Yu Fenglaiyi Frank Mueller Macau Feast Celebrates Chairman Of The Asian Region Lu Xin

FRANCK MULLER, a high-end watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, celebrates Dr. Zhu Liyuehua as President of FRANCK MULLER Asia. In order to be solemn, the founder of the brand, Mr. Franck Muller, came to Macau and hosted a VIP dinner with Dr. Zhu Liyuehua at the Wynn Macau Ballroom on July 20. The FRANCK MULLER brand has always been well received by celebrities in the city. The VIP dinner attracted many celebrities, including Ms. Guan Zhilin, Mr. Yang Shoucheng, Ms. Liang Anqi, Sun Mingyang 伉俪, Xiang Huaqiang 伉俪, Mr. Xiang Zuo, Li Minqiao 伉俪, Lu Liangwei 伉俪, Cai Zhiming 伉俪, Cai Mr. Gazan, Ms. Wang Yuanyuan, Mr. Chen Guoqiang, Mr. Xiao Dingyi, Ms. Fang Liu Xiaomei, Ms. Liu Chen Xiaobao, Ms. Chen Xijie, etc. The guest arrived at the dinner scene and was welcomed by an 11-foot-high flower fairy. The dinner was luxuriously decorated and dazzling. The design concept was based on the poetic Infinity Phoenix series, and the ‘Phoenix’ as the protagonist of the ancient legend known as the ‘King of Birds’. The phoenix with its wings flying high means that FRANCK MULLER will spread its wings in the future. In addition, the dazzling time-marking numbers of the brand logo are also projected around the reception and dinner venues, creating the mysterious space-time world of FRANCK MULLER. A number of models presented a number of precious watch series at the dinner. The watch towers elaborated the skills and creative ideas of each genius. The story behind each piece is wonderful and fascinating. Beautiful model showcases Franck Muller’s precious watch collection
     FRANCK MULLER’s latest masterpiece is the Giga Tourbillon Nine-Day Chain Watch. It is equipped with the largest tourbillon on the watch, with a diameter of 20 mm. To ensure that the watch is powered for up to nine days, unlike the traditional watch, which is powered by only one or two barrels, the Giga Tourbillon Nine-day Chain Watch is equipped with four barrels, two above and below. The two series are connected to each other to form two pairs of barrels working together. This design makes it possible to store kinetic energy more quickly and efficiently during the winding process, and at the same time to provide a stable kinetic energy to drive the watch when releasing energy. The barrel-shaped case is available in 18K yellow, white, rose, or titanium. FRANCK MULLER has proved its strong strength in the field of complex watchmaking with amazing R & D creativity and watchmaking skills.
The 11-foot-high flower fairy is welcoming VIPs
     Infinity Phoenix has conveyed the oriental time concept different from Western culture in a poetic way for FRANCK MULLER. The unique barrel design of Infinity Cintrée Curvex sets off the subtle depiction of the grand and noble Swiss bird-‘Phoenix’ on the dial.