 2015, providing professional timing support for NBA events (NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League). This year, Tissot watches and many NBA basketball pioneers presented several Tissot ‘Moment of Truth’ challenges during the NBA 5V5 game.
 From the first stop of the Tissot watch and the NBA to the launch of the Tissot ‘Match Time’ challenge in Chengdu, the surprise appearance of Eric Gordon appeared, to the NBA active player Chris Middle of the Milwaukee Bucks in Nanjing Khris Middleton’s wonderful performance, and then to Beijing station NBA all-star players Kawhi Leonard and Patrick McCaw ignited the audience, until the final Shanghai station, NBA star players Paul Pierce put an end to the Tissot ‘Moment of Slay’ finals.

Figure 17: Eric Gordon visits Tissot’s watch booth at Tissot’s “Lunch Time” Challenge Chengdu

Figure 18: Tissot’s ‘Match Time’ Challenge Nanjing Station, Chris Middleton stops at the Tissot Watch booth

Figure 19: Tissot ‘Moment of Truth’ Challenge Beijing Station, NBA All-Star Player Kawhi Leonard Surprise Surprise

Figure 20: Patrick McCaw stops at Tissot’s watch stand at Tissot Beijing

Figure 21: NBA star Paul Pierce surprises in Tissot’s ‘Lunch Time’ Finals

Picture 22: Paul Pierce visits the Tissot stand
 The NBA International Series Shenzhen game also ended on October 5th in a wave of cheers. Coupled with this Shanghai station duel, the Warriors with a fantasy lineup and the Timberwolves led by the freshman force dedicated the basketball fans to a wonderful game. Tissot will continue to help every memorable moment in the future with accurate timing!