Some Of The Tickets For The Shanghai Rolex Masters Are Sold Out

With the halo of the ‘Best ATP1000 Masters of the Year’ for three consecutive years, the Shanghai Rolex Masters has won the attention of the world tennis, but for this young tournament and China’s immature tennis market, With enough patience, you can step down to the expected success step by step. Yesterday, Yang Yibin, marketing director of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, revealed in an interview with reporters that this year’s semi-finals and finals tickets have been sold out. Although the daily attendance is not high, this event is also enjoying these growing pains and joys. ‘As a young event, the future of the Shanghai Masters is always looking forward to.’

门票 All tickets sold out on weekends

The participation of Federer, Djokovic and Murray made the 2012 Shanghai Masters lineup extremely rich. However, due to the distance from the city center and the uneven age structure of fans, the attendance rate of the Shanghai Masters did not increase significantly.

‘Tennis events, tennis culture, and even the tennis market all take time to accumulate. This is an urgent process.’ Yang Yibin, director of marketing for the Shanghai Masters, didn’t care about waiting. However, the ‘Weekend Effect’ of the annual Masters is still unabated, and there is no pressure to go to work. More fans are willing to come to the scene to watch the exciting and fierce semi-finals and finals. ‘The tickets for the semifinals and the final two days have all been sold out.’ Yang Yibin said that this was even better than when the big four gathered in Shanghai two years ago.

售 Sold out of the last two days of the game is not the most satisfying place for him. Yang Yibin and his colleagues pay more attention to the growth of the fan base. In fact, in terms of tournaments, a survey of the Shanghai tennis population was also conducted this year. Compared with the 540,000 people 6 years ago, the Shanghai tennis population is now close to 1 million. The increase in the fan base makes the event pay more attention to the effective ticket sales (fans purchase tickets through regular channels). The results made the players satisfied, ‘This year’s effective ticket sales increased by 40%, which also proves that more and more people have joined the ranks of tennis, attracted by this game.’ Yang Yibin said.

Twenty-two years ago, the NBA China Game Shanghai Station and the Shanghai Masters Game ‘staggered’ tacitly. This year’s return to Shanghai’s NBA China Game happened to ‘crash’ with the Shanghai Masters Finals Day. However, Yang Yibin is not worried about the Taiwanese drama of the two events. In his eyes, this proves that Shanghai has the ability to digest such high-level commercial events. ‘These events and the tennis market have fostered the Shanghai Masters. Groups. Chinese NBA fans are younger.

Now that more and more professional tennis matches are being held in China, Yang Yibin also hopes that with the maturity of today’s fans, the age structure of Chinese tennis spectators will gradually be enriched in the future. ‘This is a process that requires decades of accumulation, but in the future we It will also have a higher attendance and a more complete fan base, as in the Grand Slam game. We now need more patience to grow with it. ‘

Sponsors are optimistic about competition

In order to increase the gold content of the event, the Shanghai Masters not only continues to improve in the commercial field, but also creates various event themed days and increases the audience experience to strengthen the competition itself. In Yang Yibin’s view, these attempts have only one purpose, ‘to make the game mature with this tennis market.’

赞助 As with the event, there are sponsors who adhere to this original intention. This year’s event has increased to 26 sponsors (25 last year). Yang Yibin revealed that these sponsors not only increased their investment, but also became more closely related to the event. Hongxing Erke, the top honorary sponsor of the Shanghai Masters, which was upgraded last year, not only carried out the tennis carnival, but also organized the selection of ‘Zi Gaotu’ caddies for many years, so that more young people can understand tennis and participate in the tournament. Lu Xiaohu, vice president of Hongxing Erke, said frankly that the enterprise and the Shanghai Masters have achieved a win-win situation. ‘The event was rated as the best masters, and Hongxing Erke also gradually developed through cooperation with the event, and the brand value exceeded 10 billion.’ In the eyes of Yang Yibin, this event It is the epitome of the Chinese tennis market. ‘With the efforts every year, this tournament and the Chinese tennis market will become more and more mature.’

As a diamond sponsor, BNP Paribas, which sponsors many top events in the world tennis world, also sponsored the Shanghai Masters for the third consecutive year. ‘We are honored to be a diamond sponsor of the Rolex Masters in Shanghai for three consecutive years. We greatly appreciate the tenacity, fair competition, rapid dexterity and strength represented by tennis.’ Mr. Gu Ruohong, Chairman of BNP Paribas China Since the French Tennis Open was first sponsored in 1973, they have formed a global sports sponsorship policy specifically for tennis. ‘In cooperation with the Shanghai Masters, we have experienced the growth of the entire Chinese tennis market, and we have also experienced this. Efforts made at the event. ‘