Pointing To A New Era Of Watchmaking In The Future Dialogue With Zenith Ceo – Mr. Julien Tornare

Zenith watches in the global watch industry have always been known for ‘high precision, rugged and reliable’, and the word ‘precise’ is due to Zenith in 1969 The world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement, El Primero (‘the first’), launched in the year. It bounces at a speed of 36,000 oscillations per hour, and its accuracy is as high as 1/10 seconds, making it a legend of the enduring generation of watchmaking. This year, at the 50th anniversary of the birth of the King of El Primero Chronograph, we interviewed Mr. Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith, and started a dialogue on the future development of Zenith watches.

Mr. Julien Tornare
Watch House: Hello, Mr. Julien Tornare, I am very honored to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EL PRIMERO with you. So in your opinion, what are the biggest changes and gains of Zenith in the past 50 years?
Julien Tornare: Zenith has made a name for itself with the legendary El Primero movement (the brand launched the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement El Primero in 1969, creating a landmark in the history of watches). Li Shi has developed more than 600 movements. Today, in the field of chronograph watches, Zenith has again created a chronograph movement with an accuracy of 1/100 second based on the El Primero movement, and launched the world’s most accurate watch-Defy El Primero 21 , And later Defy Inventor, raised the level of precision of mechanical watches to a whole new level. We take pride in innovation and avant-garde design, build the future on the basis of past achievements, and strive to create a new era in precision and time measurement.
Watch House: For your convenience, what kind of surprise will the EL PRIMERO movement bring to us in the future?
Julien Tornare: Although the El Primero movement has been evolving since its invention, it continues to inspire new creative ideas, making watches equipped with this movement a collector’s watch cherished by connoisseurs, but Zenith has never before Re-released works faithful to the original El Primero watch. In the 50-piece limited edition box set released this year, it includes the first El Primero chronograph replica in 1969, an improved El Primero flagship watch with improved movement and Defy accurate to 1 / 100th of a second. El Primero 21 watch. In addition to these three watches, the fourth watch case reserved in the box belongs to the future. This vacancy heralds Zenith’s next feat in the ultra-high frequency domain-the launch of a 1/1000 second chronograph movement!
Watch House: Can you give us a brief introduction, why is the new Defy Inventor so important to Zenith? How will Zenith present to the audience?
Julien Tornare: Zenith was able to develop and produce complete mechanical movements equipped with speed control mechanisms, demonstrating the ultimate strength of the brand. The DEFY Inventor watch, as the mass production model of the DEFY Lab (experimental model, limited to 10 pieces worldwide) launched in 2017, its successful launch represents a remarkable achievement of Zenith, namely Sexual ‘Zhenli Shizhen’ (made of monocrystalline silicon, one-piece, its details are more fine than human hair, used to replace the balance with hairspring. Conventional speed control mechanism contains about 30 components, need to be assembled, Adjust, set, test and lubricate, the thickness is usually 5 mm; in contrast, the new speed governing mechanism contains only individual components and is only 0.5 mm thick.) Replaces the three and a half century hairspring used in the mechanical watchmaking industry The balance wheel. In the short term, we will first produce hundreds of Defy Inventor and bring it to market.
DEFY Inventor is just the beginning of this exciting change. In a sense, this change is still in an experimental stage, because it breaks the traditional concept of watchmaking, boldly innovates and revolutions, so it is still constantly improving and developing. But for now, we must actively respond to these technological needs that are far higher than our existing watchmaking processes. In the future, we will apply this groundbreaking technology to different watch designs in different forms.
Watch House: In addition to the Defy series, the Zenith Pilot series is also very popular. Like the brand’s silver model this year, will there be new changes or breakthroughs in this series in the future? What will be the focus of innovation?
Julien Tornare: The pilot series is one of Zenith’s most important product lines. We have been manufacturing watches for pilots since the early days of aviation. It is also the only watchmaking brand currently allowed by law to have the Pilot logo engraved on the dial. This year, we have introduced new members of the Pilot Series-Pilot’s Type 20 Adventurer Watch, and Pilot’s Type 20 Adventurer’s Chronograph-both of which represent true flying DNA. We will continue to attach great importance to the development of this product line, and we will definitely introduce more new products in the future.
Watch House: We all know that the second-hand market and the e-commerce market are huge today, so what do you think of the current trade business in this area?
Julien Tornare: Although we are not involved in the second-hand watch market, strengthening our online business is a key element of Zenith’s future strategy. Our cooperation with online luxury fashion platform Farfetch is the ideal embodiment of this strategy. And, to celebrate Zenith’s launch on the US e-commerce platform, we recently released a DEFY Classic Swizz Beatz timepiece exclusively sold on this platform. For us, the importance of Zenith’s watchmaking tradition is unquestionable, but being actively involved in digital commerce that represents future trends is also an exciting initiative.
Watch House: Ask a personal question, what led you to Zenith?
Julien Tornare: Zenith is an excellent watchmaking brand, it has a legendary watchmaking epic and an infinite watchmaking future. In just a century and a half, it has won more than 2,333 timekeeping awards. The El Primero movement, born in 1969, is by far the leader in mechanical timing. Zenith’s extraordinary foundation in watchmaking skills and its accurate grasp of the future direction of the watch industry have pushed it to continue to push the limits of the precision of mechanical watches and produce more accurate chronograph movements-such as the vibration frequency reached 1/100 second of Defy El Primero 21. A brand not only writes its own future, but also the future of the entire Swiss watch industry. Why do I not join Zenith?

Mr. Julien Tornare
  This dialogue with Mr. Julien Tornare made us deeply feel that whether it is the first El Primero model in history in 1969 or the Defy El Primero 21 watch in 1/100 second, it is perfectly transmitted to the public. Out: The passion for watchmaking that Zenith never stopped. Let us wait and see, what kind of surprise will the next 1/1000 second chronograph movement bring us!

Rolex: It’s Not Unchanged, But Most People Can’t See It

Sometimes I see people voicing that Rolex is the same and has nothing new. One style can be sold for decades. You know, only those watches that have been recognized by consumers around the world can achieve the so-called ‘traditional’. Because if it is not approved, it can only be ‘stop production’ or constantly modify the appearance to win consumer freshness. They all say that Rolex ‘has eaten fresh all over the sky’, but Rolex is not unchanged, but most people can’t see it. When we hold the Rolex watch head and lay the metal strap horizontally, we find that the strap sags. The more frequently used Rolex straps sag, the worse! Sometimes it will become like this or even completely ‘don’t lift’. This will cause this situation, because the table sections are connected by screw bolts, and there is a certain gap between the screw bolts and the table hole positions. Although lubricating oil is added between the gaps, under long-term use, this gap will gradually increase, which will cause the strap to sag, which is very unattractive. In order to solve the problem of sagging straps, Rolex added ceramic tubes to the sections of platinum and gold oyster straps and Day-Date head straps. On the one hand, this white ceramic tube can reduce friction and wear between the bolt and the watch section, and improve the wearing comfort. On the other hand, the new watch band using ceramic tube can eliminate the need to add lubricating oil inside, completely avoiding the loss of lubricating oil and the leakage of lubricating oil during washing, which will cause the wearer’s wrist and clothing to be stained. The Oyster strap was introduced in the late 1930s. The head-type strap was specially made for the Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar type introduced in 1956. The appearance of the modern strap is similar to that of decades ago. But Rolex is not unchanged, but most people can’t see the details in the watch section. At present, the ceramic tube is only used in the platinum and gold oyster straps and the Day-Date head straps. The steel and even ordinary precious metal straps are not visible. According to Rolex’s popularization strategy, it should gradually roll out in the future. Rolex released the first self-made self-winding chronograph cal. 4130 in 2000. At the beginning of the release, it adopted a vertical clutch structure, which greatly improved the hand shaking when the chronograph function was activated. However, the existence of backlash between gears will still bring a lot of disadvantages: 1. Inter-tooth impact will occur, affecting the smoothness of gear transmission. 2. Cause the seconds to be inaccurate. 3. Increase the deformation and wear caused by the force between the gears. To solve this problem, Rolex engineers applied for a patent in 2009 to develop and produce this special gear. On the left is the new Rolex Daytona gear, and on the right is the old gear. This special gear is a bit simpler. It describes that each tooth has evolved into three spring metal plates. Using its elasticity, this gear can make it better with other gears. Coupling with each other reduces gear backlash. Although this new gear looks simple, the processing technology requires a high level. Everyone can imagine how difficult it is to divide three regular slices on a tooth tip with a width of less than 0.5 mm! It is made using UV-LIGA technology. Using offset plate and ultraviolet light to make the shape of the escape wheel, and then ‘growing’ in the mold little by little, such UV-LIGA technology can ensure the high precision and surface finish of the parts while mass production. With this innovation, the transmission between Daytona’s watch gears is smoother and the timing accuracy is improved. When the second hand returns to zero, it is more aligned with the scale. In addition, the durability of the entire movement is improved. This small change of Rolex’s Daytona model has been fully rolled out, and the new Daytona has replaced the new gear. Even the old Daytona will be updated for free as long as it is taken to a Rolex Service Center for maintenance. Of course, the official Rolex will not tell you … the internal structure of the two-way rotating outer ring of the Rolex GMT model, without any support, simply rely on friction. When operating, it feels bad. The new Rolex GMT has revolutionized the internal design of the rotating outer ring without changing its appearance. The special recessed word ring and triangular spring change one original load point into three at 120 ° intervals, so that the torsion is evenly spread and the stability is improved. Classics are those enduring products that are widely recognized. Any small change may be overturned. But it does not mean that the classics cannot be changed, and those innovations hidden inside and hidden in details may be difficult to find by most people. But it is these subtle changes that make ‘the extraordinary behind simplicity.’ Answered the sentence ‘I can’t say what’s good, but I just feel hello’. —END —

Sharing A Quiet Time Blancpain And My Little World

Nowadays ladies’ watches with men’s watches have become a new personality trend. Domineering diving watches have gradually become the darling of women’s wrists. In the field of diving watches, the three most respected people are Blancpain, Rolex and Omega. Among them, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series is the brand’s well-known diving watch series. 5000-1110-B52A watches are mainly simple and functional. Tune, complemented by modern aesthetic design, shows the unique style of diving watches and fifty cents, more colorful in the world of women.

  In the women’s world, the biggest part is accessories. The combination of watches and bracelets can highlight the taste of women’s fashion. The 43 mm stainless steel case has a satin-finished surface, which reduces the sense of technology brought by polishing. It is more tough and rough, and it is more resolute under the brilliant sparkle of the bracelet. Complement each other.

  The surface of the watch is decorated with charcoal gray satin sunburst. The second fingertips are designed in red dots, the middle of the hour and minute hands is long, and the fingertips are rod-shaped. The black dial reveals the lonely strength of the King. In the embellishment of this perfume, there is no flavor, snowflake flavor perfume, the cold fragrance with a touch of style.

  Although the embellishment of accessories is important, the cultivation of flowers is also essential. Women love the beauty, fragrance and meaning of flowers. Owning this watch will make it fully integrated into my small world. Against the backdrop of this elegant tulip, is the watch more unique?

  Fifty centimeters with thick, straight ears, large dial, transparent case back and black canvas strap, it also goes well with my exquisite ‘boots’. The luminous coated hands and hour markers are more beautiful at night. .

  After reading accessories, perfumes and flowers, the meaning of women cannot be ignored. As the watch rotates, I will use my time more reasonably. Books are also an important part of life. Whenever I read a book, I place it on the side of the book and accompany me in the fragrance of the book along with this afternoon.

  In his free time, a glass of wine with a movie. Red wine is a woman’s darling. The fresh sour, the aroma of grapes, and the taste of oak are all contained in the wine, perfectly blending. In the process of wine tasting, the mind is calmed down to feel the moment.

  It is customary to place it in a place where the light can reach so that you can watch it carefully. The 5000-1110-B52A watch completely uses the brand’s homemade automatic movement, numbered Cal.1315. The system is extremely powerful, making it an ideal time companion in life.

Summary: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5000-1110-B52A watch design reflects sports style, full of masculinity, is a good choice for sports enthusiasts. At the same time, this model has a water resistance of 300 meters. It is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The seal between the case back and the case has a three-layer seal. It has excellent water resistance. Can accompany you to the bottom of the sea. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

For more watch details, please click: blancpain / 29295 /

The Meaning Of Travel Midsummer Holiday Watch Choice

The world is so big, with a limited time, to see the infinite scenery. When the destination is sketched on the map, follow that momentary heart ripple, and take Bucherer to start a walk away!
Three major time zones for easy control
   Complex world time zones often confuse business people who travel and travel around the world. The Bucherer Plavi TravelTec three time chronographs can accurately display the time in different time zones, providing the best solution for passengers-the assembled CFB 1901 movement was developed by Bucherer and obtained the Swiss official Observatory certification; screw-in crown sets the hour hand, the hour hand will be separated from the drive wheel system, advance forward or backward in units of one hour (that is, the hand jumps 30 degrees per step); ignore the time difference, and spend a leisurely holiday .
Six functions to conquer danger
   Bellavi series ChronoGrade chronographs integrate the outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship of the Bucherer watch factory, integrating six functions of timing, flyback timing, dial-back hour counting, big calendar, annual calendar, power reserve display, and its dial-back hour For the first time, the timekeeping system is integrated with complex functions. The CFB 1902 self-winding movement carefully developed by Baucherlai provides 42 hours of power reserve, and the high / low status of the stored energy is displayed through the double-armed needle at 6 o’clock. This unique ‘coaxial dual rotation’ energy storage display mode is the brainchild of Bucherer’s own research and development. Make the tired journey easy with the watch.
True ego style
   The original and unique Bellavi series T-Graph barrel-shaped chronograph is full of sunshine. Its inverse curved lugs, buttons and crown, combined with the barrel-shaped case, complement each other. The rich classic characteristics Fresh modern design. Another feature of this chronograph is its 1/4 second interval scale. The chronograph is placed on the inner edge of the mark and is clearly visible. Small seconds, 30-minute chronograph and energy reserve display are located on the surface at 3, 9 and 6 o’clock respectively. With polished scales and numbers, they are simple and stylish.

Plavi Series TravelTec Three Time Chronograph
Model: 00.10620.08.63.21
Movement: CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement, obtained the official Swiss Observatory certification, 42 hours power reserve
Function: chronograph: hour hand, minute hand, second hand, date, three places time display, waterproof 50 meters
Case: Stainless steel, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, screw-down crown
Strap: stainless steel chain strap, stainless steel folding clasp
Approximate price: 97,000
Plavi ChronoGrade Chronograph

Model: 00.10623.08.33.01
Movement: CFB 1902 automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours
Function: timing: dial back the hour display, flyback meter
Hours, big calendar, annual calendar, power reserve display, hours, minutes, small seconds
Case: stainless steel case, diameter 44.6 mm, screwed in
Crown, screw-in case back, water-resistant to 50 meters
Strap: stainless steel chain strap, stainless steel folding clasp
Approximate price: 99,000
Bellevue T-Graph Barrel Chronograph

Model: 00.10615.08.53.21
Movement: CFB1960 automatic winding movement,
42 hours power reserve
Function: timing: hour and minute dial; large calendar, two-way power reserve display
Case: stainless steel case; screw-in crown; double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal; water-resistant to 50 meters; dimensions: 39 x 42 mm
Strap: stainless steel chain strap, stainless steel folding clasp
Official price: 82,500

C Luo And Jenson Button Stage ‘racing Football’

You may have a hard time imagining this scene: Cristiano Ronaldo and Jenson Button drive a McLaren car, dribble, pass, Shoot …

This incredible ‘wonderful’ sporting scene turned out to be true: TAG Heuer turned the famous Circuito del Jarama into a huge football stadium. TAG Heuer’s two brand ambassadors showed us the passion, outstanding talent, and speed of gallop, and explained the true meaning of ‘fear no challenge, achieve self’.

As their number one fan, Jean-Claude Biver held a checkered flag in command. As president of the LVMH watch division, Beaver said: ‘This is a very wonderful day. Cristiano Ronaldo and Jenson Button have incredible guts and drive. They are both ‘fearless to challenge and succeed in themselves’ Brave. We share the same mentality. ‘

The track pays tribute to the Tag Heuer Jarama in the late 1970s, while two Tag Heuer legends wear the legendary Calella Calibre 1887 chronograph for timing. The two also received valuable gifts: Ronaldo, the two-time Golden Globes winner in football, received a McLaren P1 sports car; F1 champion Jenson Button received a McLaren 650S car. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Time Silhouette Rado Swiss Radar Design Theme Pop-up Store Unveiled In Chengdu

(Linuo, Switzerland-January 2018) From January 5th to February 22nd, Rado Swiss Radar launched a design-themed pop-up store in the northern section of Chunxi Road, Chengdu. Creative store design, ingenious watch work display, and interesting interactive links further enhance the interaction between the brand and consumers, bringing a brand new brand experience.

RADO Swiss radar design theme pop-up shop

RADO Swiss radar design theme pop-up shop

   The design of the RADO pop-up store in Rado highlights the minimalist aesthetics that the Rado brand has always upheld. The shop has a built-in light and shadow wall. Inside the wall are displayed six popular RADO watch collections from the True Series designer collaboration watches. The “silhouette of time” static display area and product sales area are displayed with ingenious products. And layout to comprehensively enhance the shopping experience of consumers and create a ‘design space aesthetics’ exclusively for Rado.

RADO Swiss radar design theme pop-up shop
   In the RADO design theme pop-up store, you will admire a series of masterpieces of RADO watches: whether through the application of innovative materials, minimalist design aesthetics and iconic personal design, the interpretation of wrist art with a new perspective The beauty of RADO Swiss Radar True series designer collaboration watch, or the dynamic flagship series HyperChrome Haoxing series, the classic atmosphere of the DiaMaster diamond tyrants series, the unique design of the True series, all highlight RADO Swiss Radar’s brand spirit is based on design.

RADO Swiss radar design theme pop-up shop
   Choosing a promising young consumer market like Chengdu as the first stop of RADO’s design theme pop-up store is highly consistent with RADO’s vision of brand rejuvenation. For a long time, Rado has never stopped forging ahead, maintaining close interaction with younger generation consumers, continuously injecting new vitality into the brand spirit based on design, and through continuous trial and error, it is committed to serving the younger generation. Consumers bring a more dynamic brand experience.

RADO Swiss radar design theme pop-up shop
Please visit the RADO design theme pop-up store in person to start the aesthetic journey of wrist design brought by RADO.
RADO Swiss Radar Design Theme Pop-up Store Address: No. 49, North Section of Chunxi Road, Chengdu, Chengdu, next to Hengdeli Clock and Watch Hall 1

Lvmh Group Announces Financial Results For The First Three Quarters Of 2019, Revenue Increases 16% Yoy

LVMH Group (LVMH), a global leader in high-quality luxury goods, achieved revenues of 38.4 billion euros in the first nine months of 2019, a year-on-year increase of 16%. Compared with the same period in 2018, endogenous revenue increased by 11%.

   Revenue in the third quarter increased by 17% compared to the same period in 2018, and endogenous revenue increased by 11%, continuing the trend since the first half of the year. Despite the difficult situation in Hong Kong, China, both the US and European markets made good progress in the third quarter, as did the Asian market.

Watches and Jewellery:

   Driven by the jewelry business, endogenous revenue from the watch and jewelry division in the first nine months of 2019 increased 4% year-on-year. BVLGARI has achieved outstanding results, especially in its own boutiques. Its iconic Serpenti, B.zero1, Diva and Fiorever jewellery, and the new SerpentiSeduttori watch series all help. Following Beijing in 2017 and Tokyo in 2018, Shangmei Paris will host the new ‘ChaumetinMajesty.JewelsofSovereignssince1780’ theme exhibition in Monaco this summer. In terms of timepieces, TAGHeuer continues to focus on the iconic series, Hublot has also achieved steady development, continues to push new through cooperation, and enrich the product line.

Looking forward to 2019

   Despite the geopolitical uncertainty, the LVMH Group will remain vigilant in a booming environment since the beginning of this year. LVMH Group will pursue a strategy of focusing on innovation and targeted regional expansion in promising markets. LVMH will rely on brand strength and team talents to enable the Group to further consolidate its leadership in the world of premium luxury goods in 2019. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Burcellai Marion Long Flyback Chronograph The Elegant Choice Of Gentleman Lei Jiayin

This summer’s popular drama ‘My First Half of Life’ has recently begun a new round in the South. The career elite Chen Junsheng played by Lei Jiayin has once again sparked heated discussions about his costumes in the drama. Accessories have sparked a new round of discussion. The Bucherer Marie Long, who often appeared on the wrist, flew back to the chronograph, which set off the charm and temperament of this new male god.

Lei Jiayin wears a Bucherer Marion Dragon flyback chronograph

 Lei Jiayin in the play appears as an elite image of a suit and leather shoes. As a mainstay of the workplace and family, naturally a complementary watch is naturally required as an accessory. As the saying goes, the difference is thousands of miles away. For business men who must fight against the clock, accurate timing tools can add points to the overall shape without overwhelming the crowd. It is an indispensable life essential. Since its founding in 1888, Bucherer, who has accumulated rich experience and superb technology, has returned to the chronograph with Maliron, highlighting the outstanding choice and mature charm of contemporary urban men.
Bucherer Marly Dragon flyback chronograph

 The Bucherer Maliron flyback chronograph is tough, perfectly combines powerful functions and elegant design, adhering to the classic style of the Maliron series, 18K rose gold case with champagne-colored dial, classical and luxurious. The galvanized dial absorbs the golden essence of Lucerne and shines in bright champagne. Whether it’s business dress or casual clothes, the finishing touch is the interpretation of elegance. The rounded lines of the rose gold and stainless steel case are the hallmarks of the Mali Long series. The case tone is perfectly coordinated with the hands and ten hour markers. The sharp contours are matched by the soft bezel lines. And elegant modern charm. The assembled CFB 1970 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of 42 hours, easily meets daily needs, which is definitely the best choice for your luxury taste.

Maliron flyback chronograph technical specifications

Bucherer Marly Dragon flyback chronograph
Model: 00.10919.03.43.01
Movement: CFB1970 self-winding movement, diameter 30.4 mm, thickness 7.9 mm, 25 stones, 42 hours power reserve
Function: Chronograph: Chronograph minute and second hands, flyback timing; date display, hours, minutes, small seconds
Case: 18K rose gold, double-sided anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 43 mm, thickness 14.45 mm
Belt: Crocodile leather, 18K rose gold pin buckle
Dial: Champagne

Double Moon Phases On The Wrist And Sky

From absent to full, from ancient times to the present, the moon has always pinned people’s sorrows, joys, and homesickness. The moon phase watch on the wrist outlines the shape of the moon at different times, showing the style and mood of the moon. Let the time and the moon phase dance together to record your moment of moon appreciation … The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and the moon will once again show its completeness. At this time, wearing a moon phase watch is also appropriate. Today, the Watch House recommends three good moon phase watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 1368420 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 68,000
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 9.9 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 99,500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 11.52 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: DE CARTIER series WSNM0008 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 59,500
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 12.15 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: Like the de Cartier series, it adopts a 41 mm pillow-shaped stainless steel case with smooth lines and fullness. With a white guilloché dial, there are large Roman numerals on the index, showing an elegant atmosphere on the wrist, and the central sword-shaped blue steel hour and minute hands against each other, the time indication is intuitive and clear. At 6 o’clock, a moon phase display is provided, which can accurately display the time when the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon and the second quarter cycle are renewed. With an exquisite and stylish black alligator leather strap, whether it is formal or casual, you can easily manage to exude elegant charm.
Summary: Although the moon phase function is not important, it can show elegant taste to a certain extent, condensing the different appearance and time of the moon on the dial, showing the close relationship between astronomy and timekeeping. As the most romantic and poetic time expression on the wrist. It is also good to choose a moon phase watch as a companion in the mid-autumn moon. Like to recommend three table friends today, may wish to consider it!

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Complex Watch

The Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) watch factory was born in 1875 in the village of Brassus (Le Brassus) in the Jura Valley of the Swiss Jura Mountains. Since its establishment, Audemars Piguet is still an independent company under the control of the founder’s family, with the responsibility of producing timepieces of extraordinary quality. The first large complication watches came out in 1882, setting a new milestone in watchmaking history. This year, Audemars Piguet re-launched a new chapter. The Royal Oak Offshore watch launched in 1993 was equipped with an unprecedented movement, boldly integrating several complex functions, showing the outstanding achievements of watchmaking.

The Royal Oak Offshore Large Complication Watch is an outstanding modern style watch. It is made of titanium and high-tech ceramics. The case diameter is 44 mm. The rubber strap is more magnificent. The watch uses a large size, unique design, simple and elegant style, and sophisticated functions. Its lines are carefully crafted to perfectly embody the wearer’s demeanor. In addition, the movement of the watch is not just a traditional automatic mechanical movement. It successfully combines several precious and rare complex functions: the minute repeater function, the double-tracking chronograph and the perpetual calendar function.
The Royal Oak Offshore was introduced in 1993, and its design follows the blueprint drawn by designer Gérald Genta in 1972. The design of the watch is very sporty, showing its resolute temperament. Twenty years after its launch, this outstanding watch was combined for the first time with a grand complication movement that stood out from the crowd.
In fact, this automatic mechanical movement is equipped with four outstanding features, three of which are traditional complexities as the watchmaking industry calls them. Specifically, in addition to the function of displaying the standard time, this modern men’s watch also has a chronograph function. With the double-tracking needle complication, the watch can also measure the interval chronograph. The design of the watch is chic and bold, showing the king’s domineering, exuding incredible charm. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a rare three-question function, which can sound the time, time and minute under the operation of the wearer. What’s even more pleasing to connoisseurs is that watchmakers have added perpetual calendar complication including moon phase display to it.

This timepiece that embodies classic art is rich in modern style and is a veritable crystal of Audemars Piguet, showing the brand’s watchmaking talents and superb technology. With meticulous attention, the watchmaker cleverly assembled 648 parts in a tiny space of only 8 cubic millimeters. Through the modern surface processing technology such as sandblasting, the unique beauty of traditional techniques such as chamfering and wire drawing is highlighted. The sapphire crystal dial and case back provide a glimpse into the mechanical movement, making this watch even more outstanding. Under the ingenious transparent bottom cover, the black automatic gold plate can be clearly seen, which perfectly complements the modern style of the overall design.
This movement is made with skilled and pure traditional technology, but its novel design has a strong future color, fully showing the Audemars Piguet spirit: driving the routine, creating innovation. This watch has a rebellious and free style, which perfectly combines the traditional large complication movement and the modern world, showing the classic value of timepieces. This watch only accepts order. Making a movement requires 700 hours of work by the watchmaker in the factory. Only a meticulous work attitude and unremitting patience for perfection can make such a timepiece. . This modern watch with titanium and ceramics and a rubber strap shows Audemars Piguet’s current position and its traditional concepts. Audemars Piguet injects modern style into traditional technology. It not only cleverly combines the past and the present, but also looks to the future with this outstanding idea to create classics.
Technical parameters of the Royal Oak Offshore Series titanium watch
Case: 44 mm, titanium
Functions: Three questions, perpetual calendar, dual chronograph chronograph, hours, minutes, small seconds display
Mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal with case back, black ceramic bezel, crown and timing button, water-resistant to 20 meters
Movement: Calibre 2885 automatic refining movement, power reserve 45 hours, column wheel timing device, minute repeater spring at the same horizontal position, moon phase display plate made of metal-coated sapphire crystal, automatic plate can be customized Personal requirements: custom-made, hand-polished parts (polished chamfered, grained on the upper side, matte polished on the lower side), hand-polished bridge (curve polished chamfered, frosted on both sides, drilled pearl dots)
Dial: Sapphire dial, white chronograph dial, Royal Oak white gold fluorescent hour markers and hands, silver white dial inner ring
Clasp: black rubber strap with titanium pin buckle
Limited edition of 3 pieces