What Watch Do You Wear In The Movie ‘captain China’?

On September 30, the National Day film ‘China Captain’ was officially released. The film is based on real events. On May 14, 2018, an ‘epic’ class of aircraft forced landing in China. Around 7:06 in the morning, Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa, when flying at 9,800 meters, the front windshield of the right seat of the cockpit suddenly burst and fell off. In the case of high speed, low temperature, lack of oxygen, and huge noise, the crew took decisive measures, and finally made a safe landing at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. It has ensured the safety of all personnel on board and created a miracle in the history of world civil aviation. As a watch and clock media, Xinxuan came today to pick out what watches are worn in the movie ‘Captain China’? The captain played by ‘Zhang Hanyu’ wore a simple three-pin calendar model of the Breitling Challenger series, model A1731311, and the official domestic price of 22800 yuan. Friends who are concerned about watches, must have seen Breitling’s overwhelming advertisements these days. However, the emphasis they claim is not on the ‘Challenge’ series, but on the ‘Aviation Timing’ series, which is more suitable for flight. Although the challenger series was selected in the play, Breitling’s publicity focuses on the ‘Aviation Timing’ series, but in fact, the captain’s prototype character ‘Liu Changjian’ himself was wearing the Super Ocean series A1736402 when dealing with dangerous situations. If the majority of movie fans want to chase the same paragraph, don’t buy it wrong, and don’t be biased by advertising. Ou Hao played the first officer who was thrown out of the cabin after the windshield broke. He wore a Tissot Kutu series mechanical chronograph. However, like the previous ‘Liu Changjian’, although the prototype character of the story ‘Xu Yichen’ himself was also wearing the Tissot brand, according to the live photos at the time, it should be the ‘Haozhi’ series of Tissot, not the Kutu series. Du Jiang’s second captain “Liang Dong” chose an IW377717 from the IWC pilot series. Although there are no close-ups in the play, the blue dial, metal chain strap, and folding buckle are still very easy to identify. Like the Breitling Aviation Timing Series mentioned earlier, the flight series of IWC is also a choice for many flight crews. In addition, at the end of the play, Du Jiang’s second captain ‘Liang Dong’ also wore a Rolex Submariner series Ref.116610LV, which is the famous ‘Green Water Ghost’. Although the official domestic price is in the early 70,000, but actually want to buy, but have to pay a higher price. A female watch from the Japanese Seiko No. 5 series SYMK19J1 selected by the flight attendant decorated by ‘Yuan Quan’ in the play, the official domestic price is only 1,400 yuan. However, the prototype character flight attendant ‘Bi Nanxuan’ chose a classic Tank brand owned by Cartier, a women’s favorite watch brand. This is the best entry Cartier, none of them. In addition, the flight attendants played by Zhang Tian’ai, Li Qin, Ya Mei, and Yang Qiru all wore watches, but unfortunately, when watching a movie, my attention was unconsciously placed on their faces, and I forgot to recognize the watch model. Now …— END —