Watches Go Right Is The Last Word

Now many brands in the Swiss watch industry are showing off their skills, such as the pursuit of beautiful polishing, complicated functions, peak craftsmanship and so on. As for whether the watch is accurate or not, it seems that few brands really care about it. Fortunately, we also have Certina that focuses on durability and accuracy. Certina launched the DS Podium chronograph a few years ago, which uses the PrecidriveTM quartz chronograph movement made by ETA for Certina. The ETA we usually contact with the mechanical movement is more common, but it does not mean that ETA is only a mechanical movement. Certina launched the DS Podium chronograph a few years ago as one of the world’s largest movement manufacturers. ETA can not only produce high-quality mechanical movements, but also has reached a considerable level in the development of quartz movements. Certina’s tailored PrecidriveTM is a good example. Where is the cow? We can sum it up in four words: super precision. It is many times more accurate than ordinary quartz movements, and the annual error can reach plus or minus 10 seconds. In addition, this movement also has 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 1/10 seconds. DS Podium Champion Series 1/10 Seconds Chronograph Jeremy Seewer Limited Edition Not long ago at the MXGP World Motocross Championship held in Shanghai, Certina specially launched a new, PrecidriveTM quartz chronograph movement, super accurate quartz Watches-DS Podium Champions Series 1/10 second chronograph Jeremy Seewer limited edition. The name sounds a bit long at first glance, and we can easily understand that this year this watch is a high-precision watch tailored for Certina brand ambassador. Talented motorcycle rider Jeremy (left) and Certina President Adrian Bosshard (right) Maybe some people don’t know who Jeremy is yet, so come to science today. He is a talented motorcycle rider from Switzerland. No, this time Jeremy made a special trip to Shanghai to participate in MXGP. MXGP and F1 events are listed as one of the world’s four classic locomotive events. This is also the first time MXGP has landed in China, attracting many fans to watch the race. Feel the passion of motocross. This time, Certina’s DS Podium Championship series 1/10 second display chronograph Jeremy Seewer limited edition, 41 mm in diameter, made of stainless steel, and coated with black PVD coating, the shape is even cooler. , With anti-glare sapphire glass. The hands and hour markers of the watch are coated with a large area of ​​luminous material, which is full of sports. The caseback is engraved with Jeremy Seewer’s name and driver number. The back is engraved with Jeremy Seewer’s name and driver’s number. This watch is not only a super accurate quartz watch, but also uses Certina’s signature technology-DS double insurance. Therefore, it is not only very accurate, but also very durable, suitable for long-term wear. The price of the watch is only 4,150 yuan. It was found that many motorcycle riders wore Certina. Certina President Mr. Adrian Bosshard also came to the scene and watched the race. He has a great passion for motocross, and he can clearly feel this when communicating. It was later learned that Mr. Bosshard was also an excellent motorcycle rider when he was young and had achieved good results. At the invitation of Certina, I also came to the MXGP competition site. This is the first time I have experienced the speed and passion of extreme sports such as motocross. The atmosphere at the scene was very enthusiastic, and motorcycles were passing by. When crossing obstacles, the motorcycle seemed to fall from the sky and looked very enjoyable. Like other extreme sports, motocross also requires courage and skill, and it can roll over with a little carelessness, ranging from minor injuries to serious injuries. The risk factor is high. When communicating with Jeremy, he said that he was training basically every day. It seems that even a talented motorcycle rider like him needs a lot of hard work in order to maintain a high level. This time MXGP also saw several Chinese players. However, maybe each country has its own field of expertise. Extreme sports such as motocross, the level of Chinese and world-class racers are quite different. At least for the time being, Chinese players are basically participating in sparring, and it is almost impossible to win. Before the official race for the ‘down from the sky’ motorcyclist, Mr. Bosshard, President of Certina, personally presented Jeremy Seewer with a limited edition of the DS Podium Championship Series 1/10 second chronograph, and wished him good results. After two days of competition, Jeremy really lived up to expectations and won the 2019 MXGP runner-up. When he was on the podium, he also wore a Certina watch-PH200M, which is also the ‘red flower’ of Certina in recent years. Mr. Bosshard said, ‘I am very pleased to see the excellent performance of the drivers in this year’s MXGP. Jeremy and the entire Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha MXGP team have both achieved success in the 2019 season, and we are extremely proud of them, congratulations! ‘