Seiko Launches The World’s First Built-in Active Matrix Display Epd Watch

Seiko is pleased to introduce the world’s first watch with a built-in active matrix display system. Three masterpieces will be released in major markets around the world after December 2010.

   When the demonstration samples appeared at the Baselworld 2010, they immediately attracted the enthusiastic attention of watch enthusiasts, journalists and experts. Its images are not only creative and extremely delicate, with a screen resolution of up to 300 and integrated wide-angle display technology. The new EPD watch not only shows the bright future of the digital age, but also brings the entire industry indelible in a sense. Impressions broadened the horizons of visitors and made everyone focus on the extraordinary potential of quartz watches incorporating innovative displays. In addition, it also has a new display system. The second-generation EPD watch can receive the time signal from the world atomic energy clock through radio waves, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of the watch, as long as the watch is within the coverage of the signal transmitter. You can receive the signal at any time. The signals it receives from atomic clocks are accurate to 10-13 seconds per day or even 30 million years per second.
New Active Matrix EPD watch with built-in solar battery, accuracy controlled by radio waves

   It has a self-charging solar cell, eliminating the need for other battery spares. Thanks to SEIKO’s expertise in energy-efficient integrated circuit technology and other high-tech electronic equipment, once this solar cell is fully charged, the watch can remain in operation for up to 9 months even without a light source.

   In addition, if the watch is left in the dark for up to 72 hours without touching any of its buttons, the ‘sleep’ mode will be automatically activated. Even in this mode, the watch can still memorize time and receive wireless signals for more than three years. However, as soon as any button is touched or the solar cell is exposed, it will be woken up and the display will resume normal operation.