Precious Lace Carved In The Changing Light And Jewelry

Chopard’s classic high-end jewellery series shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of the brand workshop, such as silky grace and luxury, light and agile, reminiscent of the wonderful dance party. The Precious Lace collection has added new features, with seven pairs of round earrings and new rings becoming the focus of attention. Crafted in 18K white gold, titanium, and precious stones, these exquisite and gorgeous works blend ancient techniques and cutting-edge technologies, once again showing the ingenuity of Chopard.

  Light and elegant design

  The round earrings swaying, is a vivid portrayal of ‘Singing and dancing Sheng Xiao Ye Weiwei’. Chopard transforms this jewellery classic into a delicate lace embellished with dazzling gems, showing its noble elegance with a glorious shadow. The Precious Lace series is a luxurious sculpture carefully crafted by gold and silver craftsmen with outstanding skills. The lines are smooth and transparent. Chopard’s High Jewelry Workshop has designed a number of new round earrings, boldly incorporating this series of classic elements, and presenting the eternal and exquisite charm with stunning modern methods. Chopard chose to reinterpret round earrings in order to re-awaken the desire and pursuit of legendary styles. The round earrings are sexy and charming, precious, and endlessly changing, shining brightly, making people imaginative. The Precious Lace collection gives it freedom of expression.

  Chopard’s seven round earrings are crafted in 18K white gold and titanium, showing a variety of styles around cutout lace. Some pieces are entirely set with diamonds, one earring delicately blends emeralds and diamonds, and another adds sapphire to this precious combination. Chopard also introduced bright colors, one of which is set with amethyst, red tourmaline and pink sapphire, showing a charming pink hue; the other is set with multiple colored sapphires weighing 23 carats for a gradient orange-yellow effect. . Half of the ring is paved with diamonds, embellished with tri-leaf pattern diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds surrounded by diamond lace, making the jewelry even more elegant. The inlaying process cleverly reproduces the beautiful lines and transparency of the hollow fabric, and plays a visual game with changing light and shadow.

  The titanium material is used to give the hollow texture of delicate gems a sense of lightness. The unique characteristics of this precious metal allow the brand to freely express its creativity: its light texture is suitable for shaping, and it can be hidden in the cleverly set gemstones as a setting. The gems of various cuts (marquise, pear, oval, and round brilliant cut) are intertwined with each other, cleverly combined, blooming and shining, as if dreaming, the colored gems are exposed. Yu’s vitality and cheerfulness echo each other with the aura of light penetrating the hollow shapes of round earrings.

  Precious Lace Collection

  The Precious Lace collection brings the long tradition and ingenuity of haute couture craftsmanship, which resonates with the superb craftsmanship of Chopard’s fine jewelry workshops. Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of the creative soul of the brand, has designed a veritable ‘goldsmith’s wardrobe’-the delicate and exquisite craftsmanship of hollow fabrics, and a series of three-dimensional designs The style lines are echoed in the Precious Lace series.

  The artisans brainstorm ideas and put their talents together, combining traditional and cutting-edge technology to create a true masterpiece of art. The Precious Lace series is exquisite and exquisite, bright and colorful, following the tradition of high-end jewelry craftsmanship, witnessing the brand’s wild imagination and creativity in the field of jewelry making.

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