Violin Music Art Mido M8600.4.26.8

Mido has been in China for a long time, so it has a good reputation in China. Each of its series has different characteristics, like the helmsman is more versatile, Belem Celi is the most elegant, today come to enjoy this Belem Celi M8600.4.26.8 watch.
 The Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 watch is extremely elegant in appearance. The small Roman time scale is set on the dial, and the diamond-cut toffee hand moves on it, like a bow, playing the prelude of time.
With a diameter of 38 mm, the watch is a watch that is very suitable for oriental men’s wrists. The case is relatively thin, leaving more space for the dial. The case is made of stainless steel and polished to show a mirror effect. The lugs are stylish and delicate curved lugs. The dark brown leather strap is sewn with white threads and connected to the lugs by a spring rod. The strap Relatively narrow.
The dial is a white lacquered dial, and the hands are diamond-cut to show a mirror effect, smooth and delicate, with a strong sense of technology and metal.

Apart from the front, its back is the most charming, and the sapphire crystal glass caseback design allows the movement to be polished and beautiful. At the same time, the rotation of the rotor is also very important, and it can be clearly felt when worn on the wrist. The metal cover on the bottom of the table is engraved with the necessary data such as model and serial number, while the movement is also engraved with some basic data.
The beauty of the appearance requires the brand to design and handle it carefully.
 The Mido Berencelli series is inspired by the violin. What it wants to express is to capture the wonderful moment and make it eternal. Such a concept can only be used in time. The M8600.4.26.8 watch, in addition to its elegant design and exquisite details, also takes care of the brand’s purpose of practical watchmaking. It needs to be accurate and stable in function.
This watch has a calendar display function. For classic watches, opening a small window on the dial always feels that it will destroy its overall harmony and beauty. However, without a calendar, it will look monotonous and the space on the dial is too empty. Personally, the small second hand may be Good choice. The calendar of this watch is only a normal calendar structure, so its adjustment will not be completed instantly at midnight. In addition, it does not recognize the size of the month, so each year requires manual price adjustment at the beginning of multiple months.
In addition, it also has the waterproof function that all watches currently have. It needs to be said that Mido watches have always attached great importance to the design of waterproof functions. In terms of focusing on practicality, waterproof functions are undoubtedly necessary. Mido has specially developed a sealed crown system consisting of a cork structure to ensure absolute water resistance within the specified range. This watch also has this structure, which is waterproof to 50 meters.
 The movement is the strong internal support of the watch. The quality of a watch is determined by the movement (except for those that pursue surface technology). The Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 watch uses ETA 2824-2 movement, which is currently recognized as a basic movement with very good quality, in addition to outstanding performance, it also has very good expandability. The thickness of the movement is 4.6 millimeters. For a movement that does not pursue the ultimate, an automatic winding mechanical movement with such a thickness is acceptable. At the same time, the frequency of the movement is 4hz, which is equivalent to dividing every second. It is 8 parts, even if the external momentary interference, it only affects that 1/8 second, so it can improve the travel time accuracy.

 In addition, Mido is not just ‘Bring Doctrine’, it has polished it carefully, especially the automatic rotor, and has been calibrated in 3 directions. The mainspring is provided by Nivaflex NO to ensure power and shock absorption It adopts the Incapacitor shock absorber, which is also one of the mainstream shock absorbers at present, and the effect has been affirmed by the market.
The Mido Berencelli series watches are inspired by the music and art of the violin. The music is the same as time. The most wonderful is often fleeting. Although it ca n’t be retained, it can create eternity. Musician, playing the most beautiful music at the most suitable time. The Mido Berencelli M8600.4.26.8 watch is such a good ‘instrument’, classic shape, high-quality movement, practical functions, always waiting for a good ‘musician’ to It composes a timeless melody.
 The price of this watch is 5600 yuan. From this point of view, it can be said that the price is very high.
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