Good Morning Beauty, Golden Rooster, 2017 Chopard Lunar New Year Rooster Limited Dilly Watch

Loyal to the traditions of the past years, this year Chopard will continue to launch the limited edition new L.U.C XP Urushi ‘Year of the Rooster’ special edition watch with the theme of the Chinese Zodiac. On January 28, 2017, the year of the rooster officially entered the Chinese lunar calendar, so the chicken became the theme of the dial decoration of this extraordinary dill-painted watch. The dial is hand-painted in Japan by the master Makie, and this old masterpiece is combined with an ultra-thin and exquisite new L.U.C watch.

   Chopard launches an L.U.C XP series Chinese Zodiac-themed limited watch every year, bringing together the traditional essence of Switzerland, China and Japan into one timepiece. Switzerland is represented by Chopard’s LUC high-end watchmaking and its exquisitely decorated ultra-thin movement; Japan uses the exquisite craftsmanship of precious lacquer painting combined with mother-of-pearl inlay; and Chinese culture is displayed on the dial decorated with golden chicken patterns The three merged into a new LUC XP Urushi ‘Year of the Rooster’ watch.

   The ‘chicken’ in the Chinese zodiac sign represents the sacred messenger, which indicates that the cry of the day will scare away the demons. It is said that chickens are honest, candid, and resourceful. They are energetic, strong and do not admit defeat, always full of action and perseverance. They are kind and willing to provide others with good advice. They have inherent leadership. Decision making and decisive execution.

Continue ancient skills

   In the traditional Japanese maki painting art, raw lacquer raw materials are extracted from a resin called ‘Urushi’, which can be made into lacquer through careful collection, aging, and processing. Raw lacquer raw materials are ready to be painted layer by layer, and each layer is extremely thin. Master Maki painted a piece of subtle, mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl in advance, which added the mother-of-pearl sparkle iridescence and glitter to the dial of the L.U.C XP Urushi “Year of the Rooster” watch. The golden rooster on the dial looks magnificent, with its head raised and its wings full, with the sunrise behind it. Gladiolus on the side symbolizes good luck, and there are eight bunches in total, and ‘eight’ is an auspicious number.

   These techniques require extremely rigorous and delicate work methods. Only experienced senior craftsmen with many years of experience can master this technique. Because they have dedicated their lives to devote themselves to improving this technique, they require excellence and perfection in every gesture. This craftsman attitude and virtue is also the philosophy that Chopard insists on. As with previous years’ L.U.C XP Urushi watches, in order to make this precious dial, Chopard worked with its loyal partner Yamada Heiando (Japanese royal lacquer maker). Together, they worked with Japanese national treasure-level lacquer master Kiichiro Masumura to design and direct the production of all dials, and they were hand-drawn by Minori Koizumi, the lacquer master.

Superior machinery from Swiss watchmaking traditions

   Precious and deep oriental skills are combined with noble Swiss high-end watchmaking, which is the watchmaking process of Chopard L.U.C. This extraordinary dial is housed in the LUC XP case. Its slim bezel with the right diameter gracefully embodies the masterpiece of Japanese Maki-e craftsman and is equipped with the excellent performance of LUC 96.17-L movement. .

   This ultra-slim Chopard self-winding mechanical movement uses a pearl oscillating weight, and a micro-automatic winding disk is made of 22K gold. The movement is equipped with a dual barrel and has a power reserve of up to about 65 hours. The movement also follows the highest aesthetic and technical standards for retouching: the side cuts are chamfered and polished, the screws are polished, the bridges are decorated with Geneva ripples, and this is the result of strict requirements and long-term efforts. The heart of the L.U.C watch factory lies in this. It is committed to making the highest quality watches, and it is consistent, striving for perfection both in aesthetic design and symbolism. The hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap adds a touch of extreme elegance to this watch, showing the unique elegance of each L.U.C watch. These masterpieces of watchmaking art with extraordinary decorative details are best suited for modern gentlemen who like to be different.

Technical specifications

18K Rose Gold
Total diameter: 39.50 mm
Thickness: 6.80 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
18K Rose Gold Crown with L.U.C Logo: 4.00mm
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Perspective table bottom
Automatic mechanical movement: L.U.C 96.17-L
Total diameter: 27.40 mm
Thickness: 3.30 mm
Number of gems: 29
Vibration frequency: 28 800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: about 65 hours
Double barrel with patented Twin® technology
22K gold pendulum, chamfered, engraved and machine-engraved
Bridge with Geneva ripples, base plate with round pearl patterns, chamfered components
Dial and hands:
Dill-painted golden chicken dial with mother-of-pearl
Gold-tongue sword-shaped hour and minute hands
Function and display:
Central hours and minutes display
Strap and buckle:
Hand-stitched black alligator strap
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle
Model: 161902-5064 18K Rose Gold
Limited edition of 88 pieces

Can I Live Without Wechat? How To Draw Pictures In The Circle Of Friends Is Enough To Qualify

I do n’t know when people will be more and more inseparable from mobile phones. They have to take a picture when they eat a meal, take pictures when they travel, and take pictures when they have a meeting. When it came, the meal was eaten for nothing. Brushing the circle of friends, all greeted us are pictures of mountains and rivers, beautiful girls, women, children, single dogs, silk pictures, sportsmen, muscle photos, and their ugly faces, all kinds of chicken soup stickers, not sun The beautiful legs are all kinds of cuteness. Even the low-key friends who do not know when to start a little praise party, like one by one, like reading the memorial …

  First, look for presence

  If you feel that you do n’t have a sense of existence one day, do n’t despair of this world, pick up your phone and brush your circle of friends, you will find that this world is too rich, even without you, they still live well! !! !! So you really don’t have a sense of presence. If you want to be there, please move your finger and follow it! (If you don’t ‘same flow and contamination,’ you can do the opposite, you can find people in the same world.) Or don’t care about those senses of nothingness. To be a true gentleman, you must believe in high profile every day. Fafafa does n’t have to be moist and happy, as the saying goes, “What is missing makes up for something” makes sense (of course, sometimes editors are not exempt from vulgarity).

  Brushing the circle of friends is nothing more than four situations, showing happiness, showing affection, complaining about leaders, chicken soup posting inspirational articles, and doing Weishang brush ads.
  Young partners sun lovers, sun tourism, sun food, and even sun friends, mature people sun work, sun tickets, sun success doctrines, sun beauty abroad, older people sun health, sun soul chicken soup … at each stage People can find a way to show their lives and vent their emotions. Whether it is self-deprecating, narcissistic, self-dark, or vomiting, envy, or sentimental, all kinds of states will let you see the colorful life, realize The rich changes of the human inner world. The fast pace of life, the indifference between people, and the luxuriant material life make many people indulge in it and enjoy it.

  The principle of photographing, presumably girls will be very clear, the angle is important, the beautiful pictures in the later stage are important, and the puzzle finding is also very important. So how many real pictures are there? !! We can’t deny that some people actually make friends in order to record their lives, so the matter itself is understandable, everyone has different approaches and ideas. Wechat is also a modern mobile social e-commerce model. It emerged at the historic moment, and it is also a market development that cannot be avoided.

 Circle of friends in the bezel

  The bezel here refers to all friends who love, watch, and look forward to watches, including collectors and professionals who know and love watches. Watches are definitely a great tool for improving the companionship in the circle of friends. For the circle of friends in the bezel, it is different from the daily sun exposure, but in general it is similar.
  Bezel talents, masters in folk

  Experts who understand watches come out every day to appraise various watches, show their knowledge of watches and clocks from time to time, and show their high life in a self-deprecating manner (of course, those with such qualifications are qualified to ‘high-profile’ and qualified to give pointers); Watch people, casually show the watch in all kinds of accidents, today a VC tomorrow IWC, money is so wayward! I do n’t know how to use the brain residual powder to see the watch, you have to pat it, for fear of sending a circle of friends once, you will lose a lot of likes; if you sell fake watches, leave a message everywhere, lest the world be chaotic, this kind of professionalism has It was pretty hard! There is also a little white who silently pays attention to the various states around him. This praise and comment all make him an eye-opener. Of course, there are a lot of gentlemen who are ‘cold’ and not in the circle of friends. They just read this circle as a life-modifying product. How many feelings and experiences they have are silent in their hearts. The real masters are low-key, Hermitage.

  However, it has been said that how to display a watch can make the display compelling, so we cannot bypass this topic. First of all, the simplest and most rude thing is to go directly to the watch. Who can handle the temptation of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Rolex and other highly toxic watches? For good watches, everyone is never tired of it. It is necessary to briefly talk about the difference between a good watch and a general watch here. The general watch may be hundreds or thousands, which is really just to facilitate life and become a tool for watching time. And a good watch, or a table with higher added value, is not just a tool to look at time. Perhaps many people still clearly remember a classic of Patek Philippe, ‘No one can own a Patek Philippe, just to keep it for the next generation.’ Such a watch is a heritage of emotion, a collection of masterpieces of watches and clocks.

  First of all, directly on the table, the more the better the more expensive the better, less nonsense.
  A brand and a style represent the identity and status of a person. A good watch can naturally gather the attention of everyone as quickly as possible. The brand’s most intuitive feeling is the price, followed by the style and craftsmanship.

  Water ghosts can be used as Rolex classics, embodying the style of once and forever, and have never been surpassed. Oyster case, Cerachrom ring, fish-eye calendar, Mercedes hands, unique chain links … the beauty of each design is irresistible; in addition, Rolex’s watch design is relatively stable, the appearance does not change Large, the public price of each watch will not change too much, so it will not be outdated because of the introduction of new products. Niggas are restrained and low-key, green ghosts are playful and fashionable, and noble publicity … Except for water ghosts, Heidi Baidi, Submariner, Greenwich, and every Rolex have your favorite reasons.

  Secondly, many people usually inadvertently wear their watches when they are drying their watches. Maybe they accidentally bring some accessories. Luxury cars are equipped with watches, self-portraits for beautiful girls, and baby watches for borrowing. In short, let the watch in a scene of life , Natural and subtle, but also reveals a hint of tallness.

  At this time, it may make the onlookers less aggressive than the direct exposure of the watch, and instead feel that the visual conflict is a bit smaller. Of course, maybe those who don’t pay attention to the table will also look at the background behind the table at will, luxury cars, beautiful women, or beautiful scenery, can also help you get the attention in the circle of friends.

  Third, obviously there is another way to win attention, and that is to play the watch with an attitude of ‘no cynical’ or ‘this is nothing’. The less you play, the better.
  If you feel that the above simple posing and exposure of the watch are not exciting and exciting, then you can also choose to play the watch. As for playing this way, you will probably know a lot of tricks after you touch it. You can sink the watch to the bottom of the water, hang it on the edge, or go for a variety of stimulating sports. interesting.
  Fourth, whether you brush or not, the circle of friends is there, no more, no less.
  In fact, everyone’s attitude towards the circle of friends is mixed, but in fact it’s just as bearish. Especially when encountering that kind of friend who thinks he is an expert, every day in the circle of friends to review and comment, always want to send a friend to him! Bored friends don’t actually need to block or pull black friends for years, just don’t look at it. When you want to see it, you can also swipe it out at any time and find out how far you have not left the circle. Everything is lying there. Who you want to know, just open a circle of friends and swipe a dozen pages. When you don’t want to watch, it is not necessary to completely affect your life and emotions. Since you don’t want to follow the wave, just sit back and watch.
  Third, the sequelae of the circle of friends

  Of course, if you keep your watch in the circle of friends every day, I am afraid that some friends can’t help but ask you if you want to sell your watch? Then … Then, when there was no more, he deleted you and was habitually blocked as a quotient. Now many people really hate being swiped or viewed as a spectator. Those who groan without disease and have nothing to do with itch will become bored after watching more, so many people are more and more disliked watching friends. Because it has long lost its original meaning, it has evolved into a social tool to a greater extent. It is only a tool for communication and does not carry so much emotional color.

Summary: Finally, looking at such a cold and cold way of socializing, if friends really want to care about a person, don’t like to like crazy, isn’t it better to chat face to face? Let the phrase ‘schedule another day and have time to invite you to dinner’ become a reality! (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Extreme Engine Roar Cool Racing Table

Girard Perregaux has been in alliance with the Monte Carlo Cross Country since 2005. On the frozen sea in Oulu, Finland, the famous driver Juha Kankunen set a record speed on ice in a Bentley Continental GTC supercar. This supercar and this talented driver are equipped with Breitling timepieces.
Blancpain sends drivers to GT1 World Championship
Design Elements
Racing watch has an intriguing ability. It collects the racing cars that men love, and forms an eternal theme of speed and passion. In addition to having a more dynamic shape, dashboards, tires, and other parts of cars often become elements of inspiration for racing watches. The dynamic carbon fiber dial and the embossed strap of the tire make people seem to hear the roar of car engines.
Blancpain Super Trofeo Racing Watch
Blancpain’s racing watch is definitely a breakthrough for the brand itself. This is almost the oldest watch brand in the world. It has always been a model of low-key and emphasis on formal wear. After cooperation between Lamborghini and Blancpain, the racing watch is extremely powerful. The unique decorative pattern of the Super Trofeo racing watch is exactly like the Lamborghini Gallardo’s taillights. The background of the watch’s pendulum uses the two-color checkered flag pattern of Lamborghini. Even the Alcantara strap also echoes the interior of the Lamborghini premium car. Its relationship with Lamborghini’s ‘blood’ is clear at a glance.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the famous driver Elton Senna, the Hublot King Elton Senna watch is completely made of carbon fiber widely used in the F1TM arena. The polished ceramic bezel is decorated with several small holes. Symbol of F1TM ceramic brake discs; the strap is made of Nomex flame retardant coating, which is the fabric used for F1TM driver racing suits.
Omega The Legend coaxial chronograph
LegendOmega Speedmaster The Legend coaxial chronograph rubber strap with F1 racing tire pattern. The black carbon fiber on the dial is reminiscent of the lightweight and sturdy materials used in today’s top racing cars. TAG Heuer’s latest concept chronograph series uses a black vacuum-coated (PVD) case. Calibre 36 movement is suspended in an ‘energy-added’ steel casing like a suspension. This design is very similar to protecting the driver’s cockpit.
Complex functions
In 1901, the pioneer of the modern aviation industry, the explorer and the founder of the Romanian Automobile Club, Prince George Valentin Bibescu, drove the car at an incredible speed of 25 km per hour from Geneva to Bucharest. It is said that Prince Bibescu took note of this adventure and also mentioned how he used the pocket watch to constantly calculate the speed. (The car was not equipped with an odometer at the time). Is this story a rumor or a fact? I’m afraid no one can confirm it, but this legend may be the inspiration for the invention of the car odometer.
As early as the early 20th century, the founder of the timepiece, George Dugomon, applied for a patent for a movement developed specifically for automobiles. This movement can work continuously for one week after being wound up. Japanese chain movement. This movement is used by many car manufacturers. This car watch uses a solid structure, fixed to the car dashboard system, and the pointer is at 6 o’clock, making the 8-day chain able to adapt to the harsh environment of the car journey, including dust, humidity, bumps and vibration.
TAG Heuer new concept chronograph
Nowadays, the evolution of watchmaking technology has made watches and racing cars closer. Resistance to bumps is the first requirement. The TAG Heuer Calibre 36 movement is 36,000 semi-swings per hour, an amazing speed, equivalent to the Le Mans prototype speeding at 350 kilometers per hour. This watch is just like a ready-to-run car, and it can run at 400 kilometers per hour on the legendary Mulsanne Straight of the endurance race. Like the Bentley racing car, the Breitling Bentley watch is also equipped with a powerful and extraordinary ‘engine’. The outstanding power generated by its pendulum and rim rotation ensures that the watch can accurately time in extreme sports.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Super fast speed needs super precision. The Breitling Bentley’s ’30-second chronograph hand’ is amazing. It has a 30-second chronograph hand that can make a circle around the dial. This design subverts the traditional concept of a 60-second lap and makes the time measurement accurate. The degree reaches 1/8 second. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963 and has since become inextricably linked to speed racing. The short-distance chronograph function of the chronograph movement of the watch can calculate accurately to 1/8 second; the speedometer scale on the outer ring can read the speed data immediately after a certain driving distance.
Girard Perregaux Flyback Chronograph
Additional features. The chronograph is already complicated, and the chase time function is even more difficult. The chronograph technology is patented in Chronoswiss’s Timemaster Split Second chronograph. The Timemaster Split Second chronograph is equipped with a rotating bezel tachymeter, which allows drivers to compare it with the racing dashboard speedometer. GP Girard Perregaux Monte-Carlo 1973 flyback chronograph with speed measurement function, as long as the flyback button is pressed once, the chronograph seconds hand in operation will immediately reset to zero and the second timing program will be started, which is convenient for users to perform timing operations more accurately. .

Complicated Skills Take You To Enjoy The Four Most Incredible Watches

Recently, I have often seen on the Internet that some netizens have released ‘personal clothes’ designed by some fashion design masters, and then spit out ‘Is fashion and other mortals understandable’. In fact, if we admire these from the perspective of art, although it may not be acceptable, we may not think it is so ‘personal.’ In fact, there are also some watches in the watch industry that ‘may I and mortals understand.’ Today I will introduce these watches to you.
Audemars Piguet Audemars 25996PT.OO.D002CR.01 watch

Watch Series: Classic
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 950 platinum
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 12,600,000
Watch details:
Comment: Even people who haven’t seen this watch will be surprised at the price. 12.6 million yuan, how could this watch have such a price? First of all, let me tell you from the function, this watch has the functions of date display, day of the week display, month display, annual calendar display, perpetual calendar, timekeeping, three questions, full skeleton, so multifunctional gather on a watch This kind of watch is believed to be rare in all top watches. Minute repeaters, perpetual calendars and tourbillons are recognized as the top sophisticated technologies in the watch industry. This watch has three questions and a perpetual calendar function, which itself shows the value of this watch. In addition, this watch is a limited edition of Audemars Piguet, the price can be imagined. The ‘configuration’ of this watch is also ‘configuration’ for the top watch, Cal. 2885 automatic winding movement, PhilipsCurve hairspring and KIFElastor suspension. The case is made of platinum, which is made of precious metal. Although the watch is good, I and other ‘mortals’ can only watch from a distance and not play.

Watch series: AETERNITAS / MEGA
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Watch details:

Watch Series: Kunlun Bridge
Movement type: manual mechanical
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K yellow gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 32×37 mm
Hong Kong quote: HK $ 1,900,000
Watch details:
Comment: Weakly ask, how can this movement be like this? When I saw this watch, it completely broke my original concept. For now, I only find that the Kunlun Bridge series is equipped with this type of movement, which is too thorough. The movement is at a glance, and the gears and gears can be seen clearly. Maybe this is the advantage of this watch. Ordinary skeletonized watches usually have a little obscuration when watching the movement, but this one is really ‘all naked’. Although I don’t know much about the manufacturing process of the movement, I definitely believe that this kind of machinery belongs to the super complicated ranks.
Parmigiani BUGATTITYPE370 series PFH365-1201403 watch

Watch Series: BUGATTITYPE370
Movement type: manual mechanical
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table mirror: 36mm
Watch details:
Comment: The dial and the bottom are at 90 degrees. Have you ever seen such a watch design? This watch is a super sports watch jointly launched by Parmigiani and Bugatti. When the mechanical parts of the watch are turned on the vertical axis, the driver can focus on the dashboard. In this way, the rider can easily read the time, and the safety has also been improved. This design requires a 90-degree time setting system, and elements such as dual gears need to be added. breakthrough.
Summary: Although the several watches introduced have not received specific prices, I believe they are definitely expensive. In terms of watch technology, these watches can be said to be impeccable, but the price has stopped many people. So even if we understand these watches, we may appreciate them very much, but we don’t want to own it.

Louis Vuitton Fine Watchmaking Technology

Inspired by the great invention of the 19th century magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, the Louis Vuitton Tambourine Mysterieuse watch also looks like a magical thing. When I first saw the watch, I felt nothing. When I fixed my eyes on the transparent sapphire dial, the hands were suspended in the air, and the movement and the operation of any mechanical system could not be seen at any angle.
Unparalleled strength, time seems to be veiled in mystery. This is the first time in history for Louis Vuitton, a leather goods luxury maker, to independently design, manufacture and assemble a wristwatch factory in Switzerland table.
The traditional and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and technology are retained and developed. The ‘LV109’ movement is a masterpiece of technology with 109 components, and each element is carefully crafted by hand.
Its most special feature is its exceptional power reserve: up to 8 days and 8 hours. This is undoubtedly a lucky number, an excellent proof of its superb watchmaking technology, and a technological breakthrough.

White gold alligator strap Tambour Mystérieuse
© LOUIS VUITTON / Francis Azemard

There are two options: the first one is designed with extremely simplified lines to show exquisite craftsmanship; the second one is for women, focusing on the charm of jewelry art. Although such a picture can project the appearance of the silhouette, only the master of Tambour Mystérieuse truly masters the personality of the watch.
In order to ensure that each Tambour is unique in the world, Louis Vuitton provides each customer with special services of free choice of configuration.
Gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, or even diamond cut, bright cut or rectangular cut … Everyone can choose according to their preferences, and of course the strap With plenty of leather to choose from, a Tambour Mystérieuse watch could have so much variability.
In particular, in order to highlight the uniqueness of the customer, the watch’s sapphire can be inlaid with the customer’s initials. It has gone far beyond a mere accessory. Tambour Mystérieuse is an extreme lifestyle.
Finally, to pay tribute to this extraordinary watchmaking technology, Louis Vuitton magically transformed its exclusive collection box: a real watch box specially prepared for Tambur Mystérieuse in the historic Louis Vuitton Asnières workshop.
A lot of work has been done on the watch box, respecting all traditional practices, and each standard means the long-term success of the brand. The entire watch case is like a treasure chest. The outer leather pattern and color, as well as the inner lining can be selected by the customer, even including the legendary LV lock, which can be equipped with the same lock as the suitcase, which is convenient for guests to use a key. You can open all suitcases, including this watch case.
Constant pursuit of excellence has earned Louis Vuitton a lot of top watch brands. Only a few elites-watch connoisseurs and luxury watch collectors-are fortunate enough to have a glimpse into the true face of Lushan, the magical masterpiece Tambour Mystérieuse.

Hautlence Launches Avant-garde Retrograde Watch

Avant-Garde is a watch series with smooth appearance and powerful functions, which is derived from the magic of the modern universe, and its inspiration is mainly from the avant-garde design curves and aesthetic standards.

From left to right: AVANT-GARDE-HLRS 01-Rose Gold, AVANT-GARDE-HLRS 02-Blue, AVANT-GARDE-HLRS 03-Orange Beehive

The first three watches in this new collection, created in Hautlence’s modern watch studio, provide an innovative way of displaying time that looks weightless. Two multi-layered dials create exquisite dramatic depth and transparency to reveal the architectural balance of the watch. Looking inside, the unique transparent sapphire mirror comes into view: there is a dynamic logo on it, as well as the luminous minute hands and hour markers; the lower layer includes a translucent area and is made of highly polished rhodium or rose gold Metal coating. Below it is a silver-plated milky white base dial or a symbolic honeycomb, which further enhances the feeling of weightlessness. Luminous numerals and hour markers ensure the legibility of the watch, while jumping hours, retrograde minutes and small seconds enhance the watch’s 3-D visual effect.
The case is made of stainless steel and titanium, with a smooth curve and ergonomic design – some models have a black DLC coating – giving the new series strength and brightness. The new series includes all the brand’s characteristic elements: Hautlence Self-winding mechanical movement with manual winding, Hautlence linkage system, hand-drawn strokes and hand-chamfering.
Through the Avant-Garde collection, the brand launches high-end finished timepieces. Hautlence aims to consolidate its future development and enrich its creative work.
Source: Hautlence

Montblanc Vintage Chronograph Precision Time Pioneer

Montblanc launched the Villeret 1858 watch series. This name stands for a watch made according to traditional tabulation rules. Each watch in this series requires a high degree of specialized craftsmanship and processing, and each part is processed to achieve a high degree of perfection, which can only be controlled by a few experts. The movement for each watch also needs special development. The movement and its parts are polished by hand hundreds of times by a professional master. Therefore, production is naturally limited.
In 2010, the series added a Vintage chronograph.
Movement: chronograph movement Minerva Caliber 16-29, accurate to one thousandth of a second
Swing frequency: 18,000 A / h
Case: 43.5mm 18K rose or white gold case
Limited: 58 pieces in rose gold / platinum each

New Material High-end Watch Dior High-tech Ceramic Watch Appreciation

Dior has been synonymous with luxury and elegance since the brand was born. Dior possesses French fashion and romantic feelings, which are similarly reflected in each product. Whether it’s fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has always been at the top of the fashion scene. In addition to high fashion, Dior products include watches, perfumes, bags, fur, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes and children’s clothing. To a certain extent, Dior watches also have the same cultural pursuits as previous clothing, cosmetics and other products, and they are all showing a French romantic culture, just like the Dior VIII Grand Bal series watches recommended for everyone today.

Dior VIII Grand Bal
 The design of the Dior VIII Grand Bal watch series is very artistic, and in addition to rich colors, it also uses new high-tech ceramic materials. The overall looks are luxurious and luxurious, but without losing the high-end atmosphere. Choice. May wish to wear a dress style similar to Mr. Dior’s design in the 1950s, such as: exquisite lace dress with social circles, or evening dress with embroidered silk and lace. This watch is equipped with the unique movement of Dior Inversé designed and manufactured by Soprod, which embodies the symbolic meaning of poetry and painting, and the patented practical rotor is looming, becoming an exquisite decoration on the dial. Gemstones are set in golden holes, and some are also decorated with feathers-a delicate decoration commonly used in this Montian Avenue studio design dress. The never-ending swing of the Dior Inversé movement is reminiscent of dancing ball gowns.

The design of the Dior VIII Grand Bal series watches is also different from the previous ones, mainly because the dials and diameters of some watches have changed, which is also in pursuit of different visual experiences. The 38mm dial is decorated with opal, agate, jade or sapphire; the 33mm dial is snow-inlaid with sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange pink spinel, mayenite or pink sapphire. apply for patent. Both bezels are set with long stepped gemstones-sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange spinel, amethyst or ettringite. They are hollowed out and placed on the dial.

In summary: Dior VIII Grand Bal series watches are a major change in Dior’s watch style. Dior has too much adhered to the traditional watch design before, and has not adopted the style of Dior. The launch of this series has really surprised many people, which also indicates that Dior watches have gradually begun to change direction and truly meet the needs of watch lovers.

Cool Black Machinery Zenith Academy Tourbillon Georges Favre-jacot Watch Appreciation

This year’s BASELWORLD embodies the brand’s watchmaking strength with the Academy Tourbillon Georges Favre-Jacot watch. The powerful appearance and innovative materials highlight the unprecedented movement-El Primero 4805, combining two of the watchmaker’s most iconic complications: tourbillon and sesame. This world-renowned limited timepiece of only 150 pieces features a 45mm black ceramic case that clearly reveals a modern, high-vibration movement.

   The masculine black ceramic case houses the El Primero star speed movement with tourbillon and sesame chain. For the first time, Zenith’s two complication features appeared simultaneously on the high-frequency movement developed by the brand.

   The 45 mm black ceramic case perfectly embodies the powerful construction and ingenious mechanical beauty of the El Primero 4805 self-winding movement.

   The black dial reveals the tourbillon at 6 o’clock and the sesame chain transmission mechanism at 10:30 and 1:30. Three inky bridges are fixed on the main splint with polished screws to support the shaft of the sesame mill and barrel, and the tourbillon frame orbits once a minute.

   The central hour and minute display indicates time through striking black faceted luminous hour markers and hands.

   With a power reserve of more than 50 hours, the red tip pointer at 4.30 points to ‘High’ to ‘Low’ to indicate the remaining energy.

   The sapphire crystal case back makes the dark gray main splint and bridge plate alternately sandblasted, chamfered and matte polished.

   Academy Tourbillon Georges Favre-Jacot is water-resistant to 50 meters, equipped with a perforated rubber strap and PVD-coated titanium three discounts. Only 150 pieces are issued worldwide.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Hublot Said: We Insist On Future Watches

Hublot is a unique example in the Swiss watchmaking industry, and there will always be innovative masterpieces on the BASELWORLD every year. Hublot Board Chairman Jean-ClaudeBiver, an old man with a double-headed gray. When a reporter from the Daily Economic News (hereinafter referred to as NBD) confronted him, his dedication and frankness made people respectfully, and his ambition was never lost to any young helmman.

NBD: How do you understand the contradiction between tradition and innovation?

Jean-ClaudeBiver: Tradition is the continuation of commonality, and innovation is the creation of individuality. Innovation needs to be combined with functional considerations. We respect tradition and insist on continuous improvement in accurate timekeeping of watches. We maintain our own product style and bring ancient watchmaking skills into the future, so we make watches with a futuristic feel. .

NBD: At present, classic watches in the Chinese market are still very popular. How will Hublot respond?

Jean-ClaudeBiver: Indeed, the Chinese market currently accounts for only 6% of Hublot’s global market. For this market, we are still in the stage of fostering investment. Classics are easy to accept, and also mainstream and personality, but we will not change our personality to cater to the mainstream. Commonness will obscure the self. I believe that the Chinese people’s need for self-expression will become stronger and stronger, and the requirements for watches will be different. They will consume the brand they need, not the mainstream. The only thing we have to do is look forward to the growth and maturity of Chinese consumers.

NBD: Hublot has relatively few stores in China. What expansion plans are there in the future?

Jean-ClaudeBiver: At present, we only have 10 stores in China. We hope to add Hublot stores in 15 to 20 cities in China in the next 5 years. New stores in Chengdu and Ningbo will open at the end of the year. I also hope that after ten years, Hublot’s business in China can account for 30% of the world. Hublot is successful globally, and it can be said with certainty that we will also succeed in China.