From March 1, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711a Will Increase Its Price By 30,000

It is not too late to get to the topic. According to news, starting from March 1, 2018, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A and 5712A two models have increased their prices globally.

Patek Philippe 5711A

Patek Philippe 5712A
Based on what I know in Hong Kong, the specific price changes are as follows:

   5711A Hong Kong public price will increase by 37200 Hong Kong dollars.

   5712A Hong Kong public price will rise 49,700 Hong Kong dollars.
Compared with the current public price of mainland Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A and 5712A, the public prices are:
   The 5711A mainland price is RMB 187,100, and the 5712A mainland price is RMB 250,300.
   The current price increase is the global price increase of 5711A and 5712A, and the price of mainland 5711A and 5712A will also increase. I do n’t know how much the current price of the mainland has risen, but according to the news, the price increase is 20%.
If calculated based on the price increase of 20%, after March 1, the public prices of the mainland 5711A and 5712A are as follows:
   The current price of 5711A in mainland China is 187,100 yuan, which has increased to 224,520 yuan.
   The current price of 5712A in mainland China is 250,300 yuan, which increased to 300,360 yuan.

Patek Philippe 5711A

Patek Philippe 5712A
After the price increase, Nautilus 5711A, 5712A will become ‘astronomical’ steel watch.

   This time the price, if according to the current information, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A Hong Kong public price, mainland public price will exceed 200,000. Definitely the most expensive 3-pin calendar steel case sports watch today. At the same time, the public price of 5712A after the price increase is also amazing.

   Compared with the world’s 3 top luxury sports steel watches. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A has a public price of more than 200,000 yuan, Vacheron Constantin’s 4500V public price of 156,000 yuan, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 public price of 133,000 yuan. According to the 5711A public price after the price increase on March 1, the price of more than 200,000 can be said to be twice that of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, which is really amazing.
   5711A and 5712A are the two hardest steel watches in the watch market. After this price increase, it will further increase the difficulty of starting these two watches. No matter where you get this watch, the difficulty and cost of buying a watch will increase further. Everyone knows that the price changes of the two brands, Patek Philippe and Rolex, are real and will have a comprehensive impact on the primary and secondary markets of watches. For everyone, this is really not good news.
   According to the current news, the price increase will start on March 1st, and there is still less than a month to go. If you see now, there are 5711A and 5712A available on the market. If you want to buy, Regardless of first-hand or second-hand, please start as soon as possible, or after a few days, it is not the current price. Although 5711A and 5712A do not exceed the public price, it is already a good thing.

Patek Philippe 5711A

Patek Philippe 5712A
Do the price increases of Nautilus 5711A and 5712A have any impact on us?

   It has an impact, it definitely has an impact. After learning that the price of Nautilus 5711A and 5712A increased, some brothers stated that 5711A and 5712A often exceeded the public price. It does not matter whether the price increases or not. I’ll say an example of this myself. I took a 5712A last year, and the price at that time was basically the public price. Compared with the low period of the market price of 5712A, when the low price of 5172A was reached, the actual price could be as low as 230,000. Later, when this 5712A arrived in the hands of a friend, it was super public. Well, after March 1, 5712A is going to increase its price. I think after the price increase, let alone the more than 230,000 in the trough period, the actual price of about 250,000 last year, it is absolutely impossible.

   After the price increase, we now know the public price in Hong Kong, and we do not know the public price in the mainland. If it is really like the news, if the price increases by 20%, the mainland price of 5712A will be 300,000. At that time, if the 5712A has a super public price, it will be over 300,000. I dare not think about this price, it is really high. A brother of mine had a 5712A in his hand before. Later, he sold 5712A in order to change another watch. Now he told me that he knew that the price of 5712A had skyrocketed and he would not sell it before. He regretted death.
   To tell the truth, the annual price increase of luxury goods is normal, and the average watch brand price increases by 5%. The price of Rolex 116520 was 92800, and the ceramic ring 16500 rose to 95,000. When my wife learned that the price of 5711A and 5712A increased by 20%, she was very calm. She said that before April 2017, several series of bags also went up by 20%. What can you be surprised about?

Sihh 2015 The New Era Of Mechanical Hollowing Out

I believe it won’t be long before the stars in the center of the watchmaking industry have nothing to show themselves except the ‘barest of bones’. But these ‘skeletons’ (both skeleton and hollow) are not terrible. On the contrary, under the watchmaker’s transformation, they have expanded a wider space for the interpretation of watchmaking technology. At the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show in 2015, skeletonized watches made their strongest sound.
Parmigiani Tonda 1950 skeleton watch

   Although the hollow-out process has a long history in the watchmaking industry, it is still tepid. It was not until more than ten years ago that with the advent of a large number of such new watches, it ushered in innovation and revival. The primary function of the hollowing-out process is purely broken decoration, but in fact, it has evolved and changed with the introduction of a new movement component manufacturing process, and this change is complete and thorough. The 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show has proven this to us: skeletonized movements can be excellent and trendy! To what extent? Watchmaking brands that have not mastered the hollow-out process of this movement also choose the dial hollow-out design, just to be able to add the name ‘skeletons’ to their watches.
A window of the movement component
   Gone are the days when the substrate and plywood were decorated with hollow out, and now the movement is almost completely hollowed out. It is worth mentioning that a few old brands have transformed into the pioneers of this modern and bold watchmaking process, and as a result have regained their charm and radiance. During this period of adjustment and transformation, Roger Dubuis played a very significant role, and almost immediately decided to explore this path and transform the hollowed out process into a real brand logo. In fact, Roger Dubuis’ manufacturing process also subverts the concept of “hollowing out” and gives it a new definition. In the past, “hollowing out” refers to hollowing out existing molding movements (to ensure that its structure and Intensity); nowadays, it has been conceived and designed with the concept of a skeleton watch from the beginning of the creative process.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider skeleton flying tourbillon diamond watch

   This naturally gives the movement more flexibility in making, and can perfectly calculate the force exerted on the structure of the movement. In particular, the movement has realized visual production in the three-dimensional category. In summary, the traditional carving has been chamfered. And 3D views are replaced. The Excalibur Spider skeleton flying tourbillon diamond watch launched by Roger Dubuis at the 2015 Haute Horlogerie Show is a great example of focusing on this skeleton theme.
Richard Miller RM 51-02 Tourbillon Diamond

   Other brands also contributed a lot to the current trend of architectural hollowed-out movements, especially to point out that Richard Miller. Continuing from the traditional hollow watch, it is the product of modern watchmaking and transparent design concepts. There is no need for gorgeous words, and the hollow movement mechanism can speak for itself. Somewhat paradoxically, the RM 51-02 tourbillon tourbillon watch released by Richard Miller at this year’s Geneva watch fair does show excellent transparency, but it has to be said that its brilliance is a luxury Covered by diamonds.
Hollow Ever-changing Honor
   Since the beginning of the creation, the concept of hollow-out watches has been conceived. Cartier is also exploring the extensive application of hollow-out movement technology. The new Rotonde celestial tourbillon watch perfectly demonstrates this, with the hollow splint as the time scale, this concept is Cartier’s innovative feat.
Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon

   Traditionally, the hollow-out process is mainly used in ultra-thin movements. To this day, some watchmaking brands still explore and innovate in this field, realizing the superb technique of inlaying gems on ultra-thin movements. Piaget is one of the best. Over the past few years, many such timepieces have been released, including the 1200D launched in 2013, the industry’s first ultra-thin skeleton automatic diamond movement.
Piaget Emperador Coussin 1270S ultra-thin skeleton automatic winding tourbillon watch

   The design of the movement is already so complicated that the retouching process is also very different from the past. Spiral or other forms of curved patterns have given way to increasingly complex geometric shapes (including internal corners that are difficult to be chamfered). For detailed surface finishing details, it also gives the movement and models a unique personality charm. Piaget has also applied hollowwork to more complex watch designs, such as the Emperador Coussin 1270S ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch newly released this year.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 skeleton women’s watch

   Parmigiani launched two Tonda 1950 skeleton watches at the Geneva Watch Fair this year, which also proved that ultra-thin skeleton movements are the current trend. The women’s models are particularly eye-catching. The dial is frosted, exquisite and delicate, and the visual blurring creates a subtle and subtle beauty, leaving people with endless imagination.

Yu Fenglaiyi Frank Mueller Macau Feast Celebrates Chairman Of The Asian Region Lu Xin

FRANCK MULLER, a high-end watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, celebrates Dr. Zhu Liyuehua as President of FRANCK MULLER Asia. In order to be solemn, the founder of the brand, Mr. Franck Muller, came to Macau and hosted a VIP dinner with Dr. Zhu Liyuehua at the Wynn Macau Ballroom on July 20. The FRANCK MULLER brand has always been well received by celebrities in the city. The VIP dinner attracted many celebrities, including Ms. Guan Zhilin, Mr. Yang Shoucheng, Ms. Liang Anqi, Sun Mingyang 伉俪, Xiang Huaqiang 伉俪, Mr. Xiang Zuo, Li Minqiao 伉俪, Lu Liangwei 伉俪, Cai Zhiming 伉俪, Cai Mr. Gazan, Ms. Wang Yuanyuan, Mr. Chen Guoqiang, Mr. Xiao Dingyi, Ms. Fang Liu Xiaomei, Ms. Liu Chen Xiaobao, Ms. Chen Xijie, etc. The guest arrived at the dinner scene and was welcomed by an 11-foot-high flower fairy. The dinner was luxuriously decorated and dazzling. The design concept was based on the poetic Infinity Phoenix series, and the ‘Phoenix’ as the protagonist of the ancient legend known as the ‘King of Birds’. The phoenix with its wings flying high means that FRANCK MULLER will spread its wings in the future. In addition, the dazzling time-marking numbers of the brand logo are also projected around the reception and dinner venues, creating the mysterious space-time world of FRANCK MULLER. A number of models presented a number of precious watch series at the dinner. The watch towers elaborated the skills and creative ideas of each genius. The story behind each piece is wonderful and fascinating. Beautiful model showcases Franck Muller’s precious watch collection
     FRANCK MULLER’s latest masterpiece is the Giga Tourbillon Nine-Day Chain Watch. It is equipped with the largest tourbillon on the watch, with a diameter of 20 mm. To ensure that the watch is powered for up to nine days, unlike the traditional watch, which is powered by only one or two barrels, the Giga Tourbillon Nine-day Chain Watch is equipped with four barrels, two above and below. The two series are connected to each other to form two pairs of barrels working together. This design makes it possible to store kinetic energy more quickly and efficiently during the winding process, and at the same time to provide a stable kinetic energy to drive the watch when releasing energy. The barrel-shaped case is available in 18K yellow, white, rose, or titanium. FRANCK MULLER has proved its strong strength in the field of complex watchmaking with amazing R & D creativity and watchmaking skills.
The 11-foot-high flower fairy is welcoming VIPs
     Infinity Phoenix has conveyed the oriental time concept different from Western culture in a poetic way for FRANCK MULLER. The unique barrel design of Infinity Cintrée Curvex sets off the subtle depiction of the grand and noble Swiss bird-‘Phoenix’ on the dial.

Watchmaking Legend Breguet Beijing Skp Boutique Opening And New Product Preview

Breguet, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, has existed for the royal family since its birth. Many of the world-famous masterpieces have mentioned the name of Breguet. On September 11, 2015, in Beijing’s bustling commercial and shopping mall SKP mall, Breguet held its Beijing SKP boutique ribbon-cutting ceremony.

   On the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Breguet ushered in the opening of another brand-new boutique. The boutique covers an area of ​​19 square meters and is decorated with glass on the wall. It presents the brand’s exquisite timepieces in an almost transparent background. It is also the 8th Breguet store in China.

   After the ribbon cutting, a group of media came to the Breguet VIP room on the third floor of SKP to appreciate this year’s Breguet new watch. Don’t worry, netizens who will participate in the watch home offline event Breguet’s new product preview event tomorrow can also get in touch with the new watch.
   Breguet’s watchmaking process always follows a unique set of styles. Each timepiece is individually numbered and has the brand’s iconic elements, such as a pitted case, hollow eccentric moon hands, Breguet digital scales, The hand-engraved dial and other details are beautiful. This year also coincides with the 10th anniversary of Breguet’s Tradition watch. At the Basel Watch Fair earlier this year, Breguet released three Tradition watches.

   A picture gives you a quick understanding of the Tradition series.

   The 7097 retrograde seconds watch of the Tradition series is also inspired by the subscription single-handed pocket watch, reminiscent of the single-handed pocket watch created by Mr. Breguet in 1796. Specific details: A tribute to tasting Breguet Tradition series 7097 rose gold watch

   Tradition series 7077 chronograph, specially released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of this year’s Breguet Tradition series. Its creative inspiration is a touch watch No.960 delivered by Mr. Louis Breguet to the famous hydraulic engineer Augustin Betancu in 1802 . Specific details: heritage and innovation blend Tadging Chronographe Indépendant 7077

   This Breguet launches the Marine Chronographe ‘200 ans de Marine’ 5823 chronograph, specially commemorating the 200th anniversary of Abraham-Louis Breguet as the Royal Watchmaker of the Royal Navy, precious and platinum , Limited to 200 pieces, all 4 pieces in China have been ordered.

    At the end of the appreciation was an interesting Breguet leather goods class. The media at the scene, under the guidance of a professional handmade leather goods teacher, completed a small leather bag.
   Summary: Since the brand was founded in 1775, Breguet’s endless innovations have not only left a glorious chapter in the history of watchmaking, but also have a profound impact on the future watchmaking industry. Today, following the tradition and determined innovation is the principle that Breguet follows. It has always perfectly integrated design, materials and professional skills with its sophisticated watch and clock technology to bring more joy to brand lovers. Interested domestic watch enthusiasts may wish to go to the Breguet boutique to watch the charm of Breguet’s fine watchmaking from 1775.