The Beauty Of Repair The Source Of Inheritance Parmigiani Presents The Extreme Watch Repair Technique

The repair and maintenance of watches and clocks in the watchmaking industry are the foundation of Parmigiani and the source of entrepreneurship.
   The brand’s expertise dates back to 1976; this year, watchmaker Michel Parmigiani opened a watch repair factory. In 1996, based on this center of excellence, the Parmigiani brand came into being. Watch repair requires extremely intensive watchmaking expertise. In fact, many traditional watchmaking skills that have been forgotten by the world can be learned here; these traditional watchmaking skills have left a deep mark on brand watches. Parmigiani watch repair factory can provide repair service for all kinds of clocks.
   Songbird snuff box
   Nature is the source of inspiration for everything. Humans have never stopped imitating nature, and automatic dolls are one of human early attempts to reproduce natural movements. Parmigiani has used his professional skills to repair a number of works, including a songbird-shaped snuff box created by the Rochat brothers around 1820, belonging to the Edouard and Maurice Sandoz collection.
   At first glance, this box measures 75 mm x 51 mm x 25 mm and is used to hold snuff. The materials used are extremely precious, of which the box body is made of colored gold with the leaves, sheep horns and dolphins engraved on it, which is very vivid and delicate. In addition to a snuff box, this work actually has a ‘secret authority’. When you press the button on the side, the oval polished lid (with pearls around it) in the top center of the box opens, revealing a bird with feathers. It ‘sings’ a pleasing melody while dancing wings, tail, head and mouth. To surprised viewers, they may never have imagined that there is such a lifelike mechanism in the world-the delicate and small birds look like real birds.

Parmigiani Restoration Art-Songbird Snuff Box
   Oval timepiece with articulated hands
   All of the timepieces in the Edouard and Maurice Sandoz collection have the personality traits that Parmigiani has studied in his restoration plant-Parmigiani is proud of it. One of the features is the oval timepiece with retractable hands, which is also the inspiration for Parmigiani’s modern timepiece.
   Oval timepieces with hinged hands date back to about 1800, a pocket watch that originated in Britain. The hands are specially designed to follow the oval shape of the dial. The watch uses a holistic approach to creation: the case, dial, and various time indications fit the contours of the shaped movement. This gold watch is decorated with pearls on the bezel and the edges of the case back. The back of this jewellery timepiece is embellished with a royal blue enamel medallion, embossed with a machine-engraved pattern, and set with precious stones, which are arranged in a flower shape.
   Parmigiani applied the knowledge acquired during the restoration of this luxurious masterpiece to the development of modern timepieces, using a similar display. The Ovale Pantographe watch, named after a tool of the same principle, is the ultimate manifestation of this application. Various methods have been explored during the design of this complex timepiece in order to create a clear and readable time display.

Parmigiani Restoration Art-Oval Timepiece with Articulated Hands
   Yusupov Egg Clock
   The Yusupov Egg clock is a masterpiece of clocks and watches created by Carl Fabergé in 1907, belonging to the Edouard & Maurice Sandoz Foundation. This masterpiece repaired by Parmigiani was originally a wedding second presented by Prince Felix Yusupov to his wife Zinaida Nikolayevna Yusupova Fifteenth Anniversary Ceremony.
   This piece includes an egg-shaped shell and an internal movement. The ‘egg shell’ is placed on a tripod, and under the tripod is an onyx base. The entire work is entirely made of gold, decorated with enamel, and with the background of machine-engraved patterns, decorated with golden garlands, carved ribbons and round cards, and set with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The top of the clock features a tea kettle shaped with flames.

Parmigiani restoration art-Yusupov egg clock
   Repair is to restore the clock to its original state. To this end, Michel Parmigiani is unique and has created his own method, striving to strike a balance between ensuring the mechanical function of the work and retaining the traditional craftsmanship. For Michel Parmigiani and his team, this meant investing in and investigating the history of the watch to ensure that its original features and functions were preserved during the restoration process. By studying masterpieces from the collection of watches and clocks, Michelle Parmigiani has created his own solution to the mechanical and technical challenges faced by historical watchmakers and uses them in Parmigiani watches today.
   The restorationist’s work is comparable to archeologists, who know that any operation on the parts of the timepiece may be irreversible, so the task of the restorationist in the first few days is to restore the target-often unique -Observe to discover the many secrets hidden in it. Before the clock is opened, the restorer looks for similar works, searches for scientific works, museums, and collections, and records them all. The restorer must understand the techniques used in every delicate work of the mechanism. The restorer should also have a variety of process knowledge, such as precious metal processing, glazing, engraving / chiseling, gold plating and glass manufacturing. Maintenance requires a long period of patient cleaning, and sometimes new secrets can be discovered, such as previously hidden markings. A reversible solution should be used for repairs during the reassembly phase, while ensuring that the original features of the work remain unchanged.