The World’s Finest Club Audemars Piguet Classic Watch Appreciation Meeting

Welcome to a veritable ‘Watch Fashion Show’! A few days ago, ‘World High Class CLUB’ and AUDEMARS PIGUET jointly organized an ‘Audemars Piguet Classic Watch Appreciation’ for the first time. When it comes to Audemars Piguet’s classic models, it goes without saying that everyone will think of the most iconic ‘Royal Oak’ series. The most eye-catching feature of this series-octagonal portholes are locked with hex screws. The basic three needle models have been developed all the way to ultra-complex models, as well as extended sports models-‘Royal Oak Offshore’. This series of watches shows the masculinity from the inside out. Style, for decades, has attracted the love of many gentlemen. At this appreciation event, Audemars Piguet also brought to the VIP guests a dozen of the brand’s most popular timepieces, from basic men’s and women’s watches suitable for daily wear, and complex watches that players must Collectors will also covet the dreamy models, which will show the classic charm of Audemars Piguet ‘Royal Oak Series’!

 The opening of the ‘Audemars Piguet Classic Watch Appreciation’ is the top French restaurant ‘De Loin’ in Neihu, Taipei. The dining space is operated by the master Liang Zhitian, with black and gold as the main theme. Chef Chen Xuanda’s creative ingenuity and international top culinary skills, as well as carefully selected top ingredients, have been the first choice for famous product launches and magazine shoots. Before the appreciation session, ‘De Loin’ gave the best warm-up for this event. Each delicate dish presented was the best introduction to taste life. Until the end of the event, the editors heard that the VIPs who came here said one after another: ‘How good this event is!’ Obviously, everyone is still full of appreciation. Now Bring you back and forth for a while.

 The ‘Audemars Piguet Classic Watch Appreciation’ was selected at De Loin restaurant in Neihu, Taipei. Delang restaurant only accepts reservations for meals because the ingredients must be prepared in advance. It is also to ensure that all guests who come here can enjoy the freshest and most delicious moment of ‘selected ingredients’!

 The decoration of Delong Restaurant is specially invited by Master Liang Zhitian, who had designed for the Dubai Sailing Hotel Restaurant. It is mainly in black and gold to present a luxurious top dining space.

 For the appetizer, “Oven-baked quail with crispy fried Taoming Temple lined with green apple mint”, Chef Delang reinterpreted the French style of the Italian-star restaurant “Arnolfo”, using Taoist Temple powder with quail legs to show the multi-layered taste of both crispness and elasticity. Exotic impact.

 The main course is ‘burning black-hoofed pig with wine vinegar and tomato and Iso-Kumbu-yaki’. The main character of this dish is black-hoofed pig, which is placed in the oak ranch and feeds on olives and wild herbs, so the meat itself has a special aroma. The surface of the meat is marbled, which is comparable to the taste of beef and highly praised by customers.

 At the beginning of the appreciation, Wang Qing, the general manager of Audemars Piguet, introduced the history of the brand and the details of the ‘Royal Oak Series’ to VIP guests through the video. In more than a century of watch factory, Audemars Piguet is the only brand still run by the founding family. It has an advantage that cannot be ignored in the preservation of brand tradition and watchmaking technology.

 At first glance, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series has only a clear grid pattern, and if you look closely, there are detailed arc patterns in the pattern. The two patterns are polished by one. VIP procedures are amazed by the procedures and exquisite craftsmanship. Next time I have the opportunity to appreciate Audemars Piguet, be sure to get closer and closer, even the smallest details can not be strictly inspected.

 Now, let the editor take everyone to watch the beautiful watch works presented by Audemars Piguet for VIP guests!

 In this era of hundreds of watch factory quarrels, but not every watch factory can have an Iconic Watch, the ‘Royal Oak Series’ is undoubtedly one of the few classics. The picture shows the Royal Oak series watch and Royal Oak offshore chronograph, which are the inevitable basic models in the series. It has the classic characteristics of the ‘Royal Oak Series’ and is suitable for daily wear.

 (Left) Royal Oak Offshore Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is a complex model of offshore type. The special moon phase display at three o’clock is very eye-catching. For a detailed introduction, please click the link ‘Export of huge faceplate information’. (Right) Royal Oak Offshore LeBron James Limited Chronograph, Audemars Piguet model created for NBA legend Little King James, has a fatal appeal for men who love basketball!

 Audemars Piguet also brought the ‘Royal Oak Series’ women’s watch with diamonds. Don’t look at its masculine shape first, but it will be completely different when worn.

 A dream watch debuts-the exclusive escapement watch of the Audemars Piguet series Jules Audemars. It is the fifth watch of the Audemars Piguet ‘Eighth Heavenly Kings Series’, which raises the vibration frequency to 43,200vph in one fell swoop, making full use of the new escapement design Advantages, showing the brand’s technology, the collector’s dream watch!

 Since the watches that came to the Appreciation Fair were all popular items, there were Audemars Piguet staff on site to explain the details and stories of each watch to VIP guests.

 VIP guests try on the Royal Oak offshore chronograph. Although the offshore model is a sports watch, the thicker and larger case is worn on the VIP wrist of the formal dress. It is full of vitality and cool!

 The editor did not deceive everyone, just look at the VIP hand of VIP, coupled with the Royal Oak series diamond women’s watch, to reflect the woman’s resolute qualities on the watch, while still losing elegance!

 The editors found that more and more women are willing to participate in activities like the ‘Watch Appreciation Fair’ that belong to men. There are not a few female VIPs who come to this appreciation meeting. Appreciating the ‘beauty’ is absolutely equal for men and women.

 VIP guests carefully tasted Audemars Piguet’s watchmaking technology and exchanged their appreciations before the precious timepieces of Audemars Piguet.

 It wasn’t just the dozens of timepieces displayed on the scene that made the appreciation gleaming. The attention and enthusiasm on the watch that VIP guests bet on, only brought the whole event to a warmth.

 In the end, Audemars Piguet presented an exquisite laser engraving decoration, in which a Royal Oak offshore watch was engraved, which set the perfect end for this event!

Tip: Chef dessert show
In the article, it was mentioned that this is a ‘watch and food show’. ‘Watch’ and ‘cuisine’ are available. What about ‘show’? Dean Chef Chen Xuanda presents a dazzling dessert show for VIP guests! Everyone has eaten lava chocolate cake. What’s so strange about Delang? The dessert show designed by Delang Qiaosi, the freshly baked cake was quickly immersed in liquid nitrogen at minus 100 degrees, and then quickly taken out. The smoke filled the visual enjoyment of the dining table, and the taste of cold and hot inside made the VIPs amazing. Bring another climax for the event!

 Liquid nitrogen used in dessert shows.

 The handsome chef, Chen Xuanda, appeared to deal with the final procedures of the lava white chocolate cake for the VIPs on the spot. The hot cake was just baked, quickly cooled by liquid nitrogen, and taken out immediately before being taken out. The cake was still surrounded by smoke on the table. In the middle, his eyes were full before he moved his mouth.

Lava white chocolate cake topped with integrated berry sauce, sweet and sour taste, with the texture of cold and hot inside, will definitely stir every taste bud on the tip of the tongue!