Self-evident And Luxurious Style, A Luxury Watch With New Ideas

A new era for Le Méridien’s flagship series of craftsmanship watches, the craftsmanship series ‘three-pin, one-line square wheel’ uses innovatively designed gears to display the elapsed time with a unique square angle, while maintaining perfect and precise operating frequency .
    It embodies outstanding watchmaking skills, innovative design concepts and cutting-edge modern aesthetics, and it is the crystallization of Le Méridien’s active expansion and aggressiveness in the field of watch technology and design. The ingenious series of three-handed and one-line square-wheel watches are from the hands of the master watchmaker Michel Vermot. Mr. Michel Vermot has taught at the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie in Reno, Switzerland for more than 20 years. He is an expert in watchmaking machinery and electronics. He has been responsible for many industrial projects in the academy. He now joins Le Méridien and is responsible for the R & D department of the brand movement. Its extraordinary quality leads the current era, making the Le Méridien brand a more brilliant future in the new millennium.

    This watch is equipped with Le Méridien’s self-made ML153 movement, which is inspired by traditional specifications to highlight its subtle mechanical design. In addition to the unique central minute hand and small seconds at 6 o’clock, the hour display combining outstanding design and craftsmanship perfectly shows the distinctiveness of the watch: the hour display in the geometric hollow square wheel design, creating a new world First. The square wheel rotates regularly, driven by another shamrock-shaped gear, and the hours are indicated by a raised square corner coated with a Superluminova luminous coating.
    The entire mechanical device has Le Méridien and Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie in Reno, Switzerland, which have been completed through a long time of adjustment, calculation, analogy and testing. Non-circular gears are theoretically irregular. The biggest problem facing the device is how to determine the shape of the teeth so that the gears can transmit kinetic energy at a uniform speed. After countless analog tests and 10: 1 model tests, Amy finally overcomes this problem: using LIGA molding technology. This revolutionary high-precision micro-part combines advanced lithography, electroforming technology, and traditional machining processes.

    To everyone’s surprise, these two unique gears work seamlessly, coordinate with each other, and operate precisely like the commonly used circular gears, transmitting kinetic energy at a uniform speed. The perfect fit of the operation process seems real and magical, incredible. To balance the visual effect, a power reserve indicator is also set at 3 o’clock on the watch. The large minute hand and engraved digital display are coated with Superluminova fluorescent coating, so you can easily read it at any time.
    The black gold-coated edges of the dial are paired with frosted and linear silk satin-finished time markers, demonstrating its noble temperament. 43 mm case in polished stainless steel and matt stainless steel. The oversized sapphire crystal case provides a clear view of the dark gray linear silk satin-finished mechanical movement, expressing the most cutting-edge timepiece display in a most restrained way. It goes without saying that the distinguished style leads the new concept of watchmaking.