The Chinese Rider Meng Quanwei Rides The ‘chronos Van Sappenleen Z’ To Win The First Leg Of The Longines International Horse Federation World Cup Obstacle Race In China

On May 1st (Tuesday), Chinese rider Meng Quanwei drove the ‘ChronosvanSappenleenZ’ to win the first leg of the three races of the Longines FEIWorldCupJumpingChinaLeague.

   The other two Chinese riders, Darima and Liu Tongyan, took the ‘F’ and ‘Kubuzi’ to win the second and third places respectively. The event was held at Tianjin Huanya International Polo Club in Tianjin. Longines is the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the tournament.

   Longines has the opportunity to showcase the game’s designated watch during the weekend. This watch from the Pioneer series, with its design combining classic elegance and excellent performance, can become the brand’s masterpiece.