Tissot’s New Voyager Series Watch Qingqing

The first stroke, which focuses on design and operation details, exclusively draws the battle robe for ambitious adventurers; the second stroke, the hour, minute, and second hands are comprehensive, accurately recording the peak time; the third stroke, ingenious The combination of color and material renders the bravery of the brave. Another stroke, the wing pattern is painted on a rubber strap, the finishing touch is to release the sailing dream. This is the time Tissot’s new Voyager series watch brings to flight dreamers wing.

Figure 1: Tissot Voyager Series-Three Hands
Ambitious Lingyun Wing sailing dream
 The flying concept is the inspiration for the design of the Tissot Voyager series.
 The dial design of this series is exactly like the instrument panel in the cockpit of the aircraft. The three-pointer mechanical model uses Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, and the font is exactly the same as that on the aircraft instrument panel. The rest of the scale is in fine lines. The Arabic numerals on mechanical chronograph models are displayed in light gray, without disturbing the readings. At 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, there are 1/10 second, 30 minute chronograph and second dial, the outline is clear. The pointers of this series are also completely designed according to the pointer appearance of the aircraft cockpit instrument panel, with a slightly thick middle, and the head is designed with pointed corners to accurately point to the scale. The design of the large second hand embodies Tissot’s DNA-the ‘T’ design at the tail.
 In addition, the watch is equipped with a rotatable bezel and a black PVD coating, which is marked with a striking white color to help the wearer clearly distinguish the direction in the air. The design of the screw-down crown is full of power, exactly like a nut, and the bar-shaped protrusions around it increase the friction when twisting. The button design of the chronograph is also original. It uses a rectangular design with a bar on it. The bulge is exactly like a mechanical pedal, echoing the crown design.
 The Tissot Voyager series uses two mechanical movements. The three-hand model uses the ETA2836-2 automatic movement; the chronograph model uses the C01.211 movement. It is particularly worth mentioning that the case backs of the two mechanical movements of Tissot’s new Voyager series have a transparent transparent hollow design, just like a slowly rotating aircraft propeller. And through its gap, the artistic operation of the gear’s gear meshing is clear at a glance, and adventure is passionately radiated in the radiating lines.

Figure 2: Tissot Voyager Series Three Hands-Front View

Figure 3: Back cover of Tissot Voyager series transparent skeleton watch

Figure 4: Tissot Voyager Series-Chronograph
Variety of matching show brave style
 This powerful timing equipment has amazing technical parameters, and also ingeniously mixes various colors and materials. The steel strap is more gentlemanly, the rubber strap is more sporty, the black and white combination reveals a simple and classic, and the addition of orange elements shows the youthful spirit. Variety of matching, there is always a suitable for you to pursue change and love challenges. Wings of time, show bravery!